Can’t Stop Thinking About Her? Here’s Your Key to Freedom

You’ve been through a breakup or even a divorce and now you can’t stop thinking of her.

It doesn’t matter who initiated it. Even if it was you and in the beginning, you finally felt free. At some point down the line, you just can’t get her out of your thoughts. Everything seems like it was so bloomy and great in the past, right? 

Or you’ve been through it you think, and then you meet her again all of a sudden, maybe already with a new guy, and it brings the feelings back. Maybe she doesn’t have a new guy but texts you again all of a sudden. Should you go back with your ex?

No. And I will tell you why and what to do, brother.

Can’t Stop Thinking About Her, the reason

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Your mind is tricking you. Reality wasn’t as hot as you have it in your mind.

First of all, we need to tackle the reason why these thoughts appear all the time. When you first broke up it felt like bliss. Pure freedom, finally out of the shackles. Whatever she did, you’re out!

But now these detrimental thoughts are coming back!

And here is the reason: Your mind tricks you with a side-dish of indoctrination from society.

It is said that our mind makes past experiences about 5x nicer when we recall them than they actually were. The reason is that we add emotions to it when we recall something. Our memory is stored in the collective unconscious, and only our subconscious mind has a connection to that. And as a vivid reader of my blog, you know that the subconscious only operates on emotions.

So anything you recall about your relationship is tainted in positive emotions. Not based in reality. What does it mean?

You can’t stop thinking about her because your mind makes it much nicer than it actually was. This is why you keep wondering if it was a mistake when it was crystal clear while you were breaking up.

Why society has a reason that you can’t stop thinking about her

On top of the bloomy – unreal – past in your mind, society blinds you from the beginning of your life with a scarcity mindset.

That there is only this one woman that fits you. That she is the one. And you need to make it work. Everything is your fault anyway because of your toxic masculinity. You get the picture.

The dark reality is that there are 4 billion women out there. Female energy, as well as hot, loving, feminine women, are there in abundance. And if it doesn’t work out with one, you can find another.

Disney movies, society, and the Media keeps talking about the soulmate.

Now here is reality: Yes, soulmates exist. But there isn’t just ONE. There are multiple. Many people have very similar traits, interests, and quirks you would love. Your chance of finding a woman that is very close or even perfect to your and her needs is actually quite high.

I see memes all the time of people with them living on one side of the planet and their soulmate on the other side of it. This is a scarcity mindset and years of indoctrination.

You need to realize that there was a reason why you broke up. Recall why it was and remove the bloom from the memory. Then, add to it that there are many girls out there, a lot of which would fit your much better.

This is your first step.

Should You Fuck a Bunch of Women to get over her?

own your sht make her submit

Yes and No.

I see this a lot on “alpha blogs” that the easiest way to get over a woman is to fuck 10 other girls. And I get the idea behind it, and it makes sense, but you have to be careful.

Yes, this method will teach you abundance. Which is where it is useful.

However, many a men are still heartbroken or searching for a soulmate when they do this. Then you end up railing a superhot, cute, bubbly girl and you fall madly in love with her after that one “coffee.” While she was really only searching for fun.

Recipe for disaster.

So if you do that, you need to turn your emotions off and be clear with what you are doing there. You are not searching for love in another woman. You are only trying to find out that there are many women out there. This is your ONLY goal when you do this.

If you can keep a clear mind while doing it (not being drunk is helpful), then fine, go with it.

Yet, you need to understand the implications. This will NOT find you a new girl which is much better. No, do not rail 10 girls when you’re actually searching for a relationship. There is a much better way to find back to yourself when you can’t stop thinking about her.

Masculine Purpose over Everything

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There is more to life than women. You know that. Find your purpose, and she will vanish from your thoughts.

I feel like a broken record sometimes. That, however, just means it is true.

You should have found your purpose long before this whole thing with her happened, but I am aware of how society is set up. Better late than never.

I know you can’t stop thinking about her. Your mind is filled with her, her sex, her love, her beauty. I get it. But if you have a purpose, it doesn’t matter.

Go into Monk Mode for a month. Semen Retention, no drugs, no sweets, full focus on your masculine purpose. It will be hard in the beginning (pun intended), but trust me this will free you of the feminine thoughts like nothing else.

Semen Retention is key here because it keeps you off porn or masturbation, or even random hookups because you need to focus on your masculinity. Your manly purpose.

Yes, I am virtually telling you to “just not think about her” if you can’t stop thinking about her. But this is only tough if you don’t have anything to do. Then your mind wanders. If you are busy all day getting shit done, you literally have no time to think about her. Your mind is filled with greatness, purpose, power. Instead of simping over a girl.

You don’t have a purpose yet? Lucky for you I have created a system that helps you find it in under 2 hours!

Get Your Shit Together if you Can’t Stop Thinking About Her

I will now lace you with some tough love.

Stop crying, man. I hope you didn’t literally cry, because men don’t cry about these things. We accept it and move on.

Everything that happens in your life is intentional. It is a lesson or a success. You never lose.

This breakup thus was a lesson to you. Did you vet her wrong in the beginning? Did you fully change yourself in the relationship and then you two didn’t match anymore?

Did you fall for a succubus female?

Whatever it was, there is a lesson in there. Accept it, learn from it, move on. This is self-improvement. Self-conquering. And if you aren’t on that path yet, I hope it will get you there. Many a men started their self-improvement journey with a tough breakup. Now they are spiritual guys bending reality to their will.

But the initial ground zero was a breakup. It’s fine. Everything that works does it.

Again you will have to understand that nobody gives a damn about you. I might be the closest person to actually helping you here. This is the story of a man. You are 100% responsible for your own life. If you sob around seeking comfort and help from others, you will only repel them.

This doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it with friends, but it most likely won’t do shit. Men fix their shit instead of falling deep into their emotions. That is for women. Feel your emotions, accept them, work through them, but don’t sob about them.

Get your shit together, revel in your masculine purpose and build greatness. Become a great or even greater man and let your results speak for you. After a while, your ex will most likely see that and be interested again. But at this point, you are already over her. You have better options now. You are a better man now. You ascended.

Summary of Can’t Stop Thinking About Her

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The Key to freedom is pretty simple. Your Masculine Purpose.

Understand that society set you up wrongly with a scarcity mindset regarding women. There are many women out there. There are also many soulmates out there because many people are actually pretty similar in what they like and do.

Regardless of the feminine, you need to be on your purpose, this is the easiest way to get over any woman. If you’re so busy reveling in your passion, your purpose, that you can’t even think about her.

Go into Monk Mode and get shit done.

And if you haven’t found your purpose yet, my friend. I have just the right tool for you. Click here.


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