My Subliminal Messaging Wealth Results

People have asked me this all the time. The results I actually get from subliminal messaging from SubliminalClub, and especially about money and wealth.

Of course I’m making money. It’s very simple. I ran the program. RICH it is called, bunch of weeks.

At this point I manifested over $10,000 from it.

Initially, $5,000. This was an interesting story.

I ran the RICH sub, and a few days later I was with my my parents. And my mother told me that she has gold coins from my grandpa. And nobody actually knew that he would collect them.

Nobody knew about this. And he just had them laying around and she found them. Then I had them valued and they were worth five grand. I think what happened here is, if you know anything about reality and consciousness and how this operates, past and future changed to align with my new belief system.

Now I know how this sounds, but if you ever run this stuff, you know how powerful they are to actually directly change your reality.

Also, I think the first time I ran it, I had a coaching program online at the time for $3,000. I wasn’t even actually actively promoting it anywhere, it was just sitting on my shop.

No funnel to it, no links, just the product. And I ran the sub and a few days later someone bought it. Coincidence, I think not, I think there are no coincidences. This is my personal belief.

And again, if you dive a little bit deeper into metaphysics and quantum science and all these kind of things, you will realize that there are no coincidences and everything is an extension of your mind.

Removing Limiting Money Beliefs

We live in a simulation and this is backed by math. Check out this video. Very interesting.

So science actually knows that it’s true. This is how this works and this was the RICH sub, its abbreviation for Ridiculous Income Can’t Hate. It’s very much focused on manifesting wealth.

However it’s not a sub I would recommend to start with because you first should get rid off all of your limiting beliefs money wise and this is where the second one comes in that I’ve been running for years now, which is called Ecstacy of Gold

The very first stage of that is focused on removing limiting beliefs about money because most of your money beliefs stem from your parents. So if your parents weren’t rich or if they were constantly sitting on the brink of poverty or just coasting by, living paycheck to paycheck, then this is the money belief you got from them.

Your environment shapes you completely, especially growing up, because you’re very malleable at that time.

And if your beliefs are like that, then this is what you will be manifesting into your life. That you can only live from paycheck to paycheck. But this sub solved it fully.

It just completely changes your belief system about money. And this is focused on the millions of billions. Millionaire, billionaire, these kind of ideas.

So give it some time. Don’t think after one run of the first stage, you will suddenly be a millionaire. That’s not how this works at all.

I’ve been running this for years. At some point, I think on the first stage or something like that, I was making ten grand a month for two months with my business. With coaching mostly, and I dropped it again all to zero because of self-sabotage.

Subconscious Self-Sabotage

So you will realize that there is a path, a process you go through with this and it’s natural. And has to be. All this limiting beliefs removal and removing all the wrong beliefs, indoctrination, all this bad stuff about money, it takes time.

These subs are the fastest acting thing we have. If you do it consciously, it takes you at least five years.

With this, you can do it in a year or maybe even six months, depending on how shitty your belief system actually is. Mine was very very bad. The point I’m trying to make here is this is it’s not a magic pill. It helps you to to take the right actions and put yourself in the right environment, because as you know, 95% of all our daily actions and decisions are driven by the subconscious mind.

So if you do it consciously, you’re actually missing out on 95% of the power you have. But it still is mostly focused on getting you on the right actions on the right track, removing limiting beliefs.

But then obviously to do that, it still takes a bit of time. Especially Ecstacy of Gold is very much focused on long term.

If I have learned anything about wealth, then that it takes time. That’s just what it is. If you ever see someone rising to the wealth quickly, then there is usually some some guy in the back promoting him, moving him, who’s already successful.

Still, with the subconscious mind and these subs you’re lightyears ahead of everyone.

Solving the Fear of Success

After I made my first $10,000 in a month, then what came in was the fear of success, which was still a big one, and the feeling of unworthiness, which I have from childhood.

I broke through these barriers with healing subs (like this one), by the way.

Fear of success is a funny thing, where you have this belief that if you actually make it, you know, making $20,000 a month to fully be free, and you are very successful online, this means you will get a lot of emails, a lot of questions.

People might judge you and hate you and whatever. And this is a fear, a subconscious fear that stops you from actually making more and you will end up subconsciously sabotaging yourself.

Which is what I did by completely stopping that coaching program (I revived it again haha) which made me all that much money.

But this is it, this is the path. The process of this.

Again, the subs don’t do these things for you, except manifesting wealth out of thin air sometimes. But they will guide you, with a voice in your mind to take the right actions.

Like someone is taking the steering wheel of your life.

But it’s actually you.

Your TRUE Self.

Your deeper Self.

The subconscious mind.

You definitely need to run a journal where you write these thoughts and beliefs down. I would highly recommend my Vision Visualizer Template, which is free.

Because in there I also jot down everything that comes to mind. You can use it everywhere because it also has a mobile app.

Sometimes you get that insight when you’re out walking or with friends.

And thoughts are fleeting.

So don’t lose these!

Definitely get Ecstacy of Gold and run the first stage for months.

It’s the best investment you will EVER make.

I am NOT exaggerating there.

Not one bit.

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