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How To Set Up Your Subconscious for Success

“Whatever we plant into our subconscious and seed with repetition and emotion will one day become reality.” –Earl Nightingale

Your subconscious has supreme power over you and your life.

From the food you eat over the habits you engage in everyday, to where your life is heading.

Every single action in your life is directed by your subconscious.

Your self-talk needs to be positive so your subconscious creates a positive life. But in this post, we go deeper. 

How to definitely reach your goals by setting your subconscious up properly.

What is the subconscious?

The subconscious is directly under your conscious mind.

It’s much like an autopilot in a plane.

And you’re the pilot.

The autopilot was programmed before, and now it executes patterns along that programming to direct the plane.

The programming is society, your upbringing, parents, peers, experiences you had.

All of this from your birth up until this very second where you’re reading this, your subconscious was programmed. And still is being programmed.

Unless you already know what I am saying with this post (in which case I wonder why you’re reading it) your subconscious is being programmed with a new truth.

And the next time a decision is to be made, subconsciously you will remember this post and may decide to choose differently for your flight route. Or not. If older programmings are stronger.

How does the subconscious work?

Wide angle view on runway from modern Boeing aircraft cockpit before take-off. Best quality night shot. Good for any airline promo
Your subconscious is like an autopilot. It flies 90% of the time.

Much like in an airplane, the pilot isn’t actually flying the plane most of the time.

The autopilot is in control 90% of the time. The human pilot is just there to act in a case of emergency, or when unexpected things happen that don’t match patterns.

And to take off and land.

Our mind works exactly the same. And I mean that literally.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not consciously controlling our life most of the time. Reality is, that our autopilot flies our life 90% of your life.

I have touched on this topic in my post on how to develop discipline before.

We act irrationally most of the time. And then we come up with rationalizations for our conscious mind to make sense of what we did.

Even if it didn’t make sense rationally.

While you are reading these lines, your subconscious is debating itself if it accepts what it is reading, or if confirmation bias and older programming shrug it off as bullshit.

And unless you consciously force the new reality every day for a certain timeframe, the subconscious will not accept the new truth if it doesn’t like it (more on that later).

How the subconscious got programmed

the little preschool boy, plays the superhero outdoors
As a child, you are unlimited potential. Through your environment, your subconscious gets filled with information. Good or bad.

When you are a child, you are unlimited potential.

You can be everything.

Like a ball of possibilities.

The longer you live on this planet, the fewer possibilities you have. Due to the directions you took (or were taken, which is the key). Restrictions were put on your ball of possibilities.

Your subconscious has been trenched with beliefs, world-views, and ideas of what can or cannot be. Those formed restrictions.

When you were a child, your subconscious didn’t deny ANY realities. It sucked it all up like a sponge. Everything it heard was new, exciting, and helped to understand the world.

There was no reason to question it because there was no underlying belief already in place which had to be removed.

Unlike now.

As a child, everything you heard or were told was true. You can probably guess why this is an issue later in life. And why some people have a rude awakening with multiple red-pills in real-life later.

A few examples:

  • Not everyone can be rich
  • You can only attract a partner roughly matching your own beauty
  • “You’re a loser” (being bullied, etc)
  • You need to work until you retire, “it is what it is”

Can you see what’s happening there?

All of these things have been put in your subconscious. And it believed it readily.

Everyone said it can’t be done. Until someone came along who didn’t know and just did it.


By the time you were 7 or 8 years old, you already had a multitude of beliefs installed in your autopilot. By parents, peers, TV, or any other medium.

Now, except for society, these people don’t have ill motives to make you a loser. It’s just the programming they received themselves as a kid. And unless they came across my or other people’s teachings to learn about reality, they still believe it is true.

And proceed to give it to the next generation.

That’s why you need to forgive your parents. They acted on the best knowledge they had. Even if it might have ruined decades of your life (like in my case).

Old programming in a new world

Girl frees butterfly from a jar
The subconscious is very fleeting. It takes a lot of conscious effort to reshape it.

You are probably thinking, “I realize the truth already, I can just ditch all that programming!”

Especially if you follow me, you’ve already been hit with a bunch of reality-altering truths.

However, it’s not that easy.

Have you ever wanted to achieve a goal and sabotaged yourself throughout the whole process? Yes? Well, that was your subconscious at work. It was fighting yourself and your newfound beliefs.

I have a whole video about subconscious self sabotage if you click here.

This also tells us that the autopilot is much stronger than we think.

While we can decide to override it, it constantly needs to be overwritten to accept the new truth.

However, these are awesome news.

Because it means, if you override your subconscious long enough for it to accept the new reality, it will then proceed to create your new life on autopilot!

You will be able to reach your goals, success, money, fame, or whatever you are searching for effortlessly.

This is usually when people “just got lucky” with their success. Luck does not exist. Their subconscious was just set up for success.

You’re still being programmed all the time

People holding retro television next to each other
TV, News, (Social) Media constantly program your subconscious. All day. Every day.

Before you start programming a new reality into our subconscious to actually reach the goals you want, you need to be aware that you are still being programmed all the time.

For example, when you get rejected (by a woman), your subconscious immediately comes up with a reason for it. It does so by searching in your memories for other rejections in the past which shaped your subconscious.

These rejections had a reason. And that reason is most likely the reason you’re still being rejected.

Realize that all of this is made up. Rationalizations. Unless we were told what the reason is, we can never know for sure. And even if someone tells you the reason, it might be a lie to not hurt your feelings.

This will hinder your progress in many ways.

Let’s say you’ve been rejected at many jobs or businesses. But suddenly, a great opportunity opens up which might bring in huge sums of money.

At first, you will be thinking it’s a pyramid scheme, or illegal, or any kind of reason why it cannot be the truth. Because it is in conflict with your subconscious programming.

This is a defense mechanism to not fail again. The reason underneath might be that you wasted a ton of money in the past and had to ask your parents for money, which was embarrassing. Your subconscious is trying to avoid that situation.

All of it is always rooted in emotion. The subconscious mostly works on feelings.

Which is the key knowledge for reprogramming it.

How to reprogram your subconscious

ascension subliminal program banner

There are many ways to do this. All of which work better or worse for some people.

The important part is that you don’t constantly jump around between them. Choose one or two and stick to them for weeks and months. Otherwise, your results will be thinned out.

In the end, after years, your best bet is to have incorporated all of them. This way, you get the absolute maximum out of yourself and your life.

Program #1: Change your mental environment

Lake in the mountains nature freeing your subconscious
Everything you see and hear everyday fills your subconscious. Choose a better environment.

Your subconscious constantly sucks up information from your surroundings.

That doesn’t just mean people. It also means noise. Sounds.

My mindset changed completely once I moved out of the city into the countryside.

There was just way less noise outside, which breached into my home.

Now, there is peace. Silence. Nature. Healthy Boredom.

This frees the mind.

But this is just one part of your environment. The biggest and easiest change you can do is the following: cut out all the news.

News on TV, newspapers, or online are designed to be negative. Because negative emotions hit harder and make people more interested.

But filling your subconscious with negativity all the time is a bad idea.

It clutters your mind with totally irrelevant bullshit. Does it really matter when you know that there is a conflict 3,000 miles away on another continent?

Most likely it will have zero impact on your everyday life.

I stopped watching the news over two years ago.

Guess what, I am still alive. Weird, right?

But my mood is a hundred times more positive. I am creative. And I have time to think about my business, family, etc.

Because my subconscious isn’t filled with negativity all the time.

Instead, program your subconscious with positive imagery.

Every morning, do the following:

  • When you get up, tell yourself, “This will be a great day and I will achieve great things.”
  • Do NOT check your phone until this whole routine is over!
  • Go outside for 5 minutes and breathe the fresh morning air
  • Keep a folder of beautiful imagery. Nature, beaches, forests, lakes, etc. Images that fill your mind with beauty and positive things.
  • Move your body for 5-10 minutes. Go for a walk, or do some light exercise. Get your body going.

When you start each day on a positive note instead of being trenched with negativity, you’re already ahead of 99% of people.

Program #2: Visualization

beach chair with tropical Maldives island  beach and sea
Visualize yourself walking on that beach. Use vivid imagery. FEEL the warmth of the sun and the sand. The wind touching your skin, etc.

Your subconscious works best on imagery.

Think about it. Every time you imagine a situation in your mind it is in images, right? Not in text?

So why not use that capability and visualize positive imagery every day.

  • Where you want to be in life
  • A great vacation
  • Passionate relationship
  • A nice home
  • Enjoying the process of success

Whatever you find joy in.

Use heavy and strong emotions when visualizing these images. Remember, the subconscious works strongly on emotions.

That’s why traumas stick forever (except if you use this). They are the strongest emotions we can feel.

But if you use positive emotions like love, excitement, peace, fun, arousal, gratitude while visualizing your images, they are more likely to stick.

Your subconscious will start to believe that this is your reality and will then proceed to redirect your actions and decisions on autopilot towards the life you are visualizing.

For example, imagine the feeling of pure freedom and peace when you sit down in a nice restaurant with your woman and you order anything on the menu you LIKE, regardless of price. Because you can afford it.

This is a visualization I often use.

I hate going to a restaurant and not ordering the tenderloin steak because it’s $50 and we’re tight this month.

That’s why I visualize a scenario in the restaurant where I don’t even look at the price. I just choose what I want.

Pure freedom.

Program #3: Affirmations

Man jumping over impossible or possible over cliff on sunset bac

If you got my free eBook on mindset here, you already received an email about this topic.

If you do them right, they can change your life with ease. They are that strong.

Scott Adams (famous cartoonist and multiple New York Times Bestseller author) claims that whenever he used affirmations his endeavors worked out. When he didn’t, they failed.

There is no 100% correct way to do them. Only directions.

What I’ve learned – and Scott agrees with this – is that it doesn’t matter if they are done perfectly. It just matters that they point in the right direction.

The subconscious is mostly raw, emotional, mind. Being rationally correct is not important.

Affirmations are words of what you want to be. Repeated over and over. That’s the basis, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Here’s how I do it. I don’t claim that this is correct or even the best way. But it definitely works for me.

  • 📝 I write in the present tense who I want to be. For example, “I am rich.” or “I am a New York Times Bestselling author.”
  • 📝 Do not use “not.” (Ironical, I know). The raw mind cannot work on “not.” When I tell you not to think of elephants. What do you think of? Exactly.
    So don’t use, “I don’t want to be poor.”
    Use “I am rich.”
    (Side note, hypnotists can use this for their means. For example, in a sales call, “I don’t need to tell you any more benefits, you already know them.” you are putting a spell on their mind. Now they think of the benefits.
    Also works with women, “Don’t cum too quickly” will most likely make her cum quicker.)
  • 📝 Don’t go too much into detail. If you want to be rich, don’t write, “I want to be rich by becoming the best gamer on Apex Legends on Twitch.” because that rules out any other way to become rich.
    Leave some decisions up to destiny (or your subconscious in this case, or is it the same?)
  • 📝 Don’t have too many affirmations. That confuses your subconscious and yourself as to what you really want the most.
    I only write down one particular affirmation each day. I write it down each morning, about 15 times as part of my morning routine. This already primes my mind for the day and sets it up to where I want to go.
    Currently, I write every day, “I have the strongest mind there is.”
    Because I want to prime my mind to deal with any adversity with ease.
  • 📝 On top of that, I have a collection of lighter affirmations each night. I wrote them down. Recorded myself saying them. Put them together with sleep binaural music, and listen to them every night while I am asleep.
    When we sleep, our subconscious is working overtime. That’s the best time to prime it, wouldn’t you say?
    Some of them are, “I am wealthy” “I have a submissive wife” “I am in superb physical condition.”
    This is, however, a very slow attempt. If you really want to reprogram your mind SUPERFAST, check out this post about subliminal messaging.

Program #4: Binaural Beats

Woman relaxing with headphones
Binaural Beats do work. I know because I use it every time.

I have a whole blog post about binaural beats and if they really work. Check that out.

That said, they are a great way to influence your subconscious.

We know that the brain works on specific frequencies. With binaural beats, you can influence those frequencies. 

For more focused work, to meditate, or to get into transcendental states. People have reported these shifted their mindsets forever and changed their whole lives.

I managed that once, and, well, it does change your perception of reality a lot.

Program #5: Self-hypnosis

Woman engaging in self-hypnosis
Self-hypnosis can help reprogram your subconscious.

This is really just another form of affirmations or meditation.

But since this term gets thrown around a lot, I will explain it quickly.

Hypnosis itself is a whole industry and a big topic. It is also different from self-hypnosis, so we’re not going to cover hypnosis itself here (although any form of hypnosis is always self-hypnosis, but whatever).

Self-hypnosis is used to kick bad habits or set your mind up properly, so just the right fit for this post.

You prepare your situation like you would when you set out to meditate:

  • Go in a quiet, cooled room.
  • Remove any distractions like devices or computers
  • Wear comfy clothing
  • Sit down, for example in the Lotus position

And then you basically just repeat affirmations to yourself.

If you want to lose weight, you basically repeat to yourself, “I am healthy. I am losing excess weight. My clothes fit much better.”

Repeat it over and over again.

You can do it multiple times a day, but again, it’s best in the morning to set your mind up for a great day.

Step by step to self-hypnosis

See the list above to prepare yourself.

Step1: Close your eyes and rid your mind of any thoughts.

This might be difficult at first. If you can’t get rid of certain thoughts, just observe them in your mind. They will vanish at some point.

Breathing properly and slowly will help with this. Focus on your breath. The exhale, the inhale.

Step 2: Listen to your surroundings

Make yourself aware of where you are. Listen to the birds, or a humming noise from a generator close. Whatever is in your peripheral hearing distance. Become aware of it.

This puts you right in the present.

Step 3: Observe how you are becoming relaxed.

This is important. Don’t skip this step.

Reinforce in your mind that you are becoming relaxed and letting go of all the bullshit around you and in your mind.

All the clutter makes space for peace and clarity.

Imagine you are at the top of a flight of stairs which lead into warm water under the sun. A beach, a pool, etc.

Pool stairs into infinity
Step into the infinity of time and space. Free your mind.

Truly feel how your feet touch the water and get immersed in it.

Let go of everything.

Step 4: Narrate your life

You went completely into the pool and you’re now floating. In the pool, in space. You are everywhere and nowhere.

Past, present, and the future are one.

Time is gone. It is just you and yourself.

Ocean under galaxy sky. Stars, fantasy, water reflection

See boxes around you. Not many. Just a few. Swim to a box and see a light engulf you fully. Now say to yourself, “This light is my newfound self. I am healthy and slender.”

Or whatever your goal is.

“This light is now part of me. It is my newfound confidence.”

Step 5: Keep wandering around the water 

Find more boxes to open with light engulfing you with who you want to be.

Don’t get too crazy. A few are enough.

Step 6: Get out of hypnosis

You do this by visualizing how the water slowly fades or you slowly pull back to Earth.

Don’t rush it. Give it time.

You get back up those stairs from above.

Back into life.

Start to hear the sounds around you again.

And then slowly open your eyes.

Give yourself time to realize reality for a second. Don’t rush it.

You can also use Binaural Beats or Meditation music to better get in the trance state. This is up to you. I had my transcendental experience once without music. Just visualization. You cannot force this anyway, so don’t try.

Just enjoy the experience.

How do I know my subconscious reprogramming works?

The human eye with the image of the brain in the pupil. Concept of artificial intelligence

How do you know it isn’t a waste of time? How do you know it actually works?

Do the affirmations really change your life?

Does the self-hypnosis work?

Realize that this is your old programming talking.

It is fighting your newfound beliefs because of decades of programming contrary to it.

Habits take weeks, months, or even years until they stick.

Do you think a programmed mind is rewired within a few days?

No, if you don’t plan to do your morning routines as your new everyday routine, for the rest of your life, then don’t do it.

It’s like with diets. They only work if you do them forever. Otherwise, you’ll bounce back to your old weight or worse.

Reprogramming your subconscious is exactly the same.

The changes you implement now need to be repeated daily forever.

You will see results way sooner. Maybe even within weeks. But when you stop right after, you’ll fall back.

Make them part of your new personality.

Apart from that. Once you do it for a few weeks, you WILL notice a change in yourself. Your perception of reality will shift.

You will view the world differently. Even the closest people.

Don’t fight it. That is your subconscious slowly accepting the new reality.

Don’t give up too soon. Building a proper body at the gym takes years. You will lose excessive fat quite quickly, yes. But the deeper changes, to get a chiseled body, and visible abs, take years.

Your mind works exactly the same.

Shallow changes on the surface happen quickly. But the whole reshaping of your mind to a growth mindset of success is a journey you start right now, and which will never end.

Embrace it.

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  • Your subconscious is like an autopilot. It controls 90% of your every day decisions.
  • From birth to now, your subconscious has been programmed by parents, peers, society.
  • You can reprogram it, but it takes conscious effort over longer periods of time until it accepts the new reality.
  • How to reprogram it:
    • Change your environment. Physically (countryside) as well as mentally (cut out the news and gossip)
    • Visualization. Use emotion-loaded imagery of positive things
    • Affirmations. Write down in present-tense what you want to achieve. Write it like you already are that person. Repeat it daily. Record yourself saying it, listen to it in your sleep.
    • Binaural Beats. Use Binaural Beats to get into different states of mind.
    • Self-Hypnosis. Use it and its steps to hypnotize yourself and force your subconscious to be positive.
    • OR, skip all of this (well, except the environment) and run these.

Do it long enough and you will see changes in your overall perception of life and reality.

But most importantly, never stop doing it.

This will be your new reality. Otherwise, you will fall back into old patterns.

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