How to solve YOUR women issues once and for all?

You see men like the Rational Male or Andrew Tate telling guys that you need to be more egoistical, kind-of-an asshole to get from women what you want.

Even Jordan Peterson underlies this with science when he says that after tons of research from online search results for women, all they want is the beauty and the beast story.

An aggressively, beastly man they can tame.

And they are right, but not ALWAYS.

I dont mean you have a special snowflake at home that’s different than all other women. She isn’t 😉

I mean, how you have to treat your woman depends A LOT on CONTEXT.

So here is the one and only blog post for you to finally get from your girl what you want. Which I guess is mostly sex…

and love and admiration, I get it. A submissive, feminine, bubbly girl.

You can have it. Here’s how.

What do Women want sexually?

Let’s look a bit deeper at that research. Google engineer’s checked Google searches about pornography online. Billions of them to find patterns. For men this was not a surprise. Big tits and blowjobs is pretty much at the top.

But for women, what they searched for was mostly WRITTEN porn. Stories. And they all revolved around the main woman being an innocent, cute, girl, and she comes across an aggressive, untamed beast of a man, who is also successful in what he does.

The Beauty and the Beast story from Disney. 50 Shades of Grey is the same story in the modern world. Twilight, anyone? All the same story.

So naturally the logical conclusion is to become a Primal man, ruling with the Iron Fist.

And if you want to keep a relationship interesting you never budge. You pass all shit tests, you dont do shit what she says, so she is constantly trying to tame you but never will, which keeps the chase up.

This is correct.


Why the Red Pill doesn’t work

The Red Pill, Tate’s stuff, what Peterson said ALL WORKS if you’re in the dating stage, or even a few years into a relationship.

If guys come across that knowledge at that stage and become more beastly, rest assured they get their dick wet.

Simple, because they’ve been too available, been too nice, there was nothing to tame.

Their woman was aware of the endless love, but they never got the primal side of man.

So it seems it all works.

UNTIL someone in a marriage comes along that and notices it doesnt 😉

Which is what happened to me and many other guys I worked with.

The basic idea of the Red Pill, as well as many gurus out there, and that Google Research is Dominance.

You need to be a dominant man to have a submissive woman. The basis of that is of course, correct.

Dominance inevitably is rooted in power. You need power to dominate. And this is where most guys get it wrong.

When you’re dating or a single guy spinning plates, you ARE the guy with the power. Because you can just call it quits at all times and she’s the girl that’s been left.

Why the Red Pill Doesn’t Work in Marriage

However, in a marriage, you cannot. Unless you want to lose the house, the kids, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and years of your lifetime dealing with lawyers. And your woman knows that.

Sure, you CAN go through all this, but the barrier is much higher to drop that relationship.

So, when you’ve been simping for YEARS and suddenly, the next week you demand that you can sleep with other women because “she doesnt put out anyway” your wife will probably laugh at you. Rightly so.

She knows she is the gatekeeper to sex and you can’t just run away just like that. Even if just subconsciously.

This is also why the Married Red Pill for example says that it is the “Red Pill on hard mode.”

It’s hard mode because the Red Pill does not work in marriage. Or maybe 30-40% of it. The absolute foundation of just being a strong man.

Be careful before you dive into power games now. But this is the root of your issue.

With being the rock-hard “alpha” you try to gain your power back. So you subscribe to these beliefs of needing to be the tough guy, demanding respect and admiration, and sex. All of it makes you look like a power-hungry toodler/socially awkward sociopathic beta male with zero status.

All striving for Power is rooted in Insecurity.

You try to control other people with emotional abuse because you’re afraid to face your inner demons.

You virtually get programmed from these people. You have drilled into your head that you need to be a certain way or you’re weak.

What you’ve unknowingly done is created a block to your own growth and you’re in denial of it.

This is why many guys get even MORE resentful or depressed because, while it might work sometimes, after all they’re not growing to become a great leader. Of themselves.

So what the fuck to do?

How to finally solve your women issues?

Sensual elegant model posing on the street in blue feminine dres

Solution to Women Problems: CONTEXT

See, none of these gurus and PUA guys is wrong per se. It just depends on where YOU are in your journey.

So the actual solution is to look at the context you find yourself in and what YOU can control.

THIS IS how you need to evaluate your gurus:

  • PUA guys are all about meeting and pickup up fresh women. Is this helpful in your marriage? Nope, so screw that.
  • Tate has 8 girlfriends at the same time, is not married, and fucks hundreds of women: Is this useful in your situation? No, not your guru.
  • Tony Robbins is married to one woman all his life, but you want to rail a ton of hotties and don’t care about marriage: Is his advice useful to you? No.

It’s pretty simple, LOOK at what these gurus do. How THEIR life looks like, THIS is how you evaluate if they fit you.

Same with me. I am married with kids. I know the Red Pill, but my approach is more like Pat Stedman’s. Balancing Desire (being the Beast) with Comfort (Love and Leadership).

If you want to have fun partying and laying a ton of girls, Tate is your man.

If you want to get solve your dead bedroom, Pat or I can help with this (here, for example).

There is so much information out there, most is just repetititve of what we already know. My stuff included. It depends on who and where you are.

But most importantly, WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME!

How do you want to grow as a man?

marble statue emperor

Do you want to be the guy who manipulates women to give him sex? Or do you want to be the Marcus Aurelius style leader, people follow WILLINGLY, GIVE him respect freely, and GLADLY sleep with him because he rules and Empire with reason and compassion?

The choice is yours.

The biggest difference in this approach is that in a marriage, you dont just need the desire, you also need love, comfort. If she knows you cant leave, you need another method to make her interested in you. Which is via love. But that love needs to come from a position of strength. Not simping hard.

Alexander the Great was known for the deep love he had for all his lovers. Was he a weak, simping, man? Of course not. Love and compassion DO NOT make you weak. IF they come from a position of strength and personal power.

And THIS IS the only reason to be married as a man these days.

Yes, in our society there is really only ONE reason. And that is that your wife will subtly, indirectly, and painfully guide you towards your personal growth, IF you see the hints.

She will be the muse for your personal success.

If you let her.

Or you just call it quits, rail another girl and bring the same issues into this relationship. Your choice.

So take a deep look at yourself, and then evaluate where you’re at.

The first Lesson in my King Spirit Course has a trick on how to TRULY see the lies you’re telling yourself.

This is also true for subliminal messaging. You know we’re big on subs on this blog, so here’s a table of which one to run depending on where you’re at.

masculine subs table
This is a ROUGH estimate. All subs can work in all scenarios, but this will make it easier for you.
emperor sub box
emperor sub box
emperor sub box
primal seduction sub box
diamond sub box
diamond sub box
wanted sub box
wanted sub box
ascended mogul sub box
ascended mogul sub box
primal seduction sub box
chosen sub box
khan sub box
ascended mogul sub box

Sub Explanation

emperor sub boxTHE Baseline sub every man should run. Regardless of your situation.
If you don’t know where to start, start here!
It will solve are your masculinity issue, it has a lot of sexual scripting, making women submissive, and you become the Marcus Aurelius kind of strong, powerful leader.
ascended mogul sub boxAscended Mogul is a less broad version of Emperor.
It focuses on personal power. Your mindset and beliefs about yourself, and how to raise your status, confidence, self-esteem. The Mogul part in it will also help you to make more money, get promoted, or build your own business!
diamond sub boxThis one focuses on REVIVING a DEAD BEDROOM, hence perfect for marriages.
As well as a general aphrodisiac, with a sexual aura. So all sex.
I noticed after a few runs of this that my wife was all horny all the time. Try it! (Does nothing to your confidence and status, so this can be perfectly stacked with, for example, Emperor)
wanted sub boxBecome James Bond. Play the Hot and Cold game. This one will attract A TON of women interested in sex and more into your life. They will lay by your feet. This is why it’s mostly useful as a single guy. In a relationship (and maybe marriage) it can work as a preselection method.
primal seduction sub boxThis one focuses on your Inner Sexual Game. FREE your sexuality as a man. You will become a BEAST in bed. Literally. Primal desire in women will be through the roof, you will be drooling masculine sexuality. Including subconscious skills to seduce! Be ready!
chosen sub boxBecome Tony Robbins! A beacon of Light and Love with strong ALPHA Status Leadership. This one is POWERFUL in a marriage because it creates an aura of love around you, your wife needs as a balancing. Highly recommended to stack this with Emperor! A deadly combo in ANY marriage!
khan sub boxI don’t recommend this one for anyone to START with. It is a 4-stage sub, technically containing 4 subs. It will BREAK YOU DOWN. KILL all your limiting beliefs about being a man, past experiences, etc.
It is THE most profound masculinity subliminal there is, turning you into a KHAN, having multiple wives, a harem, threesomes, your girls bringing other girls to you for sex, whatever.
But to become that man you need to go THROUGH HELL.
This is NOT for the faint hearted, and might kill existing relationships, so be warned!
Become the KHAN

As you can tell, the more beastly, primal ones are not married guys, the ones containing love or stacking it with love-subs are for married men. Personally I recommend the Emperor for ANY man to start with. It will set your mindset straight on masculinity.

If you want help with what sub to run, check out our telegram group here.

I tested them all, and I could literally see with my wife which ones worked better and which didn’t. Depending on circumstance.

Next Steps

Here’s how I can help you proceed:

  1. Get a Subliminal Messaging Program as mentioned above here
  2. Check out my Youtube Channel to learn more about this topic
  3. Check out the Atomic Conquests Podcast to dive deep into Masculinity and Mindset

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