Why does my wife dress up for work, but not for me?

An issue many men face a few years into the marriage. Me included. At home it’s sweatpants, ponytail and a stained leggings, if so. At work, it’s high-heels, skirt, nice blouse.

Naturally, man is pissed because this almost seems like disrespect and disvalue, right? So you go online and type “why does my wife dress up for work, but I get this shit?”

Just because we’re into spirituality and higher consciousness, doesn’t mean we can neglect REALITY.

The mixture most forget.

And society has some BS reasons why that is and what a marriage looks like.

More on that later…

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Why does my wife dress up for work and why its an issue

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is no need for a cocktail dress and makeup at home. After all, you’re AT HOME.

But honestly, there is a difference between wearing something comfy and still being feminine and virtually giving up on yourself. You know how it looks.

But why does man care so much?

Why does it matter? If you truly loved her you would love her regardless of what she wears, right?


See, this is twofold. First and foremost, men are visual creatures. Regardless of how much women try to deny this, we like to SEE sexy things. This is also how horniness actually works. Yes, the man initiates sex and the woman usually has responsive desire, which means she gets turned on when you’re turned on. Female sexuality is about BEING DESIRED by a great man.

However, men really only gets horny when he sees something sexy. THIS is the first step.

In the beginning of your relationship, your girl was always dressing up for you. She wanted to be the sexy girl and she felt sexy being around you. You saw her thong blitzing through the yoga pants and you were ready to go. A nice dress for the date, and you wanted more.

Yet, women only dress like that for a man they deem high-value. A woman doesn’t give her gift of being sexy to any slob. So you need to be worthy of her sexuality. Which brings us to one dark truth most men will not accept:

No matter which way you spin that wheel, the reason you’re not getting what you want is always you.

You became a weak Nice Guy and so she has no desire for you -> she doesn’t care about putting in the sexy dress work -> you’re not interested in sex -> both of you feel bad.

Or worse, you actually initiate with her dressing like shit because you desperately need the validation of her pussy which only makes it worse because you amplify her behaviour.

Where it all went wrong

godlike masculinity subliminal program banner

So here’s the baseline of what’s happening, before I tell you a reason I came across online which is COMPLETE BS and resembles the state of society later in this post:

  • Remember that women are followers. If you give up on yourself, she likely will also -> look at how you look?
  • She might want to get a reaction out of you to see if you still care. If you couldn’t be bothered by what she wears, you lost interest. So it will actually HURT her if you don’t say something.
  • She is constantly in her masculine energy. Money tight, stressful job, kids, etc. She needs to HUSTLE 24/7 at home, which is masculine energy. Feminine energy is carefree and nurturing. Fix your life, finances and get her off her job and she’ll be on your dick readily.
  • It might just be a shit-test where your boundaries lie

You get the gist. It’s mostly on you for not setting boundaries, not making her FEEL, etc.

Basic stuff.

However, there was one answer on Quora or smth – ofcourse from a woman – saying the following:

“When your wife is AT HOME, this is where she can be herself, doesn’t have to put on a facade, and know you love her regardless of what she looks.”

Now this is bullshit.

It’s the same old stuff like, “If you want me in a bridal dress, you also need to want me in sweatpants.”

It’s the feminine way of gaslighting, guilt-tripping you that you don’t love them for who they are.

Well, one has nothing to do with the other.

I love my wife, but I still don’t want her TO GIVE UP ON HERSELF by walking around like a slob.

This is a question of self-worth, or things wrong in your life.

Also, men ARE visual as I said, regardless of how many times this will be denied by them.

Fighting an uphill battle in this society

masculine and feminine in display

If a woman says something like above, she just fell prey to a society which has the priorities 100% backwards. She’s dressing nice for the job, but when she comes home to her husband, it doesn’t matter.

So other men get to see her nicely clothed, but not him, or you.

It’s a display of one party (or maybe both) not putting in the effort into the marriage anymore. You got complacent. Probably both of you. In the pandemic situation, maybe more so!

But how can you expect the marriage to ride on honeymoon waves when you don’t put in the effort to keep it up. Literally.

So, guys, if your girl says something like that, call her out on her bullshit.

We are Good Men. We love our girls and we’re all for positive emotions, but don’t fall prey to becoming a Nice Guy again because of your spiritual path.

Women need to be called out on their bs.

And if she dresses up for other men, but not for you, look at you and the life circumstances. Are you a man worth dressing up for?

If not, you got work to do. If you got your shit together, call her out on her bs. Tell her.

And don’t let yourself be told clean yoga pants and a black tank top are “uncomfy.”

But maybe, the fight that is happening was exactly what she wanted to feel something again. So don’t step away from the fight because you fear losing your high vibration.

The love afterwards will make up for it.

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