Lost Values: Why Game of Thrones was really so successful

Game of Thrones is one of the most successful TV shows of all time. Which is quite impressive for a fantasy show with dragons, giants, and a bunch of beheadings.

People say it’s due to the (very well written) script, and the deep characters. That is true.

But I think it mostly comes down to this: Lost values, virtues, and men.

A knight of the seven kingdoms

The following scene was one of the better ones from the rather bad season 8.

In this scene, Jamie knights Brienne of Tarth despite the fact that she is a woman.

And women can’t be knights. But he does it anyway because “fuck tradition.”

I see you confused.

Game of Thrones ned stark on throne

This seems like left-wing shit infused into a great TV show, right? But if we’re honest, Brienne is more of a man than a woman, anyway.

Ignore this for a second, this scene is about something else. The now lost values of great men.

The lost tribe of Knights

The knighting scene from Game of Thrones season 8 when Jamie Lannister knights Brienne of Tarth
A knight is charged with great values. An oath to be a great man.

These days we don’t have Knights anymore, even though some sports clubs call themselves Knights while getting shitfaced drunk, cheering on other men.

A new knight is charged with values via the Knighting-process. Values he has to live by. Great values of character.

This is what he says and charges her with:

In the name of the warrior, I charge you to be brave.
In the name of the father, I charge you to be just.
In the name of the mother, I charge you to defend the innocent.

–Jamie Lannister


We all fight difficult fights throughout our lives. Only with bravery, we power through them. To not get crushed by the heavy load of the burden. We persist, and that’s how we win the battle of life.

We are all fathers, where we rule over other people. Where we have a certain power. Be it through brute force, age, or wisdom. A good person doesn’t abuse the given power. He/she should use it for justice.

We are all mothers to some degree, where we need to protect other people. Be it our family, friends, maybe even animals, or a random stranger on the street. Our goal is to focus your destructive power on the right people. The bad people. Not the innocent.

Also notice that a becoming Knight has to kneel before the other to be charged with those values, because he submits his life to them.

He bows before the great values.

Lost values

Game of Thrones portrays a world of great what are now lost values for modern society. The main focus for any man in this show is to become a great warrior, find a beautiful wife, and raise proper kids to continue his heritage.

That is considered outdated these days.

Which is sad since we would need such men, and these lost values more than ever in history. And that is precisely the reason why this show was so successful.

Sure, it had a lot of tits, and gore, and great battles, and plot twists; all of that.

But firstly, it took its time to tell the story of its characters, which is rare these days, and secondly, showed us a world with great values.

A world of great men who fought for honor, for justice, and for the names of their houses.

A brutal world, for sure. But maybe a better world than our current one? Why?

At least people told you openly that they hate you, and fight you. Instead of backstabbing via social media.

A man of honor is always upright. He mouths his thoughts as they are. Only a coward will talk behind your back.

The conqueror

And it doesn’t matter if feminists tell you that this is all misogynistic and whatever.

Because deep down, this is what men and women want.

Humans have lived like that throughout the entire history of mankind. Millions of years, the man was the leader, and the woman was the nurturer.

But all of a sudden, people think this doesn’t apply anymore.

The Game of Values

We are infused with values every time we open our phone or turn on the TV. Except these values are shit. You know it deep down.

You don’t want to be a sensible guy, you want to fuck the shit out of your woman.

Just like you feel, deep down, that these video games and porn just don’t feel right. You would rather fuck a real woman. And fight a real fight.

But this society doesn’t want you to. And it tells our women, they don’t want that either.

A true man knows that women want a true man. You shall not be fooled by her words, you shall be taught by her actions.

The conqueror

These women lie to themselves. You just need to talk to a feminist in real life for about two seconds.

Because as soon as she realizes you don’t give a damn; you’re a real man who follows his mission, she gets all wet.

Because it is programmed into her DNA. We have lived for millions of years like that. And this new-age society with its weird values only existed for about five decades.

Women do want real men. And even if they say differently, it’s still what they go for in terms or sex and relationships. Don’t be fooled, lad.

The Game of Evolution

Now, you could argue that this is the new world and we need to adjust, and that evolution will adjust to it. First of all, why?

Men and women have lived together for that long just fine. Of course, there were bad actors, as there always are, but women’s rights have long been fixed. Now it’s just a power play.

Plus, if the lifestyle of feminists and transgender people is so much better, why are they mad all the time?

Traditional couples live a happy married life, with family, ad proper sex.

Second of all, evolution takes about 10,000 years to really change our DNA. This is fine with small changes. Like from living as nomads to living in cities. A gradual change of thousands of years.

We turned this society upside down in 50 years. Our bodies and our minds cannot process that. Hence why suicide rates are up, depression is up, divorce rates are up, etc.

Whereas in classic countries like in Eastern Europe, where the roles are defined classically, families thrive, people are happy, crime is low, and nobody knows of erectile dysfunction.

Neo Knights

Muscular kickboxing man in ring
Become a modern day knight. It’s not in the outfit. It’s in the mindset.

You are on this blog because you feel that something is truly wrong with you and this society you were placed in.

And I congratulate you for that. Realizing there is a problem, is the first step.

I’ve noticed it a while ago, and I am now changing my life. So I charge you with holding up the lost values above. Become a Neo Knight!

Become a great man. Live by your values, no matter what society puts on you.

Follow your passion, your mission, and I wish you to find a classical feminine woman to have kids with. So you can further these values.

A true man shall not have his values compromised by the pressure of society. If need be, he leaves that fallen place to follow his mission.

The conqueror

You may need to leave western society. I am not kidding. Western Europe is pretty much beyond hope, the US is, well, difficult to fix, still. Eastern Europe is your go-to place, or somewhere in Asia.

These are places on earth where you can still be a man, and you find proper women.

And you can still watch Game of Thrones.

The others?

The others are pretty much lost. The oppression moved from male to female.

Equality was never achieved, the power just shifted.

As you can tell by the success of Game of Thrones, even the silent majority in western society want a classical society back.

But a lot of men and women are so ingrained in this, that they are not ready to be unplugged. Which means, they will fight the system which cages them.

People learn to love their chains.

You can try to help them and teach them your knowledge, but beware, they will fight back.

If you’re a good writer, I would recommend you write novels or stories with great men, that might become successful. So that is what I am doing, along with this blog.

Because I want to change this world through art.

Find your purpose, find your passion, fix your own life, maybe somewhere else, and if you can, try to make this world better. Try to save it!

Most people are scared to rock the boat of their life. And society has already so much power, that it is indeed dangerous to fight the system.

But as long as they aren’t jailing people for creating art, you can still do something!

–Alexander Graves

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