10 ways to gain Alpha male body language

Your body displays who you are inside. It’s like an ad for your personality. So if you want to be alpha from the inside, you also need alpha male body language on the outside.

This post is about how to use your body language to portray masculinity, confidence, and influence other people, especially women, without saying a word. Later in the post, I have a few contrast alpha male body language pictures.

Does alpha male body language come from within?

We already know that your body directly influences your mind.

For example, if you smile, even though you don’t feel happy right now, it raises your mood. This phenomenon works on a lot of other areas as well.

We also know, that if you eat a lot of trash, like refined sugar, don’t exercise, don’t see sunlight, your mind is numbed and low of energy.

Doesn’t matter if you sleep for twelve hours, and didn’t do any mental taxing tasks, if your body is fighting the shit food you put in it, your mind can’t work.

The body and the mind are heavily intertwined. A man cannot fix one without fixing the other.

So being alpha is not just a state of mind. While your mindset does in fact change your perception, it’s not the only thing.

While I will tell you how to set your mind up to be perceived more alpha, your external body is a big part of it.

The universe works in balances. And so do you.

Improve body language visually first

Alpha wolf pack leader in snow

If you’re wondering how to improve body language, the best thing first is to start with your body externally.

How you are perceived by the world is the easiest thing to change, and yields the quickest results.

Everyone judges by the cover, so why not make the cover look good?

See it like this: Your body is an advertisement for the other sex to buy your product. Your product is your genes. Reproduction.

So if you want women to buy your “junk” you need to look like a Lamborghini. And not like a Honda.

Step 1: Exercise

When you hit the gym, you need to put in a correct posture and form of your exercises, otherwise, you will ruin your back and be in pain. However, it will also train you to walk upright and confident. The foundation of alpha male body language.

For this you need to have proper posture.

You need to pull your shoulders back, lift your head up, and prance your breast.

It might even help you lift more weights and increase muscle for certain exercises.

If you hit the gym regularly, you will automatically better your posture. You will automatically walk upright, your shoulders back, and have your front body exposed.

Get some proper gym routines here. I use the Achilles program a lot, works best with the ladies.

This displays a ton of confidence. Alpha male behavior. You don’t fear what’s in front of you, that’s why you expose your most vulnerable part without issue.


godlike masculinity subliminal program banner

Your reality is an extension of your mind.

So while we start with the external first, getting some help from within certainly doesn’t hurt!

With Subliminal Messaging (I explain what it is here) you can RESHAPE your subconscious mind to do exactly what you need.

To become more confident, self-loving, and powerful in your daily life.

I recommend either starting with ASCENDED MOGUL or with GODLIKE MASCULINITY.

Step 3: Dress properly

alexander graves smoking cigar
The easiest way on how to improve body language is by dressing properly.

You know how they make fun of how people in suits always rule the world? Because it displays power. Confidence, success.

A tailored suit immediately not only has you perceived differently, it also shifts your own perception.

You feel different when walking around in a proper suit. You create alpha male body language because you feel alpha through your clothes.

Now, a suit isn’t always the proper garb to wear. It depends on the situation and place you’re going. The point is to wear masculine clothes. Don’t look like this:

Sheldon cooper clothing
Stupid images on shirts, unfitting, colors not matching, and too extreme. Don’t look like that.

Here’s what you should be wearing:

  • Plain shirts or light designs on it
  • Proper fit, preferably slim fit (muscles, bro)
  • Correct size, not too small, not too large
  • Masculine colors, not too many colors mixed
  • Proper shoes, cut the training shoes
  • Wear a damn belt
  • Wear a watch
RJ Rogenski Neiman Marcus
You don’t need a suit, all the time. But look like a man, not like a joke.
Masculine men with plain shirts
Plain shirts work just fine. No need for stupid images. Let your body speak, not the image on your shirt.

If you look at one of the most famous and successful alpha males, they always are dressed well. It shapes their body language.

It’s not always a suit, but it’s definitely always fitting and stylish.

There’s obviously a lot more to dressing properly as a man, but you get the idea.

Step 4: Grooming and haircut

Spend more than $5 on a haircut. If you want to look good, put some time into it, find out what looks good with your head shape and size.

There are some rules you probably weren’t aware of, which is why you don’t look like Alpha chad, but beta orbiter troll.

Here is a great guide on how to determine which haircut fits you.

Beard or not, it all depends on multiple things just like with the haircut. Jawline, shape of your face, stuff like that.

Personally, I would recommend just trying a few styles. Let it grow and decide what you look like.

That was it about the direct visual appearance. Even though body language is always external, the following steps come from within. But before we go there, have the external fixed!

Step 5: Walk upright, look ahead

Thanks to science, we actually know, that if you walk upright, and I truly mean, upright, your serotonin levels rise, and you feel more confident.

Try it next time you walk somewhere. Don’t look on the fucking ground, or your phone. Look ahead. Put your shoulders back, and your head upright, so your neck is straight vertical.

Imagine pulling yourself up with your hands on the back of your neck. Walk like that.

You shouldn’t be walking around totally crouched like most people do these days. Don’t look at your goddamn phone all the time! Look up into the world.

Here’s another video on how to fix that posture permanently with some easy exercises.

You will notice a lot of new things around you, and it will increase your confidence. Plus, it fights your addiction for this shit.

A warrior faces the issues upfront and directly. His body radiates the braveness.

You miss so many things by looking down. Probably missed that girl winking at you, or checking you out.

The beauty of nature around you. Maybe a business idea. You’re missing shit.

And when you don’t miss shit around you, you also display confidence, because you look into the world. This is part of the alpha male body language. Seeing things in this world, displayed by your body.

Step 6: Stop moving!

A lot of guys are fidgeting around all the time. Especially around women, because they are nervous.

This isn’t something you can magically stop. You have to face that fear full-frontal like any fear you have. How to do that? Talk to women!

Go out there and talk to them. You probably have a job, you’re at the gym. There are women around. Talk to them! No intend to get a number or see them naked. Just purely getting comfortable with talking to people who don’t have a dick.

A warrior doesn’t slouch his shoulders. He stands upright, facing everything that might come his way. That is what women look for! A strong shoulder to protect them. Why would be afraid of another human physically and mentally weaker than you? Ask yourself this when you approach any woman.

Also, read about detachment from the female. Make them come to you.

And while you do try to observe your body. Don’t move around so much. Don’t move your hands all the time.

Stand still like a rock in the wind.

Don’t be a dead log. Obviously, you can make gestures, but fully do them, don’t stop halfway if you were going to make a gesture. That’s weak.

Just do it, you will notice it yourself. Observe your own behaviour. The only way to get better at it is by doing it.

Step 7: Stop leaning in

The red pill constantly makes fun of this, and it recently got quite crazy on Twitter with that topic, but the basic idea is correct. And I notice this a lot with guys these days.

I have done this a lot if I wanted to have sex with my girl. I would walk towards her, my hands open, like I would latch onto her.

That’s backward! You want her to come to you!

A true man knows there are lots and lots of women out there. But only one man like himself.

You stand there and invite her to come over. Tell her!

Remember, you are in command. If you lean onto her or even towards her while she turns away, this is a clear indication, that she has the frame. There are a bunch of famous images to show this.

Guys leaning in to the frame of their girls, clearly showing who is dominant. Body language.
Even famous people aren’t safe from the lean in.
A guy leaning into the frame of his woman, clearly displaying who is dominant. Body language.
The guy is clearly operating in her frame.

The lean in clearly displays, that the guys, knowing or not, are operating in her frame. They accepted that her frame is the dominant one, and that they need to lean into her position.

Obviously, this doesn’t sorely say these guys are beta cucks. You can’t judge it by that alone.

For example, if you’re fucking huge, you have to lean in to take pictures, otherwise, your head is cut off. And an occasional lean in is also totally fine if you keep the ratio upright.

Most of you guys just do this too much. So an easy way to improve alpha body language is to stop doing that.

For now an extreme contrasting example of how it should look like:

Pretty clear display of confident body language on his part. About 30 seconds in.

Look at his body language at about 30 seconds in. Or even the thumbnail pic. She is clearly latching onto him, and he is standing there, confident, in full force.

Now you might say he has any right to be confident after he fucked Jolie in the car on the way there.

And yes, confidence is built upon what you achieved, but if you force yourself to keep your body language in check, it will become automatic at some point.

The King and queen position in bed

When you two cuddle, after sex.

You don’t come over to her. She comes to you, you lay on your back in the King’s position, and she can lie on you. Don’t ask for it, and don’t go over there if she doesn’t do it. Keep your frame!

A true man knows the value of his presence. He shall not give it away freely.

This is a mindset feature on your part. Remember the abundance mindset. She can be lucky to be with you. Lucky to have had sex with you. Internalize this, and it will play out on its own.

A couple lying in bed in the proper cuddling position to display body language.
The King’s position. As it should be.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can never hug your girl. As with everything in life, there is a golden ratio. Which is 2/3 in this case.

She has to come over to you more than you approach her. Depending on your woman, it might be close to 95% or something, or it’s down to 60. Doesn’t really matter as long as it is more on her approaching. Remember what I taught you. She is with you, this has to be displayed in physical, as well as in your mind.

Now, don’t get dorky about this. Don’t force this shit. The alpha male doesn’t care too much about these things. Read it here and have it in the back of your mind.

Don’t try too hard, that’s for weaklings.

Also, bear in mind, this is usually more important in public. In the times of social media, women tend to have the dominant frame in those shots.

Just observe it the next few times, whenever a selfie comes up, the girls try to be in the frame. Either you keep your frame or you’re not in the shot. Easy as that.

Step 8: Eye contact

Sexy portrait of hot woman in red dress
I know where your gaze went first. But if you look people – and especially women – in the eyes, this conveys alpha body language.

A big part of the alpha male body language is really just that you aren’t afraid. And the reason you’re not looking women straight into their eyes is that you are afraid.

Of judgment, of feeling weak.

Breaking news: Nothing fucking happens.

You’re not dying when you look someone in the eyes. This isn’t just for women. Business partners and other people in general.

Look them in the eye when you talk to them!

If you don’t, this is even considered slightly rude. But even if it isn’t, it just displays weakness. You submit to the person by avoiding their gaze. That is weak!

Alpha males aren’t afraid of social interactions, judgment, or other people not liking them. Look people in the eye. You will also see a lot there about that person.

Step 9: Take up space, use open body language

Fashionable man in suit sitting on wooden wall
Open body language. Legs apart, shoulders back, arms free. The alpha posture.

When you’re talking to people, use the space around you.

Don’t put yourself in a corner. Literally.

Use your arms and expand around you. Take the space. Conquer it! You have a right to occupy space in this world as anyone else.

This is a big part of improving alpha male body language.

Not being pushed around physically doesn’t always mean literally being pushed. It might just mean you don’t occupy space, and other people can easily move you in a corner.

This also means when other people are moving around you, you don’t let that phase you. You stand where you are. If they move because someone got in the way, you don’t necessarily have to do that (unless you come off like an idiot then).

Use the space around you!

Also, when you get to a place, act like it is yours. This is called the “lock in.” I can’t describe it any better than James Bond displays it:

James Bond displaying the “lock in.” A classic alpha male move.

Step 10: Use powerful gestures

A big part of body language is using your body to talk. How you speak with your body.

But there is a difference in how you use gestures. The alpha male body language is confident, dominant, and demanding.

Which means, slow movements and big movements.

But most importantly, finish the movements. If you start to extend your arms around you, don’t just stop in the middle of it because you feel uncomfortable. Finish it!

You’re fine with who you are, your instinct wanted to make that huge gesture. Live it! Embrace it!

alpha male gesture feminist
Don’t let a feminist tell you what to do with your body.

Feminists will tell you it’s wrong. Your social conditioning probably as well. Forget that. A winning male makes big moves. In his life, and with his body. You don’t care what anyone thinks.

Calm and collected use your body to persuade.

How to improve body language in sex?

Your body language doesn’t stop in sex. And this is probably the hardest part for you. It was for me.

Changing your mindset and keeping your frame in sex is difficult because you’re afraid to fuck it up.

So what? Do better next time.

Here are some small things to start out with, which are subtle enough to not fully show your frame-change:

  • Full blown eye contact
  • Lift her chin with your hand, before you kiss her (she comes up to your height)
  • When you hug, you pull her towards you, instead of you hugging her
  • Push her against the wall when kissing
  • You want a blowjob? Put your hands on her shoulders and gently, but directly push her on her knees, don’t say anything, let your body speak
  • Also with a blowjob, put your hand on her head and make the motions. You decide what to do. Tell her she’s a good girl while doing it
  • Missionary: Tie down her hands above her head with your hands. It’s like handcuffs-lite. She can’t move them. She is yours.
  • Spank her. Any woman likes that. There have been studies. I am not kidding. Don’t go crazy, start with a nice slap on the cheeks, don’t go full battering her from the start.
  • Don’t ask to switch positions, move her into the position you want
  • Doggystyle: Switch between you thrusting, and moving her body onto your dick. Bonus: Tell her to do the motion and you do nothing

You can apply this to all sorts of positions. And again, don’t just fire all these things off at once. The transition is gradual. Do one of them at a time. Give her time to adjust to your new self.

Also, keep frame! Don’t fidget, be upright, don’t move too much!

How to implement all of this in bed?

Now you might think this is all too much, how you gonna remember this? Well, you don’t really need to. All I just wrote is inherent to you. The man in yourself you neglected for so long would do these things naturally.

I am just telling you these things, so you can finally get back with yourself.

Check out what true masculinity really is, and once you gave yourself a few months to fully embrace that, and raised your testosterone levels, this will come naturally. You will also discover parts of your dark masculinity. Don’t hesitate! Use it!

You will use the guidance from this post to observe yourself doing it. And it will feel nice.

Also, read the Sex God Method for some more alpha body language in your romping sessions.

A man who neglects his masculinity, neglects his own biology. For he is not a man, he shall not be treated like one.

Alpha male body language summary

Now, there was a lot you learned today. And implementing this all at once will be difficult.

Start with the external first. Then step by step implement the internal alpha body changes.

Let’s recap quickly:

  • Exercise and create a masculine, alpha body
  • Learn how to fight
  • Dress properly and masculine
  • Get a proper haircut and grooming
  • Walk upright and look ahead
  • Stop moving too much
  • Stop leaning into other people, especially women
  • Hold eye contact with people
  • Use open body language, take up space
  • Use powerful gestures

This will take time until you internalized all of it. So don’t worry, you’re not immediately James Bond.

Keep pushing these things and bettering your perception over time.

–Alexander Graves

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