How To Find Your Why – The 1 Divine Meaning In Your Life

Too many look for the “what” to do, not the “why” they do it.

This small word makes a huge difference towards your success. In fact, it is the foundation of why most people fail. You need to find your why.

I will use the Spartans to explain why your why is the most important decision of your life.

Purpose over everything

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The following is the correct order for your life:

  • Purpose
  • You
  • Family
  • Woman/Women

Your Divine Purpose in life is the foundation of your existence.

A man cannot live without a sacred goal he strives towards. Right now, this is precisely the void in your soul you’re experiencing. The lack of a proper purpose. A higher calling. Something worthwhile to achieve.

This is the first mistake you’re making.

You place everything else above your purpose. Your “side-hustle.” It’s really just that for you. A side-thingy.

This is a grave mistake. Whatever you want to achieve is the number one thing for any man.

He must be willing to give his life, energy, money, and time to achieve it.

Otherwise, it is not your purpose. And you will fail.

Only if you have unfaltering discipline and passion for something will you succeed with it. Half-assing any endeavors will only yield half-assed results.

What you put in is what you get out.

Therefore, if you want your life to have divine meaning and success, you need to put that above everything else.

The Spartans understood this.

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Their boys came into the agoge training at the age of seven. From that age, they were trained in the military, knowledge, and behavior lessons.

Their whole life revolved around being part of the Spartan military.

It was the highest good for any boy. It was the foundation of their life. Their purpose.

They died in the name of Sparta and they fought like nobody else in name of their divine purpose. Trained to fight side by side. To succeed in battle, no matter what.

They weren’t blinded by the female, because the boys didn’t live together with their women. Even after marriage. They had the correct form of companionship. Men with men. With their brothers.

They only had one goal.

To become the best soldier in the Spartan Army.

The purpose was success of Sparta, but really just survival. Being a great and wealthy city-state attracts many haters and men in desperate seek of your undoing.

For this, their basic survival, plastered with glory and honor was their divine purpose.

Your why is important for meaning in your life

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Like most people, you potentially have a wrong understanding of motivation.

You think you need to be motivated to be successful. But success is what brings the motivation.


Motivating people is a million-dollar business. Motivational videos on Youtube, coaches, books, there is everything. But all this does is give you more reason to mentally masturbate about it. But not get your work done.

You don’t need to read another motivational book. What you need are successes. Getting wins under your belt. This will drive you forward like nothing else.

How do you get this momentum?

Discipline! I have talked about this many times, but discipline is the root of your success.

Spartan warriors were disciplined. Even back then, they were trained in fasting. Something that only resurfaced a few years ago.

Boys intentionally hungered to get a proper connection to food and to understand the meaning of struggle and discipline.

And this is just one of many disciplinary lessons they went through in their very rigorous military training.

The result? One of the most powerful city-states of ancient Greece.

Solely resting on the back of its soldiers.

How to find your why

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The Spartan soldiers couldn’t choose their purpose. It was given to them from birth.

You, however, can choose.

The beauty of a society living in abundance is the fact that you can choose what your purpose shall be.

So far, you lived accidentally. You came across a job you were more or less given depending on what teachers, parents, or peers told you.

But did you really choose that job?

You came across a woman who randomly came into your life. You two came together and some things like marriage or kids might have happened from that occurrence.

But did you really choose her? Did you go out hunting for a woman with specific characteristics in mind?

These are examples to make clear that you are not following a purpose in your life.

You don’t have a clear “why” for the actions you do.

If you randomly came across a job you don’t really know “why” you do it, except for money every month.

If you randomly came across that woman, you don’t really know “why” you’re with her, except for love and/or sex.

You know the “what” in your life. What you’re doing. What you’re having.

But you don’t know why you do these things.

And this is why you lack motivation, discipline, momentum. It all falls with this missing piece.

Find your why instead of your what

King Leonidas from the movie 300 screaming

The “what” can always change.

For example, my purpose is to help men get their life in order. To bring a healthy form of masculinity back and help men create resilient mindsets. This is my “why.”

But the “what” can be anything. Writing these blog posts. Writing books, doing coaching. Making video courses. Putting it all on Youtube.

Or something completely different.

The what might even change due to external factors. The internet dies forever and I can’t write online anymore.

If I only focused on “writing blog posts online” my purpose would be gone.

Because I focused on the “what.”

This is why the “why” of your purpose is somewhat abstract. How you manifest it into the real world then can always change. And most likely will. Considering the brutal randomness of life.

If you are feeling a void in your soul right now. That you have nothing to strive for. No energy to go out and change the world, then you are lacking purpose.

A why.

That why depends a bit on your talents, but less than you think. However, it is a good starting point.

  • What were you good at as a kid?
  • What did you like doing without any benefit?
  • What did you enjoy without anticipation of a reward for doing it?

Drawing? Writing? Talking? Fighting?

It could be anything. Be open about it.

This is what you naturally enjoy. It flows out of you. Formally known as “talent.” On top of this talent, you can find ways to monetize it, especially online.

Yes, if you want your purpose to be your life and fill your soul with joy, you need to make money with it. For this, you need to find ways to monetize it.

Like I did with this blog.

I have created a whole system to help men find their purpose in life. I know the divine significance of it. And I know the massive impact it will have on your life

The Spartan Success System mimics the idea of a Spartan Soldier to find your purpose with a clear, straightforward system. It is part of my IMPETUS course.

With this system, you will have a clear path to find your life’s meaning and purpose in under 2 hours. Guaranteed. 

Click here and finally find meaning in your life.

Remind yourself of your “why” each day once you have it.

It is the foundation of success.

Without it, you will merely coast along.

And never “make it” in the dark reality of this world.

Divine Purpose shines a bright light on a dark path. Illuminate your life.

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