The Divine Power of the 7 Hermetic Principles

For this post, I won’t be using “copywriting and SEO tactics” simply because I don’t plan to give this knowledge to anyone. The old hermeticists didn’t even give it out to anyone. You had to be worthy.

I think this isn’t necessary because most people won’t act on it anyway. And if you came by this post through a search entry, you are already on the right path.

Once you talk about any sort of “-ism” people get weird pretty quickly. “Isn’t this just a cult?”

Some things are called occultism (another ism), but it doesn’t mean these things are bad. Or don’t work.

Hermeticism and the 7 Hermetic Principles are really just the school of understanding reality, by the teachings of the great Hermes Trismegistus from thousands of years ago. A man who certainly had access to a higher consciousness. He and the following hermeticists teach us how the universe operates.

With this blog post, I want to further this knowledge because it changed my life in ways I cannot describe. And if you finally understand how this all works, manifestations of wealth, women, beauty, power, anything will be easy.

You will be able to bend reality. Finally.

Where are the 7 Hermetic Principles from?

the kybalion and corpus hermeticum books

I took the knowledge for this post from the Kybalion. In my opinion, the most accessible book about this whole topic.

As with any ancient knowledge, it is quite cryptic. One reason might be that men of the past didn’t want any old dude to have access to this knowledge and thus made it hard to understand. The other reason might just be that these people had a thorough understanding of the universe, themselves, and reality, that they just talked differently.

And we are actually the dumb people trying to understand it.

Which is close to the truth. If you want to (really) know why that is, how a ton of information from the past got lost and how you can perform magic (influence the magnetic fields around you) directly, watch the following videos about the Divine Matrix. It’s 3 hours and 1 hour long. Watch at least the 1-hour clip, but as always, what you put in is what you get out.

1-Hour Clip Explaining the Divine Matrix that connects everything in the Universe
3-Hour Clip with Scientific confirmation of “Magic.”

He doesn’t use the hermetic principles by name in that clip, but he actually does. He just isn’t aware of it. Once you’ve been through this post you will notice how they all reflect what he is talking about.

Here are the seven hermetic principles:

  1. The Principle of Mentalism
  2. The Principle of Correspondence
  3. The Principle of Vibration
  4. The Principle of Polarity
  5. The Principle of Rhythm
  6. The Principle of Cause and Effect
  7. The Principle of Gender

If you have read the Kybalion, you will notice that it is a very abstract book. In turn, all the following explanations are my subjective understanding of it. I might be totally wrong with it. If you have other theories, please let me know in the comments.

Hermetic Principle #1: The Principle of Mentalism

all is mind, man forges himself

This Principle says that everything is mind. That the universe, the world, humans, everything we see, experience, feel, is within a mind. Everything is SPIRIT.

“THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.”

The Kybalion

Grasping the first principle is already a tough task. It most likely questions all your beliefs at once.

According to the Kybalion, the Universe is not just a dense cloud of matter. It is mind. A spirit. A being that is ALL, that creates ALL while simultaneously not being anything. It’s a weird paradox, but in the Kybalion, they spend a lot of time making clear that THE ALL is undefinable and fully unknowable.

It is a universal, infinite, LIVING mind.

The idea behind this is that everything, matter, energy, power is subordinate to the mastery of mind. This is why it is vitally important to master your own mind because if the nature of the universe is mental and it is a huge mind itself, your mind is the Master-Key to power over it. At least to an extent.

This very first principle explains how manifestations are possible, remote viewing, remote healing, etc. All the esoteric and “weird” things you see somewhere, commonly also known as “magick” are explained with this principle.

Now, you can either come to the conclusion that everything is YOUR mind, thus nothing is truly real, everything is just made up by your mind in a simulation it creates, including everyone you know, everything that happens, your body, and the blog post you’re currently reading.

Or you conclude that there is a sort of “overseeing” mind that creates all of this. Could also be called God and has been called God, the source, etc. However, the Hermetics seem not to be interested in the kind of good and evil the “regular” Gods seem to play. They say THE ALL, the overseeing mind doesn’t judge. Everything is. Mostly because the eons we exist on this Earth are but a blink of an eye for THE ALL.

They also believe that the whole journey of raising your vibration to become a higher being over multiple life-spans will bring us back to the source. To the mind. The all, which is then when the cycle is complete and everything starts anew.

Hermetic Principle #2: The Principle of Correspondence

universe wallpaper

“As above, so below; As below, so above.”

–The Kybalion

Once you grasp the first Principle that everything comes from the same source, the next logical step is to understand that all is one. Everything corresponds to each other in a certain way. Within this principle, the Hermeticists explain the Planes of reality. The Universe.

This will be a very abstract and deep explanation of the Planes of Reality. I definitely recommend getting the book for a better understanding, simply because you can take your own ideas from reading the source material.

I will, however, now describe all the 21 Minor Planes. If you want to skip that, click here.

They consider three major Planes, each of which has 7 subplanes underneath them.

The Major Planes:

  • The Great Physical Plane
  • The Great Mental Plane
  • The Great Spiritual Plane

The Great Physical Plane

the great physical plane by kevin carden
The Great Physical Plane we all know. Photo by Kevin Carden (image)

This Plane describes everything we know as matter, physics, and manifestations in the “real world.” It also includes Energy or Force. The simple explanation would be anything you can “see” or “measure.” This, however, is only true for our current scientific tools.

It is subdivided into these 7 minor Planes:

  1. The Plane of Matter (A)
  2. The Plane of Matter (B)
  3. The Plane of Matter (C)
  4. The Plane of Ethereal Substance
  5. The Plane of Energy (A)
  6. The Plane of Energy (B)
  7. The Plane of Energy (C) 
  • The Plane of Matter (A) contains forms of Matter in solids, liquids, and gases. What we call physics.
  • The Plane of Matter (B) consists of higher forms of matter, modern science only now is starting to recognize, like Radiant Matter, in its phases of radium, etc.
  • The Plane of Matter (C) contains of the most subtle and tenuous Matter, the existence of which scientists not suspect at all yet. 
  • The Plane of Ethereal Substance comprises that which science speaks of as “The Ether,” a substance of extreme elasticity, pervading all Universal Space. Acting as a medium of transmission of waves like heat, light, electricity, etc. This plane basically connects the “physical” Matter and Energy.
  • The Plane of Energy (A) contains of the Energy we commonly know. Heat, light, magnetism, even Gravity and Chemical Affinity.
  • The Plane of Energy (B) is again a Plane modern science has yet to uncover. It’s called “a more subtle and finer form of energy” by the Hermeticists.
  • The Plane of Energy (C) contains of such fine and highly organized energy that we could call it “life.” It is such an immense spiritual power that we could also call it “divine energy.” They state that this energy is unthinkable to “the ordinary man” and that beings who understand and use this energy are considered “gods.”

The Great Mental Plane

the beings of the mental plane
The Great many beings of the Mental Plane. Image by Kevin Carden (image)

The Mental Plane consists of the “living things” we all know like humans, animals, etc, but also the “ethereal beings” usually only known to occultists like Demons. I think for this, the seven Minor Planes received much better names to make it clearer what each plane is for. It consists of the following minor planes:

  1. The Plane of Mineral Mind
  2. The Plane of Elemental Mind (A)
  3. The Plane of Plant Mind
  4. The Plane of Elemental Mind (B)
  5. The Plane of Animal Mind
  6. The Plane of Elemental Mind (C) 
  7. The Plane of Human Mind

The Plane of Mineral Mind is an interesting one because it technically “just” comprises of the things we know as minerals and chemicals, etc. The Kybalion states that most people do not attribute something like a soul to these things. But it exists.

The explanation revolves around the fact that humans, for example, have a body, but this body is not “them.” Not their soul. Thus, the minerals merely have a “body” that contains their soul. The same goes for plants where we know that there are living beings.

Further explanation revolves around the fact that even molecules have “likes and dislikes” which they attribute to the “soul.”

The Planes of Elemental Mind between the easily recognizable planes are thus the planes that connect the others. The Kybalion never truly describes what they are, other than that occultists understand them. For me, reading this, was a bit lackluster. Then again, the explanation might need another book of that size.

The best explanation is probably the Plane of Elemental Mind (C) where it is stated that it contains of beings both animal and human. The ape which started to walk upright for example would be in this category. Still somewhat animal, almost human.

It is also mentioned that all Minor Planes have seven more subdivisions. Thus, the Plane of Human Mind contains 7 more divisions. We also know them as dimensions. I touched on this topic before in my higher consciousness post. Most people operate on the third, and the Kybalion states that humans really only achieved the fourth dimension yet. Only a handful of the most intelligent beings managed to reach the fifth dimension (true, higher consciousness). Although, my definition of 3D and 5D I mentioned in the other post above might not align with the Kybalion here. Sadly, this is not further explained.

They do, however, mention that it took the human race millions of years to reach this stage, and it will take many more years to reach the next stages. I fully agree with this, we will be “gods” in the future which is why I made a video accordingly.

An interesting – almost random – mention in just one sentence in the Kybalion is done of the fact that other races already surpassed us in this. They mentioned there were four other races before us who managed to reach that higher state. I wish they would go deeper into this topic, where this idea comes from, etc.

The Great Spiritual Plane

the spiritual plane and its beings
The Spiritual Plane consists of beings far out of our understanding. Image by Kevin Carden (image)

With us not even reaching the highest of Planes of the Great Mental Plane, the Kybalion opens the Spiritual Plane section with a hammer that it is virtually impossible to explain the Spiritual Plane to our monkey brains.

“How may Light be described to a man born blind?”

–The Kybalion

They state that beings of this plane so far transcend our current being that the details are not even comparable. That the minds of these beings are so far-ahead and far-out of us, that to them, we don’t even really “think” at all. Our mental processes to them seem like the mental processes of the minerals to us. We are at the intelligence of rocks to them, basically.

They proceed with the seven Minor Planes of the Spiritual Plane consisting of beings like Angels and Demi-Gods. The lower Planes of those containing of beings like Masters and Adepts. (Side-note: Later in the book, there is a mention of Masters of the Principles who are able to control matter to such an extent that they can create Earthquakes. So their idea of a “Master” is probably not the same as yours…)

Above those Masters, there is a plane of “Angelic Hosts,” what they call “unthinkable to man.” And above that beings, we literally would call “Gods.” It is stated these beings in all their fabrics inherit the power we – as humans – only attribute to the concept of a Deity.

They proceed with the idea that these Angelic Hosts and Deities play a vital part in the evolution and process of the Universe. And that whenever they interfered with “Earthly” issues, this is where all the legends, beliefs, and Religions were born. It seems the idea is that people like Jesus or Mohammed were “Angels” or “Deities” on the Spiritual Plane that came down to Earth to proceed with the Evolution of man.

Regardless of what you think of Religion, the big Religions definitely had a massive, world-wide impact on humans.

An interesting passage follows when the Kybalion mentions that even these beings are but mortal. They have surpassed their brethren and are thus way ahead or “above” us current humans, but they still only exist in the mind of THE ALL. They belong to the Universe, and they are subject to the Laws of THE ALL as we are. Which are, for example, the Seven Hermetic Principles. “As above, so below. As below, so Above.”

They proceed to mention that all these laws are true on all planes. Which has a little side-dish of a story about the Fallen Angels and the Devil, etc. They mention that on the Spiritual Plane, the same Principle of Rhythm (we will get to later) exists, thus any Angelic and powerful being who has abused their powers for evil practices or their own selfish intent will get their punishment.

It is also mentioned that the true and best understanding of the Spiritual Plane we have so far as us mortal, simple humans is kept secret by occults. It is not for the public. This is interesting to me because I would have imagined that most regular humans wouldn’t understand it anyway or shrug it off as “magic.” Then again, power of this size could do evil things in the wrong hands.

Hermetic Principle #3: The Principle of Vibration

energy body

“Nothing rests; Everything moves; Everything vibrates.”

–The Kybalion

This principle states that everything, and it is meant everything, is vibrating. Even the rock on the street. Just at a very low vibration.

This idea is important for a lot of things, including magick, and reprogramming your mind.

If you think about a wheel that is moving very fast, it seems to be at rest. This principle explains vibration in the universe in detail. Some things vibrate so slow, they are at rest, some vibrate so quickly, they seem at rest.

For me, personally, this was one of the most important principles in there. It had me rethink my entire existence. Look around you. Everything you see vibrates. Is in motion. Even if it is just the molecules within it. It does vibrate. Move. With a frequency.

The Teachings of the Kybalion state that gross matter is the lowest form of vibration, and pure spirit the highest form. 

If you think about an object standing still. It is hard, graspable matter. Once you start to move it, to rotate it, you bring it into vibration. It will go through many stages along that path. First, it will start to make a noise, which at some point ceases again. Once the vibration is high enough, it will develop a heat signature. Maybe even a magnetic field. It will change color to a red, starting to glow in all other colors we know after you proceed to accelerate it. At some point, it starts to disintegrate in its molecules, atoms, etc.

All done by vibration.

Through this example, the Kybalion states that everything works like this, and the gross matter you see is nothing but very low vibrating spirit. Thus it aligns with the Planes of Correspondence, where it was stated that even rocks have a “soul.”

Up to the splitting of Atoms and Molecules, science agrees. The Hermeticists go further and say the next step would be the first Plane of Correspondence. In other words, it would develop a spirit. A soul.

It is a mind-blowing idea. Regardless of if you believe in the idea of a rock becoming conscious through vibration, knowing that everything vibrates helps you to understand that everything (!) around you is driven by the mind. Created by mind. A mere display of your mindset and subconscious setup. It all vibrates.

“He who understands the Principle of Vibration, has grasped the Scepter of Power.”

–The Kybalion

The Principle of Vibration is thus also the one that produces the phenomena of “telepathy” which the Hermeticists claim doesn’t exist, it is merely a result of a very strong mind, being able to influence the vibrations around him or within the Universe.

Much like you can re-create a certain tone created by a musical instrument if you bring it into a desired vibration, in the same way, you can create reality if you bring your mind into the desired vibration.

Yes, the Kybalion states that some Masters have managed to literally change the grossest of Matter. Moving objects by pure will and manifesting things into reality. In other words, much like “The Force” in Star Wars. It is up to you to believe that or not.

Hermetic Principle #4: The Principle of Polarity

rice yin yang the principle of polarity

“Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

–The Kybalion

“There are two sides to everything” is a quote everyone should know. The Principle of Polarity states that while everything has polar opposites, there are degrees to everything which makes them the same.

In other words, if you think about the prior Principle that Matter and Spirit are just different rates of Vibration, in their foundation, they are thus the same.

An easier example is Heat and Cold on a Thermometer. It shows various degrees of “Heat” or “Cold” but there is no possible way to describe where cold begins and heat ceases to exist. Something might be warm or lukewarm, but you cannot say that at a certain degree Heat starts.

In turn, everything is actually the same. Heat and Cold are extremes that meet. It is a matter of higher and lower vibrations. “East and West” are the same. Travel far enough into the East, and the point you originally considered East is now the “West.” Large and Small is relative depending on your own size or the size of the object in relation. Our sun is very large for us humans. But compared to other stars it’s a small-sized star.

The whole idea of this Principle is for Mental Alchemy. Fear and Courage are extremes that meet at some point as well. You are never fully fearful or full of Courage. You are on the scale of it. Thus you can climb the scale by being less fearful, which makes your life better already. But are you of courage then? Or just less fearful?

Does it matter?

All your mental states are just a matter of degree. It is never absolute. You can polarize yourself from one pole to the other without completely “switching camps.” Understand that your mental set up is but a state of degree. You never fully love or hate someone. You are never fully a loser or a winner. There is a degree to everything.

This also helps you to understand people who are fully polarized in one direction. For example feminists and racists. They sit deeply at that one pole and don’t understand that there are degrees to everything. That their idea is flawed because it is rooted in the idea that there are only two poles that are correct.

“All truths are but half-truths.”

–The Kybalion

Raise your vibration on degrees and see yourself getting closer to your desired pole.

Hermetic Principle #5: The Principle of Rhythm

the principle of rhythm displayed with a metronome
The Pendulum swings back and forth. Restless. Unobstructed. Always.

“Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right, is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”

–The Kybalion

There is always action and reaction. A rise and a fall. This Principle explains the ups and downs in your life. The tides are driven by the moon (which also drives other things, for example, the financial markets and magick…), the rise and fall of nations, and so on. 

In Astrology, it is commonly said that everything operates in cycles. I have mentioned this many times before as well. History is doomed to repeat itself. This is either a cycle or the pendulum swinging back and forth at all times.

If you think of the Principle of Polarity, the Principle of Rhythm plays right into it. Along the scale of the poles, the pendulum constantly swings. Man is born, ascends, reaches its peak, and the retrograde begins until he dies. Society moves into a more feminized society until it reaches its peak and goes back into a more masculine society again.

Don’t fret about the feminists. Over time, this will alleviate itself again.

It is true for everything. Are there times in your life where money is good and abundant (within your circumstances), and are there times where everything is scarce? Are there times where you are full of energy and are there times where you are lethargic?

Night follows Day, Day follows Night. Summer and Winter. Fashion, Creeds, Governments, Ideologies. A never-ending cycle.

The Principle of Rhythm. Back and forth.

This Principle isn’t bound to Earthly or Universal things. It is also true for your mind which is a key part of the Kybalion. Mood-”swings” (get it?), Mental states, beliefs, everything. The Hermeticists practice escaping this Principle every now and then by Mental Transmutation.

They proceed by explaining that there are two planes of consciousness (the subconscious or unconscious and the consciousness). The idea proposed here is that when the pendulum swings in the unconscious, the Master can rise to the conscious mind and stay at the desired pole.

This is a fancy description of overriding feelings, emotions, etc. consciously.

A simple example would be when the pendulum swings back in the financial market and everything crashes, most people would be moved by that pendulum and sell everything. Feel bad and lethargic. The Master of Mental Transmutation rises to the conscious mind and looks at it from a rational standpoint. Knows that the pendulum will eventually swing back and doesn’t sell anything, and keeps his mindset positive.

This could also mean not giving in to negative emotions you have for whatever reason they might appear because you consciously DECIDE not to act on them. Men have it much easier with this Mental Transmutation, and parsing your emotions is a BIG topic I talk about in the Conqueror’s Forge.

Now this “basic” idea is nothing special for the Hermetic Masters. Anyone who achieved a certain level of self-mastery knows how to not act on his emotions. The Hermetic Master, however, is fully and deeply unphased by anything that happens in life. For he knows it is but a cycle. But a swing of the Pendulum.

Before I got to the Kybalion, I called this Detachment. Some also call it higher consciousness. Not being phased by the irrelevant small hiccups in anyone’s life. By knowing you will persevere.

If you think back to your life or your everyday life, you will notice many times where you were impacted by the pendulum. Where you were vibrating on a high plane, but something happened and pulled you back down. Likewise, when you were low, something great happened and pulled you back up again.

Understanding that this is inevitable as the pendulum moves all the time is key. Because then you are able to rise above the pendulum, let it swing under your feet and stay at your desired position by consciously deciding to do so. Most sheep out there – you know – are moved by this at all times without realizing it.

The Principle cannot be stopped or destroyed, but you can escape its effects.

The Law of Compensation explains why Suffering is Necessary

Business man pushing large stone up to hill , Business heavy tas
Suffering is a necessary part of achieving greatness.

The Hermeticists go further with this principle by talking about the Law of Compensation. The word itself means “counterbalance.” Thus, in accordance with the Principle of Rhythm, the swing of the pendulum in one direction, shows how much it will swing in the other.

How high you throw a ball into the air, explains how far he will come down again. And with what speed and force. However, they take it further by saying “a man being capable of feeling heavy pain is the one who is capable of feeling massive joy.” A man who doesn’t feel pain also doesn’t feel joy. They go even further to state that before you can feel joy to a certain extent, you need to feel the matching pain on the other pole.

Now, in my opinion, this doesn’t mean you need to lose everything to gain everything. I think it means, before you get riches, you need to put in the effort. You need to go through the trials and tribulations of creating a business, not knowing if it will ever work out for years, before the pendulum swings back and yields you the results.

Before you see results at the gym, you first need to go through a lot of pain and suffering.

They do, however, state that the pendulum swing doesn’t necessarily need to have manifested in this life. It could also be that you suffered a lot in your previous life, and thus you now have a lot of joy and riches. Or vice versa.

You should not use this as an easy excuse (“I just was rich in my past life, now I need to suffer.”) because remember, the master can escape the pendulum swing. If you are “destined” to suffer in this life, you can yet learn to detach yourself, build a business, etc. to create greatness in your life regardless, by polarizing yourself at the positive pole. For example, via self-improvement and subliminal messaging.

The Law of Compensation also plays a vital role in anyone’s life. As in, everything you gain also makes you lose something. This is hard to grasp at first, but if you gain riches, you lose other things the poor person has. Even if it is “just” the ability to truly, deeply enjoy a meal he was waiting for for so long. Where the millionaire, due to having it all the time, does not feel that enjoyment. Yet, he has other things to make up for it.

The balance is struck. The Principle is complete.

Hermetic Principle #6: The Principle of Cause and Effect

large monster explaining the cause and effect
Everything in your life had a cause. There is no coincidence. Image. by Kevin Carden (image)

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”

–The Kybalion

This Principle might be tough for many to grasp. The idea is that coincidence does not exist. It is merely a term for the cause not understood or realized. Everything has a cause that yields an effect. Personally, I thoroughly believe in this as well. There is no coincidence.

This might go beyond physical planes, but for everything (!) that happens in your life, there is a cause that, well, caused it.

Coincidence and randomness are also excuses many people use because they deny what they’ve done or are still doing to cause the effect. An easy example is the general public that eats the shittiest food you can find but doesn’t make the connection as to why they are low energy, fat, and infertile. “Thick bones.”

The same principle applies when all your relationships are poisoned, or – a classic – your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you. There IS a reason. And the reason is not that she is a frigid bitch. It is because of you. The cause is there. But you deny it.

The Kybalion uses a great example for the “Chance, Coincidence, and randomness.” The word “chance” comes from “to fall” as in the falling of the dice which is different each time. Thus explaining randomness. But if you look closely, it isn’t random at all. The position of the dice in the box or the hand, the muscular force used to throw, the material of the table they are thrown upon. All of it determines which die will be shown.

Naturally, for the human mind this is too small and too many details to correctly predict the outcome. But the Law of Cause and Effect is still fully in play.

Extrapolate this into your life. You might not always understand the cause, it might be very obscure, but there is ALWAYS a reason for ANYTHING that happens in your life. The sooner you accept this, the quicker you will find liberation.

If we follow back our heritage, we all have millions of humans preceding us. Millions of lifetimes lived. All of which had an influence on the body you operate now. The DNA you possess, the mindset you create. Likewise, everything you do will have a huge effect on the people coming after you. Your kids, the people they meet, the people they mate with, etc.

There is no Chance, there is no Luck, nothing is random. Everything has a reason.

What to take from this?

The cause for these people’s “bad” lives is that they give in to all their emotions. They are moved by environment, peers, moods. Without any self-mastery or control over themselves.

Thus the Hermetic Master is able – again – to escape some effects of this Principle by consciously moving up the ranks. By not giving in to simple emotions. By understanding that everything that happens is the effect of a cause once started.

This way you become a Cause instead of being subject to the Effect only. You become a mover in the game of Chess. You will be able to move pieces instead of being moved.

Hermetic Principle #7: The Principle of Gender

masculine and feminine in display
The feminine flocks around the powerful masculine, which gives intent to the feminine by force. The Principle of Gender.

“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”

–The Kybalion

Before we dive into this principle, Gender here is not referred to the sexes. Gender is derived from the Latin root meaning “to beget, to procreate, to generate, to create.” This has a much broader meaning than just the physical – or even mental differences – between man and woman. This is just a manifestation of Gender on the physical plane.

Gender is there to create, produce and generate. For example, science agrees that an atom is formed by a clustering of negative corpuscles around a positive one. The negatives flock around a positive.

Much like women flock around a great man. The masculine is considered the positive charge. The feminine is considered the negative charge. Now, before feminists pull out their pitchforks, negative doesn’t mean “bad” in this context. Just look at the anatomy of your body. The masculine is “outgoing.” It grows outwards. The feminine is inwardly directed. There is nothing good or bad about it. It just “is.”

Anyone who ever had sex will understand this. The Principle of Gender applies as well.

It goes further, the negative (or feminine) corpuscle actively seeks union with a Masculine corpuscle to create new matter. The feminine particles vibrate rapidly under the masculine energy and circle rapidly around it. The result is the birth of a new atom.

Is the Metaphor clear yet?

The part of the Masculine is to be that of DIRECTING an inherent energy towards the Feminine, invoking the creative process (get the hint? This is true WHILE having sex, as well as outside the bedroom (the feminine wants to be lead by the masculine)). However, the feminine is always doing the creative work. This is true on all planes.

This is where I come back to higher consciousness, where I explained already that the subconscious is feminine. It is what creates your reality at all times. But it receives conscious guidance from the masculine conscious mind.

Your conscious mind imposes its will onto the subconscious and it creates reality.

Much like you give your genetic blueprint to the woman when you impregnate her (imposing your will) and she then creates the combination and thus life out of it.

(Side-note: I did say many times that men create life because the sperm is already a living being. Yes, your WILL is LIFE. In a metaphorical sense. The sperm will never become a human without a woman. But you imposing your will via the generation of the blueprint is already the first step of creating life. And it takes a lot of energy.)

If you look at life and everything that happens, you will quickly notice the Principle of Gender displayed everywhere. At the bottom of your phone, you have a feminine port, where a masculine plug will be put in to transfer energy to create something new. The outlets in your home, etc. (And, yes, from now on you will always think about sex when you charge your phone…)

Everything else you experienced about this is true as well. The attraction of the feminine towards a strong masculine power. The attraction of the masculine to the feminine creativity and beauty. The gravitation of the planets operates on the same plane. Magnetism. It all operates under the Principle of Gender.

The Mental Gender

the left and right hemisphere art
The conscious and the subconscious mind. The Masculine and the feminine.

I mentioned the conscious (masculine) and the subconscious (feminine) before. The Kybalion has a separate chapter about this topic as well. We know we have two hemispheres in the mind. One is responsible for the logical, rational, and mathematical. The conscious mind. The masculine. The other is responsible for creativity and emotions. The subconscious mind. (SUBconscious mind, submissive…). The feminine.

The objective and the subjective.
The voluntary and the involuntary.
The active and the passive.
The dominant and the submissive.
The “I” and the “Me.”

If you closely examine your mind – which is also a part in the Kybalion – you will notice that there are two existing “beings” within it. You have a “Me” that you consider as the part of your mind that has emotions, likes, dislikes, tastes, habits. Some even consider their clothes and external features part of their “Me.”

But once you go down the path of self-improvement and higher consciousness, you will realize that there is another thing in your mind. It can override these feelings and tastes. It can change them by force of will. If you force yourself to do something long enough, it becomes a habit. This being is detached from anything. It is not your body, it is not your clothes, it is not your emotions.

It is “I.”

The masculine. The consciousness. It can give intention to the “Me” by force. The subconscious, the Me, operates habits. See above. The “I” forces yourself to do something for long enough, so the “Me” accepts it as a habit. It becomes part of the “Me.”

You might need to re-read that paragraph.

You realize that the “I” can stand aside and watch the “Me” create things. You can virtually detach yourself from your emotions while they appear. You feel them happening, but you can watch this from a “third-eye view” which is really the first-eye view. The “I.”

The Feminine, the subconscious, is what creates reality. It creates thoughts, beliefs, etc. But if it doesn’t get conscious guidance from the “I,” from the masculine, it will create all of this alongside external factors. The feminine is receiving. Thus, if it receives external input, this is what it will work with.

If you think about it, this is how most people operate these days. They have zero WILL. No “I” operating and giving intention to their subconscious. All they have is external influence, News, Media, etc. This creates their reality. Their “I” is fully blocked out and numbed.

In other words, the “I” of other minds instills its will onto the “Me” of other people. This is what is mentioned in the Kybalion. Most people dwell in their “Me” part. In their feminine mind. As I said many times before, we live in a feminized society. Maybe not what you thought.

Telepathy then is really the “I” of one person imposing its will onto the “Me” of someone else’s mind directly. With everything you’ve read so far in this post, does it seem possible or impossible for you? Telepathy, remote viewing, Hypnotism. There is also a movie about this phenomenon. It is called “Inception.”

Summary of the 7 Hermetic Principles

the 7 principles of hermeticism

You shall already see how powerful these principles are. And now that you know of them you will proceed to see them everywhere in your daily life. They never fail and they explain everything in detail. It was quite shocking for me to see them everywhere.

I definitely urge you to read the Kybalion yourself. It is not an easy book. I did my best here to describe it in easy words, but it’s still very abstract for the regular monkey mind of us humans.

Read again the 7 Hermetic Principles and try to recall what they were about:

  1. The Principle of Mentalism
  2. The Principle of Correspondence
  3. The Principle of Vibration
  4. The Principle of Polarity
  5. The Principle of Rhythm
  6. The Principle of Cause and Effect
  7. The Principle of Gender

If you take anything from this article, let it be the first Principle. All is mind. Everything is created and brought into existence by the mind. Your thought patterns, your mental setup, your vibration. All of it creates the life you live. Your reality.

Raise your vibration. Achieve a higher consciousness. And escape the feminized society of sheep, not being able to use their “I.”

–Alexander Graves

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