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How To Remove Limiting Beliefs About Money in 3 Easy Steps

You have tried a bunch of things. This side-hustle, that side-hustle.

Launched a bunch of ideas, but you’re still not driving in supercars, right?

Yet you see other people succeeding and surpassing you on a daily basis. I wondered for the longest time why other people gain more followers so much quicker than I do.

The reason is not that you need “the key idea” or that “disruptive new thing” to make money or be successful. The reason is something completely different than what you would expect. It’s because you didn’t remove limiting beliefs. I discovered this very late…

How Wealth and Money Is Created in Your Life

conscious and subconscious touching
Wealth is a product of your mind.

Before I give you the secret, we need to establish how wealth creation actually works.

And then, you will quickly realize what you have been doing wrong all the time. Why money still isn’t in your life, and most importantly, why it doesn’t matter.

You have two hemispheres in your brain. The left and the right. The rational, and the emotional side. Conscious and subconscious.

Now, the key is to understand that the part responsible for creating your reality, is the subconscious. The feminine. Mother Nature. It creates reality according to what it is told.

And this is where your conscious side comes in. The masculine. The creator. Whatever Religion (or not) you believe in, there is something that created it all (could also be randomness). And this gave intent to the subconscious, doing so.

Your mind works like this every day. Everything your subconscious creates is a result of what it’s told.

However, most of us don’t consciously operate at all. We are driven by impulses, external validation, beliefs instilled by others, etc. So your subconscious creates YOUR reality, based on what OTHER people tell you. Because YOU don’t give it conscious intent by overriding external shit.

This is also what is referred to when people talk about “finding yourself.” You really only find the connection to your conscious and subconscious mind!

Money is a Product of Your Beliefs

printing money is another sign of a dying society
Technically your mind is printing all the money you receive…

If we expand the logic from above, this means that beliefs like “Not everyone can be rich.” and “It is what it is.” are things your subconscious believes. Because it’s been told by other people. And thus, this is exactly the reality it creates.

The worst is if you believe that money is evil. You need it, but you think capitalism is evil, and money itself as well.

Why would your subconscious create anything in your life that is evil?

It tries the hardest to keep it out of your life.

I am aware that this is a line from the Bible. Except that it isn’t. In the Bible, it says, “For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”

It’s not money itself, it is the CHASE, loving money itself more than anything else.


You, as an intelligent individual, can already tell where I am going with this?

Your limiting beliefs and false indoctrinations are what keeps the money and success out of your life. You don’t think you deserve that money because your offer is “not that great.” So it doesn’t happen. YOU think that. Not other people. It is YOUR belief. So YOUR subconscious denies you success.

Or rather, it acts according to your conscious intent that your offer is not that great, and so nobody buys.

You don’t need a cool new idea or redo your programs all the time. What you need is to remove those limiting beliefs (I’ll tell you how in a second).

False Beliefs Shape Your Life

ascension subliminal program banner

And thus, your MIND shapes your life. It is not circumstances, peers, or “bad luck.” This doesn’t exist.

Your MIND creates reality at any given moment.

Me writing these lines happened because I, myself, still have limiting beliefs about money which I just realized ruined a certain thing I just launched. This is why I need to share this knowledge.

It’s also called “wealth ceilings.”

Over decades of indoctrination, wrong “ceilings” of what is possible for you to earn have been instilled in your mind. Undoing this takes a while, although we already have the technology to accelerate it. But even then, it doesn’t happen overnight. Yet, you have to start somewhere.

And this is true outside of money as well. Think about anything in your life you don’t have or doesn’t work out.

Not getting the hot, sexy woman you want? That is because, in your subconscious, you don’t believe you deserve that, this IS why this reality is created where you are anxious to approach that hottie, or even if you do, she rejects you.

The same for men in a sexless marriage. You get rejected all the time because you’re told that sex in a marriage goes down and it’s not normal to have a lot of sex. Also, women just don’t like sex as much, right? This is your belief. A wrongly instilled belief, but yours nonetheless. Thus your subconscious creates this reality.

Apply this logic to everything in your life. You will quickly see a pattern emerge.

How to remove Limiting Beliefs About Money (and Everything else)?

Rich man stands in expensive room

We established that all wealth ceilings, insecurities, and limiting beliefs stem from indoctrination and external sources. In turn, this means they are all in your head. They don’t really exist.

This also means we have every tool we need at hand to undo them: your mind.

There are three methods to undo limiting beliefs. They all work, but some of them are much quicker. The fastest one being Subliminal Messaging. This will eradicate your wealth ceilings in no time, without really doing much for it.

Removing Limiting Beliefs About Money Consciously

The first method to get rid of limiting beliefs is to do it consciously. This means, whenever a negative thought comes up about money, how much money you can make, or if you deserve that kind of money, you say out loud, “I banish that thought.” or “I dismiss that thought.”

You cannot say “I don’t believe in that thought.” because the subconscious doesn’t understand negation. It needs to be a positive form or a clear instruction via the word. This is why you use “banish” or “dismiss.”

You say it out loud due to the power of words. The written and spoken word is very powerful.

You made it real.

If it’s only on your mind, then it doesn’t exist. But if you speak it, it vibrated through reality. If you write it, it is now on paper in reality.

I am fully aware that this sounds esoteric. You can judge it all you want, but once you try it, you will notice how well this actually works.

This method can be used along with all the others and it should. The conscious banishing of negative thoughts is always helpful and I do it daily.

Especially because there will always be external forces trying to put negative thoughts in your mind. Intentionally or not, but it will happen. With this method, you can remain unconquered.

Removing Limiting Beliefs About Money with Affirmations

While we’re on the subject of the power of words, Affirmations come to mind.

Affirmations are short, positive, specific writings you repeat over and over again until your subconscious accepts them.

I am rich.” is a classic one.

“I live in abundance and joy.”

Or similar things you can come up with. The important part is that you write it with “I,” or if you want to be more clear, “I, Alexander, am living in abundance.” using your name. But don’t make them too complicated. It should only be a bunch of words.

It also needs to be written in present or past tense. It needs to be in a state that it already happened. “Assuming of the wish fulfilled” from Neville Goddard if you are familiar with him.

If you know anything about the Divine Matrix, you will quickly realize that all your thoughts and manifestations need to be written and said and thought as if it already happened.

This is how you manifest reality.

You write these manifestations down every morning. Each one about 10-15 times. Do that for years. Bob Procter said, repeat your manifestation about 9,000 times in 9 months and you will start to believe it.

The dear reader is now a bit discouraged because it takes so long. Yes, we get to the much quicker method in a second. But affirmations take that long because the subconscious doesn’t really understand direct language. It works with symbolism. But if you repeat something often enough, at some point it will get through one way or another (usually because you started to visualize it while writing your affirmations).

What you can also do (and what I did with great success) is recording yourself saying these affirmations, put them repeated in an audio track, and listen to them while you sleep. Doing it while sleeping maximizes the effect because the conscious mind is turned off. So it goes right into your subconscious.

This method worked best for me when it comes to affirmations.

Remove Limiting Beliefs with Subliminal Messaging

brainwaves reshaping the mind
Subliminal Messaging is the Cheat Code to kick limiting beliefs superfast.

The quickest and most powerful way to FULLY reshape your entire being.

I am not exaggerating. This is cutting-edge technology and immensely powerful. I have a whole blog post about Subliminal Messaging and what it does, but here is a quick recap.

These are audio tracks with a mask (white noise) over them. Underneath that white noise are suggestions to your subconscious mind about a desired outcome. For example, removing limiting beliefs about money, building your confidence, getting better at sex, etc.

Due to the masked nature of it, the conscious mind does not filter any of it, and the subconscious can go right to work.

And due to the technology of it, you get thousands of suggestions within one hour, as opposed to you repeating yourself 10 times. Remember Bob Procter talking about 9,000 times?

Yeah, with this method you can fire that stuff into your subconscious mind in just one hour.

This is what makes them so powerful. I had PROFOUND changes in my whole being, beliefs, and operating within just one month of listening to many different subliminals (which I wouldn’t recommend, stick to one).

This is the quickest and best way to do it. I still listen to these programs on an almost daily basis and they keep on changing and pushing me. It’s amazing. I like them so much that I partnered with that company (which is THE ONLY company I can recommend. Don’t go to YouTube and do the Subliminal Messaging, your subconscious will deny it, for many reasons you can read up on here).

And they are VERY affordable. Win-win.


godlike masculinity subliminal program banner

All your issues are in your mind. Reality is created in your mind at all times.

Naturally then, the correct way to undo faulty programming is by changing your mindset! See the methods above I mentioned. You can use all of them or just one. 

The important part is that you understand that you don’t need a fancy new idea for a disruptive new app. What you need to do is to free your mind. Removing limiting beliefs and start to think that you deserve whatever you want.

Everything humans ever did, all the monumental buildings, society, civilization, all of it started in someone’s mind. And then it became reality.

Rid your mind of negativity and faulty beliefs.

This is the foundation for success.


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