Weaponized Sex – Feminisms Assault on Women review

Weaponized Sex – Feminisms Assault on Women is a book by the great Jack Peach on our beloved self-improvement corner of Twitter.

This book has the capacity to set the world right again.

Weaponized 20Sex 20Jack 20Peach Cover 1
The cover for the Weaponized Sex book

If it would be mandatory reading in schools, relationships would finally be happy again, marriages would last, divorce would be minimalized, and man and woman would finally live together in peace, again.

I say “again” because we did that for the longest time. Which is a big part of the book.

It derives most of its conclusions from our nature. Biology. (Guess why I like it so much…)

But even if you have read all of my blog, books, and Tweets, Weaponized Sex still opened my eyes to many things.

He used a great sum of scientific papers, studies, and evidence to get his points across.

This book lays out complete, concise, and ugly truths about man and woman.

Everyone. Yes, everyone needs to read it.

But since many books about man and woman exist, I decided to write a quick Weaponized sex review summary thingy about it to show you why this one is so different.

Why physical and biological differences in men and women matter

A young girl hugging a huge lion
Man and woman are VERY different by nature. A truth that feminists keep denying and plant this detrimental thoughts in our women.

“What do the strength differences between the genders mean, though? Well, it shows that men have the capability of physically overpowering women.“

He proceeds how this is sometimes abused to rape and violently dominate women. He agrees with feminists there. That this does exist, and is bad.

Where he disagrees is the cause and the solution to the issue.

Feminists claim the patriarchy is to blame for this, whereas Jack says the Patriarchy is what prevents the assault on women.

Great men and fathers try to protect their daughters and wives from harmful men.

He goes even further to say that the patriarchy stops women from harming themselves by engaging in promiscuous behavior.

This naturally triggers feminists, since they say that promiscuous behavior for women is freedom. He will explain later why it is detrimental for their health. Biologically, as well as mentally.

Biologically, men are built to fight. There are many physical traits to fight off other humans which women do not possess (he outlines them in the book).

Therefore it is up to good men to fight off bad men in their assault on women. Since women cannot do it themselves.

It comes down to how you perceive it. Do you blame a few bad actors of the male population, or do you see them as protectors for the weaker sex (like most healthy women do).

What sex really is for and why we derived so far from it

Sensual couple having sex top view

“Sex is essential for bonding between couples, yet it is steeped in danger – something our culture has forgotten. Pregnancy, STI’s and emotional issues all emerge when sex is not engaged in consciously, with care. This is why historically it has been draped in a protective cloak of traditions, marriage and paternal guardianship. When technological advances and cultural trends damage these protections, harm occurs to individuals engaging in the act.”

Throughout the book, Jack will provide tons of evidence why promiscuous sex is not only dangerous physically, it is also damaging mentally and leads to misery and depression. Especially for women.

It is a bonding mechanism that has been reduced to shallow, surface-level visuals for both parties. Women are not happy with this. They need more than the visual, and them opening up (quite literally) is a heavy load on their mental stability.

Therefore doing it with many men without implications is detrimental.

Promiscuous women tend to have a hard time pair bonding with one man, and difficulties building trust and connection.

Which is the basis of any functioning relationship, which in turn is the basis of functioning parenting.

However, he outlines that in the current society sex has become a weapon (thus the title of the book) and is used to weaken men (porn, only goal being sex), and women (ruining their pair bonding and options for parenting).

Why the Patriarchy is a net-plus for women (and society)

Handsome bearded man smoking cigar drinking whiskey

“The Patriarchy is men taking responsibility for everything in relationships and culture – both good and bad – and being the prime force working in public life.”

He argues that one of feminists’ greatest success was to convince women that men are their oppressors and not their protectors.

As much as women roll their eyes on this, deep down they know that they NEED a man to protect them.

While it is less a physical act in modern times (even though it does happen), it is more a metaphysical act in protecting her against poverty, being outcast, or socially disrespected.

Women are far more likely to receive sexual assault. Fathers know this. So within the patriarchy, fathers tried to protect their daughters from these bad things. Especially as younger women are more naive and don’t understand the consequences of their behaviors towards men (and their own biology).

How did they do it?

By telling them who to mate with, who to marry, and to be cautious with their virginity, and promiscuity. 

Obviously, this does restrict the freedom of the woman in a sense. But the same is true for the boys.

We teach them to not randomly pick fights with anyone, kill people, or spend all their money on trash.

Both restrict freedom of the individual. But both also make them happier long-term.

And long-term is what young people rarely see.

Why do men want a virgin?

Beautiful young woman with flowers

“Marriage stability demonstrates this. Marriages which are entered into as virgins are more secure than relationships where the woman had previous sexual partners. This is steeped in the sexual dimorphism of men and women and is written into our biology.”

The maternity of the mother is always secured. Obviously. But the man can never fully know that he is the father.

Marrying virgins secures this. Men know this intrinsically, which is why this is so important and culturally a big thing.

Jack goes on how we know that DNA from men the woman had sex with does stay in her body and can even influence the DNA of the child she will eventually bear.

This means even if the woman was loyal to you in your marriage for years, once you have kids, the kid could technically have the DNA from another man.

He proceeds to explain why this has nothing to do with the ego of the man, but with securing proper DNA for the future survival of the child.

If the woman has mated with inferior, say beta males, in the past, that DNA might now be part of your child. Making it less fit for survival in the world.

This is no caveman-alpha-thing. We all want our children to succeed in life, don’t we?

Survival doesn’t necessarily mean physical. There are many layers.

Plus, we know that psychologically the bond to your own children is much, much stronger than to children of another man. People try to deny this truth, but it doesn’t make it less true.

You care more about your own offspring.

We also know that the marriages of virgin women are happier on average than promiscuous women. And they last longer. Jack has a ton of scientific evidence about this in the book.

That’s why a big part of the patriarchy was securing the chastity of the daughter for her future man.

In the end, the fathers were thinking long-term. Having the happiness and success of their daughter’s marriage in mind.

Even if it meant restricting the “freedom” of their child.

As Jack says, “All of this points to male jealousy, parental guardianship, “controlling” behaviours and mate guarding not being a toxic influence of societal programming, but rather are inbuilt biological methods of protecting women from bad actions and predatory men.”

Implications of the female biological clock

A beautiful woman with a hat

“A woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have, by puberty she will have already lost half of them. Every month ~1000 eggs are lost, with only 1 coming to maturity and being viable for conception. By 30, 90% of a woman’s eggs will have gone. […] Ergo there is a biological determinant for women to marry early and have children early, particularly if they want a big – and healthy – family.”

Women live under the conditions to use their young years and fertility pretty quickly before they run out of options. This is a harsh truth for any woman.

However, feminists tell women that they don’t need to take care of this and that they should “enjoy” their younger years. This is a fallacy.

Women simply don’t have the time to waste on bad partners and literally fucking around. Any time used in that manner takes away from the already short timeframe of finding a proper husband and father for her kids.

Another point why the Patriarchy is so important. It was designed to guide women to proper men via their fathers.

The gentlemen callers needed to improve themselves and get their shit together to be a viable choice for the father of the woman.

He had the foresight and wisdom, due to age and experience to choose properly for his daughter. Whereas a young woman (if you consider the biological clock, she NEEDS to start early) does not have.

Why monogamous parenting is the only correct way

Monogamous parents with little daughter

“Genetic success cannot be guaranteed until you see your grandchildren – and further generations. After all, if you have a child, but they are socially deficient and turn into an incel, then your genetic line STILL dies off.”

I loved this part because I actually never thought of it. 

Jack is right, though. You cannot know if your parenting was successful unless you actually have grandchildren, and, if possible, see them growing up as well.

Considering how we only start to have children at 30-ish these days, it is unlikely you will even know if you have grand-grandchildren. Back in the days, this was a thing, and you could see the seeds of your parenting, hard 20 years of work raising your kids, turn into fruition.

He also outlines what most of us know, that children growing up with both parents come up much better than their counterparts.

Children don’t just “accept” behavior they’re told. They mimic their parents.

Which is why, “Do as I say, not as I do.” never works with children.

Naturally then we can conclude that you need a male and female parent to teach the child proper gendered behavior and how to interact with the other sex.

(If you know me, I grew up without my father. Some of us manage to turn around, but growing up without a masculine figure had detrimental effects on my interactions with women).

Any man can have kids. But not any man can be a father. 

You see, how you raise your kids is absolutely essential, but you will only know if it worked if you look at your grandchildren.

He puts it bluntly, “What is the point of having 5 children with 5 women, if all of them – raised by single parents – end up as either simps or sluts? That is a degradation of your genetics.”

My personal review of Weaponized Sex

Weaponized sex book cover

Jack contacted me and sent me a free copy of his book.

I then proceeded to read the book and was positively overwhelmed. It is a lot of content for one book, but it is magically great content. Magically in the sense, that it shifts your perception to truths you already knew deep down, but never could put in words.

Jack has accomplished this.

Reading the book is a constant current of “duh!” moments from your soul talking to your conscious mind.

It is written like a scientific essay, readable for the average human. Clean text, easy sentences, but lots of knowledge.

I would argue it is mostly aimed at women to understand their part in society, but it’s equally important for any man to read this book. To not only understand their female counterpart, but also which role they play themselves, and most importantly, if they ever become fathers.

It’s a kind of book you want to keep reading. It contains so much wisdom you just want to know more.

It made me procrastinate on some tasks I had to do that day, so if you got less content from me one day, Jack is to blame there 😉

Personally, I would love a paperback version of this. In my opinion, that would fit the format better. But that’s my only “drawback.”

“This is because of women’s natural inclination for submission. If they do not submit to their husbands, or their husbands are not worthy of submitting to, women experience a dissonance which damages their health. Therefore women in happy marriages live longer and are healthier as they are living in accordance with their biology.”

This is probably my favorite quote from the book because it makes so much sense and triggers the mainstream.

And, well, because it is obvious. Humans are born in nature. We lived how we were designed for millions of years. Why did we suddenly stop doing that?

Why do we think we can just ditch our basic biology and live detached from it without any consequences?

Well, Jack will tell you in the book. This review covered about a fifth of the book’s topics. If so. I’ll leave the final conclusion to find out for yourself.

And you definitely should do that. Get the book by clicking below. It is one of the best books on this topic I have ever read.

Curious to find out more?

Get the book by clicking below.

The Weaponized sex book cover
Weaponized Sex - Feminisms Assault On Women
Weaponized 20Sex 20Jack 20Peach Cover 1

Weaponized Sex - Feminisms Assault on Women is a book by the great Jack Peach on our beloved self-improvement corner of Twitter.

URL: https://gumroad.com/l/LdNvQ

Author: Jack Peach

Editor's Rating:
Weaponized Sex - Feminisms Assault On Women
Weaponized 20Sex 20Jack 20Peach Cover 1

Weaponized Sex - Feminisms Assault on Women is a book by the great Jack Peach on our beloved self-improvement corner of Twitter.

URL: https://gumroad.com/l/LdNvQ

Author: Jack Peach

Editor's Rating:

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