5 Easy Ways To Increase Masculine Polarity In Modern Times

Live a traditional lifestyle if you want to have a traditional love-life.

I get asked a lot about how to be more masculine. And if you think about it, this question is kind of weird. Men are literally asking other men how to be more manly.

Back in the days, this question would’ve probably resulted in a beating.

But in modern times, where masculinity is so far gone, that men actually develop somewhat female bodies, we need to talk about this.

And I am here to change this for the better.

So let me take you on a journey on how to increase your masculine polarity.

Why is there a need to increase masculine polarity?

How to be a real man masculinity

Imagine man and woman like two opposing magnetic poles. The farther away they are from each other, the stronger the pull between them.

As a result, the stronger the tension in the middle will be (mindblowing-passionate-blistering-sex).

The closer they are together, the weaker the pull, and less tension in the middle (mediocre-10-years-married-starfish-birthday-sex).

Masculine and feminine polarity wolves ying yang
The feminine and the masculine are opposing poles.

This is the general issue in most marriages, but it’s also an issue in society.

Men have become very feminine. And women are increasingly becoming more masculine.

This is the effect of growing up in a feminized society. Men are raised by women, the standard diet is full of soy and estrogens, and women trying to out-compete men in the workplace makes them masculine.

And since women are men’s mirror, it is on us to make men great again.

If we increase the masculine polarity in most men, women will naturally become more feminine.

Everybody wins.

Increase masculine polarity #1: Sexual transmutation

Man getting rejected sexual transmutation
As long as you can’t control your sexual urge, you will never achieve greatness.

Quick story:

When I – much like you – masturbated to porn every day, back in the days, I thought I had a high sex-drive.

I did it every day, so naturally my drive had to be high, right?


I had a clear structure, a pattern of my day. Pretty much at the same time each day, I went masturbating. There was consistency. A habit.

This occured to me when I finally quit the evil for good.

Suddenly, my sex-drive went down. I didn’t need to masturbate each and every day.

I had a mission that gave me proper accomplishment. Instead of seeking the easy accomplishment of ejaculation.

So with that in mind, I realized that for most guys, their high libido is really just a pattern. And what they need is sexual transmutation.

The ability to redirect the sexual urge into other endeavors. More creative ones.

Transition from consuming porn to creating beauty.

Why is sexual transmutation important?

Ask yourself: Is sex really the most important thing in your life?

Yes, it is our most basic drive. To reproduce.

And, well, it’s fun. Sure.

But aren’t there other things to do? To achieve? To succeed with?

You know the answer to this. And you know very well how many times your sexual urge hindered you in achieving.

When you were planning to do a task, but “something” popped up and you spent an hour watching porn instead of achieving something long-term.

So is this really a question you have?

Or are you trying to rationalize a reasoning into existence because you don’t want to face your demons?

How to redirect your sexual urge?

Using willpower is a losing bet. You don’t want to rely on willpower forever.

It’s easier to form a habit.

So whenever you feel your sexual urge pop up (especially as a porn watcher), you need to force yourself (willpower) to do something else until it becomes a habit.

Yes, you need willpower first, but over time, you won’t need it.

You cannot quit habits. You can alter them. Replace the sexual masturbation habit with the sexual-energy-creating-habit.

What worked best for me, is either to start writing or switch the environment. Go out of the house, for a walk.

Opens my mind, and I get new ideas. Plus, I get my body to move. Win-win-win. Success on all fronts.

You can also try exercising, just do something else than what you were just doing. You need to break the existing habit of just giving in to your sexual need.

Learn more about nofap and why it is so important to your health, wealth, and relationships.

Increase masculine polarity #2: Spend less time with women

An emperor on a horse with his servant
Men need to be around other men. More often than not.

It is an occurrence only in the modern world, that we constantly are around and with women.

Even in marriage, back in the day, most of your time you were spending with other men.

And this is vitally important.

Remember the magnetic poles from the beginning of this post? This helps increase the polarity. Simply by not seeing you all the time.

And when you are with other men, you increase your masculine energy. So when you finally meet with your woman again, her feminine energy is almost foreign, different, and new. Exciting.

Now, this obviously needs your woman to not meet other men as a prerequisite.

But honestly, if your girl sees other men outside of you, you have other issues in your relationship.

Just meet more with your brothers. Once a week AT LEAST.

Revel in the masculinity. Talk, act, and feel like a man.

Increase masculine polarity #3: Manly hobbies

Soldier aiming through a sniper rifle
Man is made by what he does. What is more manly? Knitting a scarf, or fighting foes?

This sounds like cliché, but you need to engage in manly hobbies to increase your masculinity.


This doesn’t mean drinking beers and mauling cheerios while you watch other men play sports on your TV.

This means being ACTIVE.

Gym, sports (playing, not watching), cars, guns, fighting, hunting, business, building, climbing, fishing, whatever.

There are a ton of hobbies which are considered manly.

Sadly, most of them have been invaded by women as well. So you gotta be careful when you pick the places to indulge in your hobbies.

If there are many women around, you need to find a better spot.

This isn’t to get women out of your life. You want to increase polarity. And for this, you need to be less around them. Especially in your hobbies.

Your hobby is a way to yourself. Being who you are.

But are you yourself when you’re knitting? As a man? No.

You’re influenced by society if you think that. Not by nature. This is not your calling.

Why can I not be into a female hobby?

Because you’re trying to increase your polarity, aren’t you?

If you are already a very masculine guy, you might be fine with a feminine hobby, because you have enough ways of increasing your polarity outside of that.

But you, you reading this, you’re not that guy.

Your plan is to maximize the polarity as much as possible, so drop the tarot cards, or magic cards, and go fishing with your guys.

Increase masculine polarity #4: Increase your testosterone levels

Muscular man in fighting gloves
Testosterone does more than just “make you manly.”

“Well, duh.” you might be thinking.

Sure, increasing your manliness hormone will increase your masculine polarity.

But there is more to it.

It’s not just that you have a higher dose of the manliness hormone then, it is also vitally important for your health, well-being, and calmness.

And the last one is a big one.


Great men are calm.

They aren’t fazed by random storms, issues, problems, or moods.

They have their emotions under control, and they don’t care if others flip their shit. They stay calm, focused, and controlled.

This is a very important part of your masculine polarity.

The feminine is chaos. Impulsive, and emotional. Your calmness and composed reaction to this is vitally important for your polarity.

Quitting porn is one part of it, but a higher testosterone level will bring this “naturally.” You will just feel better, relaxed, and unfazed.

In this post I show you natural ways to increase your testosterone.

Increase masculine polarity #5: Keep developing masculine traits

Handsome bearded man smoking cigar drinking whiskey
True masculine polarity needs basic personality traits in place.

Yes, there are traits which are predominately masculine.

⚔️ Honor
⚔️ Strength
⚔️ Code
⚔️ Unapologetic
⚔️ Growth
⚔️ Leadership

If you think about it and truly observe the world, women rarely incorporate these traits, or more than one (maybe except for unapologetic, if you catch my drift)

More detail about Honor, Strength, Unapologetic, and Leadership here. More about growth and Code here.

Why is this important?

When you develop traits that are similar to the feminine, like nurturing, caring, submission, impulsion, you naturally lose polarity.

Since women rarely incorporate the traits above, it makes sense for you as a man to have them.

Some of them will come naturally once you increase testosterone and find your mission.

But it makes sense to be aware of them.

What do I gain from all this?

A better relationship with your woman, better sex, better connection to friends, and generally a more relaxed mood.

However, all of this is irrelevant.

You will feel much better with yourself. In your own body.

Because you’re close to your nature.

In today’s society, we fight our nature all the time for some reason. Women don’t want to be submissive, and men don’t want to lead.

The farther you move from your nature, the more it is trying to kill you.


You ARE nature. We are born and raised in nature. It is what created us.

Moving away from it is potentially the stupidest idea we ever came up with!

Revel in your nature of being a man.

Embrace your masculinity. No, increase it. Maximize it.

You will see how this will better your life in many ways.

And if you need more (free) guidance, check this out:

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