How to get fit and healthy without dropping pizza

How to get fit and healthy without dropping pizza

I know we all want the magic pill to eat all we want, and still look like a chad. That doesn’t exist. But you can become fit and healthy while still eating somewhat bad food almost every day.

The wise man is aware that the body and the mind are a symbiont. The mind shall be ill if the body is ill.

THe conqueror

Here’s the quick version: Skip breakfast entirely, reduce carbs and sugar a whole lot (but not fully, that’s where the pizza comes in).

Interested in how and why that is?

My personal journey

I’ve been hitting the gym for over 10 years now. I’d say I did it fairly regularly. More so now, because I learned how to set my mind up to never skip the gym. But I still was hitting it enough back then.

But, I never was truly lean in muscle. I still had a bit of a belly, and the muscles on my arms and stuff were hidden by a layer of fat. Plus, I still had low energy and low testosterone.

So the gym isn’t really the issue. We keep telling people, they just need to hit the gym. But that alone isn’t gonna cut it. Sure, it’s a great mental training, and it’s good for bone density, and freeing your mind, that’s all well and good. But if your goal is to lose weight and/or become fitter, the gym alone doesn’t cut it.

Here’s a before and after of my body. Gym routine is almost the same (just more deadlifts). Biggest change was the diet. While still eating pizza! Took about 3-ish months.

Before and after picture of me with eating properly.
Before and after of my transformation. Eating right is all you need. And lifting. Fucking lifting!

I personally would say, becoming fit and healthy is 80% what you put in your body, and 20% what you do with your body.

What’s actually wrong

A lot of people have a hard time switching their diet because they are “foodies”, and “I just like eating” and all of that nonsense. The first thing you need to realize is this: What you eat is a) just a habit or b) semi-addiction.

Marketing your brain

This actually isn’t your fault. This society is giving you all the false info. The food pyramid, for example, is complete trash. It’s actually almost exactly backward.

The food pyramid. Also known as the biggest marketing gig ever pulled by humans.

This is what you’ve been told for ages. What is printed on all the cereal packaging and whatnot. Here’s something to think about: The food pyramid wasn’t done by health scientists. It was done by John Harvey Kellogg. Familiar with him? He’s the brother of the guy who founded Kellogg’s.

You know how they constantly said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, it’s not. Did you never look at this pyramid and thought, “Damn, isn’t it convenient that the cheapest and best tasting food is also the healthiest?”

Read it again. Notice something?

Reality of modern eating

The reality is this. Whole grains like bread, pasta, sweets, etc. contain a lot of carbohydrates. Those are broken down and give us energy. Sounds good, right? Except if you don’t need the energy, it has the opposite effect. The body tries to store that energy. With fat in your body.

And be honest, do you think you need a ton of carbohydrates if you sit in front of your computer all day, typing into spreadsheets? Is your body really in need of energy? Probably not.

And this is a key part: What you eat should heavily depend on what you do.

When you see athletes doing triathlons in the snow or similar sports, they eat 6,000 calories a day. Lots of carbs, but they are still lean as hell. Why? They USE all that energy. They need it to produce the insane power for their sport. And most of us don’t do that. We don’t need that much energy throughout the day. Even if you hit the gym three times a week, you don’t need so many carbs.

So here’s the real food pyramid for today’s society:

The correct food pyramid for our current society of sitting around most of the time.

But where’s me pizza?

As you can see, there is no pizza or pasta on this pyramid. This is obviously an extreme one. But generally, showing people an extreme version works best because they never fully apply something.

I’ll go into this right away. At the top of this pyramid, you can add pizza, pasta, sometimes sweets, etc. I know this stuff tastes awesome. I am not telling you, to never eat that. Even though I cut sugar out for 30 days, and it felt amazing. I still came back to eating occasional sweets.

Do it in moderation. Look at it like cheat days, or cheat meals. Even Joe Rogan, a great martial artist, shredded as fuck at over 50 years old, eats occasional cheat meals with buckets of ice cream. You still need to live, right?

A wise man is aware that the pleasures of life need to be consumed in moderation.

The conqueror

The society of eating wrongly

Generally, we just eat way too much in our current culture. Food is available everywhere, and it’s dirt cheap. At least the bad food. The highly processed, high carb food. Like a McDonalds Cheeseburger. Think about it, $1-$2, depending on where you live for a full-fledged burger. That’s stupidly cheap!

For the majority of human existence, we were starving. Humanoid people existed for about 3 million years. Really human-like figures for about 400,000-ish years. Only in the last 50-60 years, we truly had food constantly available at cheap prices. Our bodies are not made for this. Our body is used to starve, and have itself running on low food.

So your best bet, to be in tune with how your body is designed, is to mimic that lifestyle to some degree.

Don’t believe your almost dead Doctor about nutrition. His knowledge is severely outdated.

Starve for fitness

It has a fancy name these days, intermittent fasting. It’s actually just starving for a period of time. It means within a certain window, you don’t eat anything. Only water. Not even nuts or anything. Just water.

The benefits are insane. Studies show some crazy things like reduced cancer cells and the possibility of recurrence if patients fasted for 72 hours before that (study here). This is the extreme version. It is known, that if you fast for 36 to 72 hours, your immune system gets completely reset and replenished. It literally makes you healthier.

But you can’t fast for so long all the time. Hence why people came up with a way to copy your old style of living.

Fancy names, easy work

What intermittent fasting or circadian fasting truly is, is just skipping breakfast. I do it most of the time. Just don’t eat anything in the morning. From the last time you ate in the evening, let’s say 8:00 pm to lunch the next day at about 1:00 pm. That’s 13 hours of not eating. And it’s not that hard. Plus, it leaves the window in which you eat, pretty small, which is another benefit.

The conqueror does live to the standards of his body, not to the standards of his sheep.

The conqueror

Back in hunter-gatherer times, we didn’t wake up, and food was readily available. We had to go hunting first. Our bodies are not used to eat right away. You can also do occasional 24-hour fasts in between. I do that from time to time. They have a great health benefit. But prepare properly.

The plan, and how I eat

Alright, so here’s your plan.

  • Reduce carbs heavily (but not entirely)
  • skip breakfast
  • eat lots of vegetables
  • drink a lot (water only!)

That’s it. I do it like the following. And bear in mind, I still work a 9-5, so no excuses, friend:

  • I only eat “breakfast” twice a week, and that contains solely of a very small portion of fish. Nothing else. Literally, just cooked fish and water. You can skip this entirely, I do it on gym-days for the amino-3-acids.
  • Lunch is always low-carb, or no carb. Meat and greens. Occasionally with rice. But always meat.
  • Dinner is a 50/50 mixture of classic food, like pasta, pizza, high-carb food with meat, etc. and sometimes just some meaty food with rice. But it’s always with carbs!
  • Every Friday evening I go out with the wife, eating normal food you would get at a restaurant.
  • Same thing on Saturday evenings with friends
  • Sundays I eat kinda badly for lunch. High carb. And even some cake for afternoon coffee and cake.
  • I never drink sugary beverages.
  • 1-2 beers on a Saturday evening. Never get shitfaced drunk. Occasional whiskey.
  • Sometimes I eat some sweets in the evening after dinner. But rarely, and not much. Really, just eat a little bit for the sweet tooth. And it’s even better if you eat fruits instead.

The good life

Notice how I still eat a lot of tasty food? But only on the weekend. It’s just two days. If you eat right the other five days, you’re totally fine.

Obviously, you get results quicker if you cut them out completely or do the 30-day challenge yourself. But this plan is for long-term sustainability and health after you arrived at your desired weight, without dropping too much of the reason to live.

Being healthy and positive in this society isn’t that hard. Just quit the bullshit.

You can do it, too. Live and eat healthy without missing out on the great, tasty food we have available. You just gotta counter those things properly, and you’re set.

–Alexander Reich

What are your tips to eat properly? Any more tips? Any more info? Let me know in the comments!

Tools to become a physical conqueror

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The conqueror knows that his physical presence is but a big part of his confidence.

The conqueror

And while you’re at it, get a proper program to look like a warrior!

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