Powerful Methods on How To Develop Willpower

Why do some people seemingly have more willpower than others?

Why does it seem they can go through any adversity there is? Without issue?

How to develop Willpower?

This is not just a mindset question. I think this is mostly a masculine trait.

Against all odds. And still coming out a winner.

Let’s start this with a poem from Edgar Allan Guest to set the scene. You can also watch this video to get in the mood:

The Proof Of Worth

Though victory’s proof of the skill you possess,
Defeat is the proof of your grit;
A weakling can smile in his days of success,
But at trouble’s first sign he will quit.

So the test of the heart and the test of your pluck
Isn’t skies that are sunny and fair,
But how do you stand to the blow that is struck
And how do you battle despair?

A fool can seem wise when the pathway is clear
And it’s easy to see the way out,
But the test of man’s judgment is something to fear,
And what does he do when in doubt?

And the proof of his faith is the courage he shows
When sorrows lie deep in his breast;
It’s the way that he suffers the griefs that he knows
That brings out his worst or his best.

The test of a man is how much he will bear
For a cause which he knows to be right,
How long will he stand in the depths of despair,
How much will he suffer and fight?

There are many to serve when the victory’s near
And few are the hurts to be borne,
But it calls for a leader of courage to cheer
The men in a battle forlorn.

It’s the way you hold out against odds that are great
That proves what your courage is worth,
It’s the way that you stand to the bruises of fate
That shows up your stature and girth.

And victory’s nothing but proof of your skill,
Veneered with a glory that’s thin,
Unless it is proof of unfaltering will,
And unless you have suffered to win.

Edgar Allan Guest

Willpower is derived from suffering. Deep suffering.

You think you get crushed when you suffer. But it’s quite the opposite.

Surviving the suffering is how to develop willpower.

Knowing that you can withstand most, if not all, adversity is what builds a strong man.

The battles you have won.

Struggle and adversity. The brutal kind of nature.

The way of nature to test your grit. What you’re really made of. If you are worthy of being called a “man.” Or if simp and weakling fits you better.

Willpower is not a trait.

You don’t just have it. It is built by the things you did, the things you have overcome.

However, your willpower only grows if you are aware that overcoming obstacles is what builds it.

Glad you came by this post!

Because it will change your life forever.

How to increase willpower

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From now on, whenever you face something bad happening.

  • A loved one dies
  • You overcame a vice like porn
  • You did what you had to do despite not feeling like it
  • You made your business successful through years of hard work

Now you will realize that it was your willpower which made it possible.

And due to the fact you managed to do these things, your willpower kept increasing!

Most men go through life, facing adversity, without realizing that they did it.

It’s just part of their life, and they never reflect on what they already managed.

So here’s a task for you.

Hover over your past life. Don’t make this a 5-hour exercise. Just think of the most impactful things you had to go through in your past.

Think about how you felt after it was over, or turned better.

Did you feel different?

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t know. I don’t think so.”


Because you weren’t consciously aware of what happened.

You just thought life was suddenly better again.

Not the case, my friend.

What really happened was this. Your willpower helped you soldier through. Rethink those experiences and FEEL exactly how you felt if it was your unlimited willpower that managed it.

And not life suddenly being merciful.

Because life isn’t. You’re just stronger!

An example of unlimited willpower

The Battle of Agincourt
The Battle of Agincourt is an example of unlimited willpower against all odds.

In 1415, King Henry V sent 9,000 of his Englishmen into a battle which seemed impossible to win.

After 300 miles of marching in 2 ½ weeks, diseases, and almost no food,

he ordered them to fight outnumbered 1 to 4.

Their only option was to fight.

Evolve or DIE.

And after being trenched in feces, disgusting wounds, agonizing pain, and mind-crushing conditions, they decided to fight.

They had no other choice.

And they won. Outnumbered and without power or energy left.

Sun-Tzu said in The Art of War to always leave the enemy an exit.

Because if you have no choice but to fight, you will more likely succeed.

This is pure, unfaltered, unlimited willpower.

The will to survive.

Survival is the strongest drive we have.

The will to survive overrides anything in our body and mind.

If your life is at stake, you can unleash energy and power from your body, you could never tap into on a regular day.

But this power is technically available at all times. And you can tap into it at will.

This is how you control your willpower.

If you have a strong enough why to get you going. If the reason why you need to have your goals met is strong enough, you will bend reality to your will.

This is the basis of my purpose course.

If your why, your reasoning, is the basis of your existence. If there is nothing else you really care for. Your will bend reality to your will.

My personal willpower source

Alexander Reich Transformation healthy eating

Many have asked me how I am able to write so much each and every day. How do I exercise every single day, no matter what?

What keeps me going?

I don’t care about losing everything. Literally.

House, cars, money, family.

I don’t want to lose it. But I could lose it all, and still keep working on my purpose.

My purpose is creating greatness.

I want men to achieve their absolute humanly possible maximum. Because I know how much potential is in every one of you reading this.

I know this, because I discovered my own potential.

From a weak, non-achieving loser to an apex man, who creates the life of his dreams at any moment. Money, women, fame, whatever your goals are.

I have a plan for my life. A purpose.

And this purpose will keep me going, no matter what shit I will have to face.

It keeps me writing and building even after I managed to make enough money. I am not rich by any means, but I can live comfortably.

But I still keep creating. Because it isn’t tied to the money.

It’s my purpose.

Knowing this immense power within your own purpose and what man can achieve once he has his vision and purpose set up made me want to share it.

That’s why I put it in a course which helps you to find this immense power yourself. This course is part of the Conqueror’s Forge. My personal program to create great men.

How To Develop Willpower by Overriding Feelings

Businessman sitting on an armchair
Great men aren’t ruled by their emotions. They know how to use them.

One of the most necessary traits a man needs to develop is the ability to not act on his feelings.

It doesn’t mean you don’t feel anything like a dead log.

You still feel your feelings. But you don’t act on any feeling you have.

Once you manage this, you will do what is necessary each and every day, no matter what.

Because how you feel that day is not important.

This is what makes men so great.

Rational men.

The greatest men have learned to not act on their emotions. To not act irrational all the time. To make conscious decisions more often than not.

Don’t feel like going to the gym? Go anyway.

That makes the difference.

The days you CANNOT be asked are the most important days. Those days not only train your body, they train your mind, and increase your willpower.

Put this way, you should actually look forward to those days.

Because you can train three things. Not just your body.

How to act rationally as a man?

Old man smoking a cigar indoors. Mafia concept. Stylish male in his cabinet. Bearded man.
Rationality is the trait of a man. Deciding to act consciously instead of being driven by your emotions.

It all starts with an observation.

The observation that you aren’t yourself.

Your consciousness is “trapped” in that character you are playing. Your body, your personality is a character in a videogame.

And the consciousness which is reading these lines right now isn’t necessarily attached to that character.

You think you are.

But you aren’t. You can detach completely.

And this is necessary for developing unlimited willpower and becoming a real man.

Back then, men did it naturally by the way they grew up.

There just wasn’t any room for weakness.

You were strong, or you died.

These days, you can “grow up” as a man without any hardened shields, or any skills.

But there is only one place you will end up then. As a worker drone for the corporate world.

If you want to be free. If you want the stallion in your soul to roam the universe, you need to fight mediocrity every day.

And that is done by observing yourself and what your character feels.

That is how you are rational.

Your character is irrational. What he feels and wants to do.

The YOU. The consciousness reading this is rational. You just need to take way more control.

But before you can control anything, you need to understand it.

For this you need to start observing your reactions and feelings consciously.

What do you feel right now?

Laziness? Which is why you procrastinate your tasks by reading this post?

Heartbroken since your girlfriend dumped you?

Depressed because you’re not disciplined enough to achieve your goals?

All of this are irrational feelings of your character.

Observe them.

They’re not yours. They are the feelings of that character you control.

Key word.

The character you control.

Decide not to ACT on any feeling he has. Let him feel it. It’s fine.

But the endresult, the decision you take, is yours to make.


  • Remember the story from King Henry V and his men fighting outnumbered and without energy but still winning.
  • The why underneath your vision is the biggest source of willpower. You need a reason why you do these things. You can find it here.
  • Don’t ACT on your emotions. You can feel them. But the decision is yours to make.
  • See your body and personality as a character you are controlling. Learn to observe his feelings and reaction.
  • Then learn to control them by not acting on them.

Also, to remind you of what it’s like to dine with the Gods, another great man and his moving words about a man’s purpose and how it’s rooted in your willpower.

Charles Bukowski’s Roll The Dice (Go all the way)

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