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Stop with the victim puke

I am gonna hammer this term into your brain. Victim puke. Because you really need to stop doing that if you want to be seen as a proper man, and if you want to achieve.

But also, after you know this term you will notice it in other men, and it will be fucking annoying. But that’s the price of waking up to reality.

Let’s have an example…

What is a victim puke?

It’s the male equivalent of when a woman “makes a scene.”

For example, you’re married for 5 years, 2 kids, a boy and a girl. You live in the suburbs with your white picket fence and a red-bricked house. You have a dog, and your wife is driving the kids to kindergarten each day in the token SUV.

You work at your cubicle job, with an asshole supervisor, one totally irrelevant task after another.

“Could you please fill out this excel sheet for our Mr. Handsworth, so he can use it in is next Powerpoint presentation.”

You come home, your stay at home wife has been busy with the kids all day, but because you’re pissed at your job, first thing when you come home is pop a beer bottle to increase the circumference of your dad-bod and jump in front of the TV.

After an afternoon and evening of achieving nothing, being low energy and pissed, you initiate with your wife, but she declines.

You’re so fucking pissed, “Why do you never want to have sex with me? I had a shit day, and now I can’t even have sex with my wife? This is bullshit. That job is fucking annoying, I can’t get shit done, and nobody cares! The kids were screaming all the time, and now we can’t even relax because you don’t want my dick!”

This was a grade A victim puke.

A victim puke outside a relationship

Man screaming

Let’s have another example of a victim puke outside a relationship.

I am currently having our future house built. And the dude from the house building company rang me up because our choices for the bathrooms exceeded the planned costs.

I knew that, because, well, I was there choosing it. So anyway, he calls me and is immediately in victim mode.

“This is way more expensive than planned. What’s with all these things here and there.”
“I’ve already put a lot of time into this project, and I can’t do five different offers for each time you change something.”

And some other shit. First of all, he was very rude, and you should never talk to your customers like that. I will never work with them, ever again, because that was a shitshow.

But the important part is this, why the shit did he put himself in the victim position? It is my money that’s being spent here.

And if he really doesn’t have the time to do these things, he might just go ahead and charge money for future offers. This is how you act upon it. You don’t complain, you do things.

To this day I don’t understand why he was complaining about that AT ALL. I just don’t know what the issue was. But I really noticed the victim puke in that call. And that made me realize something.

A man knows that complaining about an issue won’t change it. Only action does.

The conqueror

This term wasn’t coined by me. It is from Reddit. On there it is used for men who write 1,000-word essays on a Reddit post to complain about their wives not putting out.

As in, putting yourself in the victim position, and puking out all your complaints and how life is unfair and all that weak shit.

The victim puke explained

A victim puke is if you put yourself in the victim position and then puke out all the reasons why you are there.

How life is unfair, how all women are either bitches or frigid and other weak shit.

I did this a lot in the past, and you did probably as well.

Now, there are a bunch of things to notice here.

First of all, ask yourself this. What is gonna complaining and moaning really do?

Ask yourself right now. Your intention is that the other person changes their behavior to yield you better results or get you what you want.

For example, your wife should “just spread her legs more.”

Notice what you do with this? You give her all the power over you. She has the keys to your happiness. She is the gatekeeper. But not by design of the universe. You gave it to her!

The fact that putting your dick in her pussy is needed for you to feel better about your day, does not only take away power over your life. It makes you look like a sore loser.

Because it makes her the dominant one! And we know that women like to be submissive!

Complaining gets you nowhere

Complaining doesn’t change shit. What you need to do is take action to change things.

In this case I would recommend learning to not need the external validation through sex.

But even if you want that, if your wife doesn’t put out, get a new woman? This might be extreme, but see how it puts the power back in your hands?

(Don’t actually just divorce her, this is an example to make a point if you really want to get back into her, read this post)

Whatever you do, take matters in your own hands instead of complaining to her. Nothing pulls a woman more away than complaining to her about your issues.

She is the one complaining to you. You’re the captain of the ship, you’re supposed to keep it afloat!

Notice victim pukes

I remember when I was coming home from the 9-5 and was complaining about how everything is fucking bad at work, and this and that to my wife.

I can only imagine what she was thinking, “what a weak loser. If shit is bad, how about you do something about it?”

Aren’t you annoyed sometimes, when a coworker comes in at 7 am in the morning and does nothing but complain about how XYZ went bad yesterday, and why are we still doing it like that, that is stupid, and on and on and on?

You hate that, don’t you? Maybe you don’t actively realize it, but you’re sitting there, “Dude, what am I supposed to do now? I have other issues myself.”

And when he is finally done with his rant, he leaves without any solution. He didn’t want a solution, he just wanted to put himself in the victim position, puke out how unfair life is, and wanted to be pandered by you. In other words, be a weak faggot.

Nagging is for women

Woman screaming in the bathroom
We don’t like it in women. You think they like it in a man?

Now, it would be great if women would communicate overtly to us. If they would say, “Honey, this complaining is really weak. It makes you look like a loser, and honestly, it dries up my pussy real quick.” But they can’t.

They communicate covertly, by not sleeping with you, and/or nagging about irrelevant stuff constantly.

If the feminine complains about irrelevant topics, there is usually something bigger wrong in the background.

The conqueror

You might sit there while she nags about how you constantly put the forks and knives in the dishwasher with the pointy side down, so they don’t get cleaned properly.

And you think, “why does this fucking matter? We have a huge mortgage, the kid is screaming, so why do the dishes matter all that much?”

Well, they don’t. She is nagging about you not being a real man. Not leading the household, not fixing the finances. But that’s another issue.

Do you realize where I am going with this? She is nagging and it is annoying. We don’t like it in women, so do you think they like it in a man? You think this is sexy?

You’re supposed to be a dominant male. But you put yourself into the victim position voluntarily and puke out your insecurities. How is that sexy?

A man does not complain. He sees, accepts, and takes measures.

The conqueror

That said, it’s probably not your fault. This society trains you to be like that. But just because something isn’t your fault, doesn’t mean you can’t fix it. Remember, extreme ownership.

STFU is your mantra

Muscular man with a sword and a resilient mindset
Any man has problems. You go about fixing them. Not talking about them.

I’ve talked about this before. A lot of you guys just talk too fucking much. Especially in a victim puke, but generally. This is also called DEERing. Another acronym you need to remember.

Defend, Explain, Excuse, Rationalize.

You defend yourself, you try to explain and excuse, and then rationalize bullshit into existence as to why it is the way it is.

Stop with that shit. DEERing gets you nowhere. It is weak and pointless.

Shut the fuck up! You’re a man, you don’t complain about shit, you fix it. Everyone keeps preaching how Alpha males DO, while beta males talk.

THAT is what they mean. Stop DEERing yourself into your victim position and wait for others to expend energy on pandering you. See the issue, accept it, take measures.

That’s how a man acts.

A man has no need to explain his actions.

The conqueror

Own your shit

Another great method from that subreddit. They have weekly “Own your shit” posts, where you are supposed to do that.

Write down all your shortcomings, and things where you fucked up, and OWN IT. Don’t victim puke! Own it. You can do it yourself.

Each week, take a page of paper, and write down where you fuck up in finances, physicality, diet, socially, sex, interaction with your woman, your kids, everything.

In fact, this is so important that I wrote a whole course about it. A book with a guided approach on how to own your shit, so you finally stop victim puking like crazy. More on that here.

own your sht make her submit

And DO NOT blame others. If there is too much “she” on that paper, you’re still the victim. OWN YOUR SHIT. I can’t repeat it enough. Everything on there needs to be something YOU can do or change. Here are also some posts to help you.

  • Finances are shit? Fix spending, make more money
  • Hate your job? Stop complaining! Switch it!
  • Socially awkward? Go out and meet people, approach co-workers
  • Fat fuck? Fix your diet, hit the gym hard
  • Wife not putting out? Become a real man, stop DEERing, lead yourself, lead her, lead the family, become sexy
  • Kids misbehaving? Punish bad behavior, reward good behavior. Train them, raise them, lead them.

Everything that is shit in your life is 100% your fault. Don’t come at me with some lame excuses like mental illnesses or something. If you can’t stand a depressive wife, maybe you need to leave, or you need to fix your mindset to withstand it. Either way, it is on YOU.

A man’s life is the grand sum of his actions. If you are not where you want to be, you shall know where to look first.

The conqueror

The adult pill

I know we have all sorts of pills on the Internet. Blue pill, red pill, purple pill, even a black pill? People just like easy medications for tough problems.

But it’s never that easy. However, I like the term “adult pill”. This is the adult approach to all your issues. Which means, that pill is just a bit of sugar. A placebo, if you will. Because no pill is gonna fix your issues unless YOU fix yourself!

Doesn’t matter if it’s the redpill and Game, if you’re a weak faggot, this won’t fly. And if you’re a blue pilled provider husband, but finances are shit, you’re not even a good beta!

Own your shit. That is what adults do. What grown men do. Stop complaining. Everywhere, at home, at work, etc. Fix your things. And don’t fucking demand praise for it! You don’t start taking care of the house and demand your wife praises you for something you should do anyway. What are you, 12?

Own your shit. It is a mindset. You don’t need nobody. You can do everything on your own.

But you have to own it.

–Alexander Graves

Did this hit home really hard? Still stuck in DEERing and not shutting up enough? Let me know in the comments.

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