5 proven ways to naturally increase testosterone

Everyone wants to know how to naturally increase testosterone. It is the manliness hormone. And the math is true, the more Testosterone you have, the more manly you are. In your looks, physique, and masculine behavior as well.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that men everywhere are searching for ways to increase their T levels. Especially, since it has been on the decline for decades now.

So here’s how to naturally increase testosterone, instead of throwing pills or injecting shit.

Why is it important?

Hormones are way more important than people care to admit. For men and women.

My wife is currently pregnant, and in pregnancy, hormones are going wild. Her behavior changed so heavily on a daily basis, as well as her body (producing more water, bloating her feet, etc) that this is real-life evidence on how important hormones are.

I, personally, saw a tremendous increase in my physique after I fixed my T levels. I have been hitting the gym for almost 13 years now. But only after I regulated my manliness hormone properly, could I see my shoulders broaden, abs starting to show, and my beard actually growing more.

Man is at his highest, when he is closest to his biology.

The Conqueror

However, I am not a fan of pills and factory-made supplements. I know, some of them are good either way, but I am that natural guy who takes stuff made by mother nature. So how to naturally increase testosterone was my conquest.

Naturally increase testosterone, the benefits

Huge muscular man loaded with testosterone in the gym
This physique is only possible if your T levels are high.

Let’s make a quick list of what I noticed directly:

  • Increased masculine physique
  • Increased strength (at the gym and general)
  • Less mood-swings
  • Better ability to focus
  • A certain calmness
  • More aggressiveness when trying to tackle tasks
  • Cognitive clearness, I feel sharper and clearer in my head
  • Better sex-life (I am more dominant now by nature, I don’t fear judgment, I do what I want. Works wonders)
  • Regulated libido (which means more for some, less for others)

Things you don’t directly notice but are related to better testosterone levels:

  • A more healthy heart and blood
  • Stronger bones
  • Better verbal memory, spatial abilities (I think I noticed that, but it’s hard to judge)
  • Less depression, fatigue, and irritability

Potential drawbacks of high Testosterone

None. No, seriously, it is a question of how you frame it. Feminists will tell you that high T levels are toxic masculinity and that you will immediately start beating your wife. It is the exact opposite.

I got way calmer after my hormones were in check. I am more stoic if you will. And, I am not phased by her emotions. It might make you more aggressive, but not towards people, towards fighting for your needs, your goals, etc.

Also, if you naturally increase testosterone instead of using pills and all that, the side-effects are minuscule.

How to naturally increase testosterone?

godlike masculinity subliminal program banner

There are a ton of ways to do it, but I am gonna stick with what I think, are the 5 best ways to do it the natural way. These are also the ones that worked best for me, and which I am still doing.

1. The morning wood

A healthy testosterone loaded male wakes up with a raging boner in the morning more often than not. I am dead serious about that.

In your sleep, especially at the end of REM cycles (the deep sleep), your testosterone levels are the highest. This is usually also the time when you wake up on your own, or you are rested enough, which means 8-9 hours of sleep.

The morning wood isn’t a sexual erection. It is due to blood flow and high T levels in that phase.

So if you don’t sleep enough, you don’t produce enough testosterone and blood flow that night, which will then shift into your day. You don’t need to wake up every day with a raging boner, because sleep cycles are different, but it should happen more often than not.

How to fix it? Simple. Get at least 8-9 hours of sleep. Not less, not more. This is the circadian rhythm. That’s how we work.

After those 8-ish hours, your testosterone levels are the highest, and that’s how you start your day. Getting up (ha) will be easier, and you will have more energy. This is the easiest way to naturally increase testosterone.

Quality of sleep is just as important as the length of it. You need to go through the cycles and have restful sleep. Ashwagandha helped me greatly for this (it’s an Indian plant), as well as creatine might help (a pill, I know).

Bonus: I 100% recommend using a daylight alarm clock like this one. It simulates the sun rising and will wake you with natural sounds (like birds) instead of an actual alarm. This way, you wake up better, and your cortisol won’t spike. Which brings me to the next point.

2. Reduce stress

Monk meditating on a mountain
When you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol which suppressed testosterone production.

When we are stressed, cortisol levels rise and suppress the flow and production of other hormones, including testosterone. This is a bit paradoxical because testosterone makes you calmer, but you should be calmer to produce more T. Well, it’s a compounding effect.

Stress is generally bad for you, not only does it increase cortisol, but it also ruins your sleep (another T suppressant) and makes you moody, and irritating. So definitely reduce the stress in your life.

This is usually where I get shit from hustlers. They are hustling 100% of the time, so they’re stressed af. Honestly, man, if that’s how your business works, you fucked up.

I work on my business a few hours a week, the other time I use to relax, or do other stuff. This is how you need to set your business up.

The wise man discerns between a lot of tasks, and the important tasks.

The Conqueror

Stress of any kind is bad for your health. Reduce it as much as possible!

Bonus: Revel in stoicism. Read the Meditations from Marcus Aurelius. This book alone will probably help. Stress is often a mindset issue of worrying about too many things. Read that book and learn how to not be stressed by anything.

3. Exercise (heavy) / lose weight

handsome man working out heavily

Studies suggest, that obese males have up to 50% less testosterone than healthy males. Not only that but exercising, even with a healthy BMI, increases testosterone. A study found, that the more active someone is, the higher his testosterone levels are.

A man who does not revel in the greatness of what his body is physically capable of is no man. Seriously, it’s not just an appearance and health factor.

The mind gets trained to be more masculine as well.

The Iron doesn’t lie, ever. It doesn’t care if you don’t feel like it today, if you had a bad day, or your job sucks. The iron asks the same from you each and every day. No matter what.

This sets your mind up properly. If you hit the gym and get stronger over time, you learn how to be more masculine. By fighting for what you want. Direct, and clear. You cannot “talk” the iron to be easier. Just like life. You need to put in the work and the sweat.

Revel in the training of your body. The more you do it, the more your mind will be trained.

The Conqueror

Personally, I cannot take a man seriously who never exercises. He has no understanding of what is needed to succeed in life. With your body, your mind.

The ancient Greeks which birthed stoicism were crazy about physical activity. Plato, one of the wisest people, wrestled almost every day.

Hit the gym, it only has benefits. Zero drawbacks. It humbles you, makes you stronger, makes you win, and is one of the best ways to naturally increase testosterone. Don’t know where to start? Get one of AJAC’s gym programs here.

Or check out this post on how to do hanging leg raises and its benefits (you can easily do these from home).

4. Quit porn

If you want to know why porn stops you from achieving anything in your life, read this article from me here. In this post, I will only tackle the testosterone issue, because people still buy that bullshit that if you masturbate, you increase T levels. No. You reduce them.

The confusion arises (pun intended) because during sexual arousal, testosterone increases. But right after ejaculating, it drops again. And it actually drops more than it was before.

Look, you can do a simple test to see it for yourself. Do not masturbate for 7 days. Studies show, that after 7 days of not ejaculating (also no sex then), testosterone levels spike to 145% of the baseline.

That’s a lot of testosterone. Now, there isn’t much research about that, and personally, I am not someone who puts everything on science. I rather like what works in real life. You know, the actually proven methods.

Losers fap to porn

I think this is mostly a mental issue. People don’t like that and call it pseudoscience, but I don’t give a fuck. I know what works, and what doesn’t.

When you masturbate to pixels on the screen and shoot your life juice down the toilet, you achieved nothing. Back in the days, sex wasn’t easy to come by. You had to go through a lot of issues to actually get to shoot your load. It was an accomplishment. For reproduction, and survival of your species. Now though, you just click a button.

Man is meant to ravish into a woman, not into a napkin.

The Conqueror

You achieved nothing. You’re a loser, let’s be clear about it. There is nothing great about masturbating to OTHER PEOPLE HAVING SEX. Think about that.

Other people are enjoying the pleasure, you watch them in pixels, and that gets you off. Naturally, there is nothing manly about that, and thus it makes you feel bad and depressed. Thus reducing your testosterone.

Yeah, yeah, correlation does not mean causation. No shit, sherlock. This is bro science. Which means it’s based in reality.

After I quit porn for good, my mood, energy, and bodily physique improved. And I know of tons of other men who report the same. Even if it is not the cause, it still helps to boost your T. And if that is not enough to naturally increase your testosterone that way, read this article to discover even more negatives about porn.

Also, having actual sex increases your testosterone. Because this way you DID, in fact, achieve our basic struggle for reproduction. You managed to score a woman to take your sperm. So, as with everything, just do it like our ancestors which had 100% more testosterone than men today: Fuck real women.

5. Eat manly food and cut sugar

Tasty looking grilled ribeye steak
Vegans hate you, but health is more important.

Another great way to naturally increase testosterone is to eat properly. I talked about the drawbacks of being obese for T levels above, but even if you are a lean mean machine, you still can increase your testosterone with what you eat. So here’s a list of food that increases T levels:

  • Tuna
    Rich in Vitamin D, tuna is a great way of increasing T levels. If you don’t like tuna, you can also eat salmon or sardines. However, because fish contains a lot of mercury, it is not recommended to eat more than 3-4 servings a week. Works best with olive oil. I eat a lot of canned fish in olive oil, has a better taste, and is healthy.
  • Eggs
    Eggs are a literal superfood, they contain a ton of proteins, vitamin D, and building blocks for your cells. Cholesterol is a non-issue. I eat 2 eggs every day. For years. I know of people who eat ten (!) eggs a day without cholesterol issues (they tested). It’s bullshit, you can eat tons of these. And you should. Very healthy!
  • Olive oil
    Everything I eat that needs oil is made with olive oil. I don’t care if it’s pancakes or steak. Avoid plant-based oils like sunflower and all that crap. Buy real extra virgin olive oil. It’s expensive but worth it. It has much more health benefits than just increasing T levels, but that’s a big one for sure. I know of some people who actually take olive oil shots each day. You don’t need to be that extreme, but exchange your shitty oil for this one.
  • Broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts
    Those vegetables are known to increase testosterone levels as well. To be precise, they reduce estrogen levels and therefore open the possibility for more T.
  • Spinach
    Popeye had it right. Spinach is a manly superfood. While it might not immediately make you super strong like Popeye. It’s a great source of Magnesium which binds testosterone.
  • Beef
    Vegans will hate you and me, but red meat is still one of the healthiest food you can eat. Especially as a man, because it contains lots of zinc (you tons of that to produce sperm from your blood cells), and vitamin D in beef liver. However, make sure you get proper groundfed beef and no highly processed bullshit. That’s actually worse.
    Eat meat, but eat proper meat! Chicken, turkey, and pork are also healthy for your body, but beef is best to naturally increase testosterone.
  • Ashwagandha
    I mentioned this Indian plant above. It’s not really a “food” in that sense. I put it in water each evening (it’s powder) and chugg it down. Translated it means “Smell of the horse” which is exactly how it tastes, but you’ll get used to it pretty quickly. It increases testosterone, makes you clearer, and improves sleep. The Indians have been using that plant for thousands of years.

Quit sugar

Sugar is known to drop testosterone levels by 25% for 2 hours after eating it. And, honestly, anyone who eats a ton of sugar, you can easily tell what’s going on.

I also wrote an article on my journey of quitting it for 30 days to see what’s what. It has way more benefits than just T levels. But if you truly want to naturally increase testosterone, quit sugar! Or reduce to a minimum.

You can also find my exact diet here in this post. And I would highly recommend you read AJAC’s diet plan here (it’s just a few bucks) with tons of info on what’s important to eat, and what to avoid.


So there we are, it’s actually pretty simple, just do what humans have done for thousands of years, and see your manliness grow:

  • Exercise
  • Eat simple food
  • Sleep
  • Fuck women
  • Chill

That’s what a man does. And if you stick to century-old wisdom, you might actually change the world as they did. Or not, but at least you don’t need to worry about manboobs.

There are way more ways to increase your T levels, like fighting (martial arts, boxing), but these five are easy to implement for ANY man. So stop with the excuses. If you have low testosterone, this is 100% your fault.

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