10 Simple Ways for Men to Improve Their Life

Everyone makes improving yourself so complicated. Hustling every day (which is bad btw), pushing yourself to the absolute limit.

You don’t need to do any of that. Here’s the lazy-man’s bible of easily achieving more. 10 simple ways for MEN to improve their life.

1. Go for a Daily Walk.

You don’t have to go hiking for hours on end. Every day, preferably after lunch, go for a 15 minute walk. You can spare 15 minutes, I am sure.

Being exposed to the sun boosts Vitamin D production. Getting your body to move daily helps to get your system going. This is also where I have the best ideas.

It enhances creativity to tackle your business or job, or even your own relationship in new ways. And it raises your mood. Overall benefits for just 15 minutes.

Special benefit: I discovered that the reason for my porn addiction was that I had too much energy on a daily basis which I didn’t use by just sitting in front of the PC. So getting out and moving helped me solve that issue very fast!

2. Journal every day.


Many men these days have a weird connection to putting their thoughts on paper (or digitally) on a daily basis.

A diary is a girly thing, right?


Great Emperor of the past all journaled on a daily basis. Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations is really just a collection of his day to day thoughts. And it became an international bestseller with deep insights.

Write down your thoughts. The process of writing them out makes them real. Molds them. Morphs them into something you can potentially use for a book, or just to keep track over your selfconquering progress!

3. Quit all News and Notifications.

If you haven’t watched the Matrix Movie(s) yet, you missed out on tough lessons for your life.

You are being enslaved every day of your life. By the Media, News, Notifications. The following video explains it more detailed with the newest Matrix Movie:

But the absolute worst thing about this mental prison is that it is a lie.

When you watch the News every day, you will think the world is evil. People are all assholes, murderers, and cheaters. That is because on the News, there is ONLY ever negativity reported. You never see any personal stories of common people succeeding. If there is a success, it is a celebrity which makes you feel jealous or unsuccessful.

Plus, what does it matter to you if there is a war on the other side of the planet?

I once asked a relative why he watches the News every day. He literally told me, “If a war breaks out, I need to know.” I asked him why. “To know if I have to fight.”
That man is overweight, unhealthy and not at all in shape to fight anyone.

Most of the stuff on the News is propaganda (woke-ism, sexism, racism) which doesn’t actually happen in real life or events you would have never heard about if it weren’t for the news, so they don’t matter.

Think about, how many times did whatever came on the News ACTUALLY influence your life? So you had to change something? Or it had a huge impact? Quit that shit right now.

It’s noise that stops you from focusing on something greater. Your purpose, your meaning in life.

4. The Way of ROI

ROI is short for “Return on Investment.” It’s an economic term meaning for how much money you invested, how big was the return. For example, if you invest $500 in a stock, the ROI would be how many you made out of that over a certain timeframe.

This, however, can be applied everywhere.

With everything you do, even habits, ask yourself: “What is the Return on Investment for this action?”

  • Porn: You invest energy, time, and long-term success. What is the return for that?
  • Your Relationship: What is the Return you get from the woman by your side? Does she actually contribute to your life?
  • Your Job: Is your compensation enough? And even if it is, do you lose too much energy and nerves in that job? What is the ROI?
  • Netflix: You invest 3 hours of your time in the evening. What is the return? That you escape reality? Wouldn’t there be a higher ROI if you used that time to build something and become rich later?

Apply this everywhere and you will notice how much time you actually waste.

This also helps as a guiding rule to where you need to make changes in your life.

5. The 2-Minute Rule

hands holding clocks

This is actually a technique I learned from the great struthless on Youtube.

The idea is to create a mental bias towards action.

As it is one of the rules in my book: “Imperfect action over perfect inaction.”

Right now, you’re in the mode of NOT taking action and you have to talk yourself into doing something.

If you do the 2-minute rule for long enough you will have to talk yourself OUT of action.

It’s simple. If something takes less than 2 minutes, do it RIGHT NOW.

Not later, not in 5 minutes. NOW. Drop everything else and do that.

  • See a dirty dish lying around, clean it now
  • See clothes on the floor, put em away right now
  • Need to answer a quick message/DM: Do it right now

This will train your mind to take action more often than not.

Caveat: Quickly you can dive into only doing meaningless stuff because it all takes just 2 minutes instead of focusing on the big thing. So best practice is to have a rule for yourself that you only do the 2-minute task if it doesn’t interfere large-scale with your big plans.

6. Block the tits

godlike masculinity subliminal program banner

Even if you are already dropping porn, doing nofap and whatnot, our oversexualized society still has you by the balls.

Instagram is virtually a dating app or a tool for Instathots to get their male attention.

You don’t watch porn, but you still scroll boobs on Instagram thots. This is bad in many ways, but mostly because it keeps your mind occupied with sexual thoughts instead of, for example, thinking about your business, self-improvement, looking sexy, etc.

Your basic drive for sex and reproduction cannot be stopped, but you don’t need to feed it with this artificial bullshit.

Plus, it creates a false image of reality. Even if you consciously know that these women don’t look like that in real-life, your subconscious will start seeking these women. It’s the same with porn where you train your subconscious to be a watcher, a bystander, instead of being the active man having sex.

If you watch porn you will enjoy watching sex more than having it…

7. Simplicity reigns supreme

If I learned one thing in my over 30 years on this planet, then that subtraction is the key, not addition.

You don’t need 500 different mental models of power. 500 ways to make money.

What you need is removing the limiting beliefs, energy and mental blockages, fears, etc. from your mind. After it is cleared, you will have all the knowledge and ideas ready to use to create whatever you want.

Do the Shadow Work and subtract the bullshit from your life.

8. Meditate Every Day

jacked man meditating

Just 10 minutes sitting in silence, breathing deeply.

A daily practice and you will see your life improve drastically on all fronts.

There is SO MUCH noise in this society that it’s hard to ever catch a clear thought. Hell, people even walk 5 minutes to the bakery with earphones in because they’re not used to be alone with their own mind. Their thoughts.

If you can do that, you already succeeded.

Your mind, your subconscious mind, has all the answers. You already know everything and you’re already everything you need to be. Years of indoctrination told you otherwise and put layers of lies and false beliefs in your mind.

Sit still, let it all go, be one with yourself. This is where you find your personal power.

9. Cultivate Your Social-Media Feeds

The best way would be to cut out all Social Media. But we all know you can’t do that. Especially, if you have an online business and you – like me – sell stuff there and try to reach more people, you sort of need it.

However, Social Media is what you make of it.

The things you consume on there, you will see more of.

This is how any algorithm on Social Media works. Whatever you watch on Youtube, you will be recommended more Videos of those. If you follow a ton of IG thots, you will see more tits. If you follow politicians on Twitter, you get a ton of negative energy.

Follow positive accounts and channels. Education, self-improvement, etc.

Make it a positive experience to scroll.

But even then, here’s a trick: Before you open any social media app, watch the time. Now +5 minutes. At that time, you close the app. You got a bit of dopamine, but you didn’t go crazy on it (for YouTube maybe, 2 videos or whatever).

10. Reprogram Your subconscious Mind Easily

all is mind, man forges himself

Program or be programmed.

That is the reality today. Media, Social Media, News, Politicians, hell even peers with their limiting beliefs THEY got from these sources will try to program you.

So the best course of action is to program yourself with positivity, taking charge of what’s in your mind, instead of hoping others don’t put shit into it.

The best, most powerful, and easiest way to do that today is a tried and tested tool called Subliminal Messaging.

Your subconscious mind creates your reality. (Click here if you want to dive DEEP into why that is). You think you decide what you do, but we know that 80-90+% of your daily decisions are driven by our subconscious mind and feelings. Yes, that is not a typo. You actually are less in control than you think. But our mind doesn’t like to admit that.

And with subliminal messaging, you can bypass the conscious filter (you can’t consciously hear what’s in these programs) and it goes DIRECTLY into your subconscious mind, programming it for sex, wealth, positivity, healing of traumas, building an Empire, whatever you want. (yes, these are all links that get you to the respective program of your desire (sex, wealth, etc, just click on it).

All of it is possible.

So far there is only ONE company that does it right, called SubliminalClub. I’ve been running their products for YEARS and my life changed completely. Click here for a review and watch the video below to get a glimpse of what they can do.

Their bestselling and most successful product you can find here: EMPEROR. And, yes, I run it also.

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