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11 Dreadful Mistakes You’re Making With Women

Understand, this post mostly applies to meeting women or new relationships. In a marriage or years down the line, things change a bit. But let’s get into it.


Beautiful creatures, aren’t they? Sometimes breathtaking in a way that shuts down all circuitry in your brain so it only focuses on one thing: Sex.

However, despite being beautiful, they are also mysterious. They act weird, even irritating. Worse, they can be really annoying. They make no sense at all, and never do what they say.

So how in the world is man going to live with them?

Wrong question: What lies have you been told about them which ruin your interactions?

Women are actually pretty easy to live with. And easy to understand, there are just a bunch of mistakes you’re making with women, by putting a masculine lens on the feminine.

Male and female are polar opposites, and because of that they act VERY differently in almost any regard of life.

This guide will help you realize your biggest mistakes, how to do it right, and what to gain from it.

As someone who has been a weak man and a strong man, I can tell you, the truth isn’t pretty, but it works. So, what would you rather have?

Mistake #1 – Thinking You Deserve Better

Most men think they deserve that woman who is cute, bubbly, and feminine, but also a joyful whore in bed. 

But do you really? 

The woman is a mirror of your masculinity. 

A masculine man will draw the attention of a feminine woman. Much like a feminine man will draw a masculine woman. 

This dynamic is always present. Even in gay couples there is a masculine and a feminine part. 

So in turn you need to ask yourself, are you a masculine man worthy of a feminine woman? 

Reality is this, no matter how feminine of a woman you score, over time, if you’re not masculine, she will either ditch or become masculine herself. 

What to learn from this? The kind of woman you have depends on who you are. 

In other words, become a masculine man with confidence, mission, charge, decisiveness, and mental resilience

When you are a great man, you might finally deserve that kind of woman. And even better, they will magically come into your life. And because they are a mirror of your masculinity, you might even turn your current woman around completely. I did. So can you.

Mistake #2 – You Listen To Her Words, Not Her Actions

Speaking directly and clearly what you think is a masculine trait. The feminine speaks her feelings.

And feelings are chaotic and irritating. 

Which is why what she says is mostly to be ignored. You need to watch what she does

While this is generally true for interactions with any human, it’s very important with women. 

For example, when she says, “I really don’t like your new personality” but then proceeds to fuck the shit out of you every time, what is really true then?

Words are cheap, actions are not.

Observe the actions your woman does, and only gauge your own interactions around that.

Vice versa works the same. When she says she really loves sex with you, and you’re such a good guy, but then proceeds to just lay there, doing nothing, then the words are meaningless.

Most men, including you, listen masculine to their women. Which is correct when you interact with men. They say what they mean.

But with women, you don’t really need to listen at all, you need to observe.

Mistake #3 – You think she is different

mistakes you're making with women man being equal to his woman
You two are not equal. Despite what society says.

Women LIKE to be submissive.

They don’t tell you and they don’t want to be submissive first.

They want YOU to be dominant so THEN they can submit to it.

The man always leads the interaction.

Women indirectly tell you they like to be submissive

Look at 50 Shades of Grey. It was the fastest selling book of all time. An average shy woman, being brought into the successful billionaire BDSM man’s world.

THIS is what women dream of.

A new, exciting world she doesn’t know of (BDSM), and not worrying about issues (money, debt, chores), just enjoying life.

Much like we think of life as children, right? Notice a pattern?

What women really want is the life of a child. Because they miss those times of being the innocent girly girl. And you would be well advised to keep that in mind constantly. Speak to the little girl in her!

This is what men want as well. A cute, bubbly, almost childish woman for fun. That (!) is why men go for younger women. Not because we can’t handle them, because we want the childlike femininity of the young girl!

It’s just when you try to make her work, take care of things, etc that she loses that childiness and becomes a nagging hag.

So don’t think bad of the fact that they are very childish.

Go your own way, realize you’re way above them. Do your thing, and use women to enrich your life with cute feminine energy and fun.

Mistake #4 – You Talk To Her

own your sht make her submit

Man and woman communicate very differently. Man usually communicates overtly. Direct.

Women communicate covertly. Subtle, with hints.

So, unless you’re shooting the breeze, and chit-chatting about every day stuff, there is really no point in talking to her about your sex-life (except things you want to try), your business (she doesn’t care, she wants the results), your selfconquering (again, only results count).

Women really don’t give a shit about what you do. They just care about how you do at that job. 

They might ask you about your business, but they don’t care about the details. They want to know if you get ahead, and if not, they’re either supporting you directly, or shit-testing you to get the best out of you.

But the details are irrelevant.

In sex, this is even worse.

I remember once, back in the days, when my sex-life was shit and I initiated (pretty badly) with my wife while she was doing the laundry. She rejected me and I asked her why.


Because now she was thinking about a reason. Women don’t know why they have sex or don’t have sex. They feel it or they don’t.

But if you ask, you engage the rationalization machine. So they MAKE UP a reason to give you an answer. My wife then said it’s because of the laundry she needs to have done first.

This was NEVER an issue before. But suddenly it was. Well, she thought it was. Reality is that I asked, and she had to come up with something.

So from now on she had the connection that when she was doing the laundry, she wasn’t in the mood for sex.

I actively hurt myself. And you have done this a lot as well.

Moral of the story: never talk to them about details, sex, or business.

Remember, she is not your equal. You talk to other men about these things. They actually care.

Mistake #5 – You Make Her A Goddess

Super hot blonde woman with angel wings

You see, there is a reason we call it “Mother Nature.” Nature is female.

Lots of men have no kids. Their genes just die out. But there is almost no woman who doesn’t have one child or more. 

Why? She is the gatekeeper to reproductive success. And the woman chooses who gets to further his genetic material.

Well, to a certain degree. Man does have a say in this (obviously), but you get my point. Female humans are the only ones of 5,000 mammal species where the woman actually chooses who to mate with.

In any other mammal species, the females go into heat, and then they mate with whoever comes by. 

Natural selection is then done by the Alpha Males chasing away the betas.

If you grew up like I did, then you don’t have a father, because motherfucker just ditched. Quite literally.

You’re not the exception, more than 20 million children live in homes without a father (in America), many million more grow up with a physically present father, and that’s it.

So your mother does most of the heavy lifting. Emotionally, as well as raising you with values. Her mother is probably still around, another female imprinting on you.

Then you get thrown into kindergarten. Overwhelmingly female caretakers. A man doing that job is very rare.

School comes by. Mostly female teachers. 

You get the picture. You grow up surrounded by females who are “above you” in virtues, morals, and how you should behave. Ask yourself when you grew up. When was there ever a male authority figure?

Very rarely, right?

So you grow up with all females being authority and sources of knowledge. On top of that, they are undeniably beautiful. They make your dick go crazy, and sex feels like heaven itself.

Naturally, you would ask yourself, “Are women goddesses?”


I told you already that they are inferior to you in pretty much all aspects (except sex since they’re multi-orgasmic) but they also are just a normal human.

They shit, piss, fart. They are annoying, sometimes disgusting, revolting, and can be a pain in the ass.

Just like any man can.

There is NOTHING special about a woman.

But when you put her on that pedestal of being something to worship, you raise her above you. Not only does she not want that, it ruins the natural balance of the sexes.

The feminine is meant to submit. A God cannot submit to a peasant.

Man creates life. The woman receives it.

YOU are the God. Wielder of power over life itself. A celestial being in the universe. You steal its power to create life (sperm) and put it into a flesh-vessel of your desire.

She serves your call. Your decision.

Act like it.

Mistake #6 – Fixing Her Problems, Instead Of Her Feelings

Another issue where you talk masculine with the feminine.

I told you before that women don’t operate rational, but emotional.

So when your wife/girlfriend/woman is laying out her issues, you’re not supposed to fix them. You’re supposed to fix her feelings.

For example, she is having a bad day with the kids. They’re screaming, destroying stuff, etc. She is overwhelmed because due to being emotional they’re also not very mentally resilient.

Most men then go ahead and try to fix the issue. By telling her to talk differently with the kids, grounding them, the lot.

As men, we’re problem solvers. We immediately go out and try to fix the issue.

That’s not what she wants. She wants her feelings to be taken care of. You literally just tell her that she’s doing well (true or not), kiss her on the forehead, and say it’s gonna be fine, we get through this.

Or some other shit. Address her feelings, not the issue at hand. Most “issues” women have are non-issues anyway. Or they’re gone the next day, so spending time and effort on fixing them is moot.

She doesn’t even want that.

She just wants to feel loved, and that she is doing the right thing yadda yadda yadda.

Fix her feelings, not her “problems.”

Mistake #7 – Thinking Women Don’t Like Sex

You’ve been listening to women themselves, as well as society, when you think women don’t like sex.

A woman who wants to fuck you will find unlimited ways to get on your dick.

Think about Arnold Schwarzenegger. His maid played with his kids, knew his wife first name basis, and fucked him in their marital bed.

Is this what a person not interested in sex does?


Women fucking love sex! But only with a great man!

If you’re a weak simp, a beta male without charge and dominance, she will come up with rationalizations as to why she doesn’t like sex that much.

As I mentioned before with the laundry from my wife.

If she doesn’t feel desire for you, she will come up with bullshit, like:

  • Women just aren’t so much into sex
  • It’s “normal” for sex to go down in marriage/kids
  • The older you get, the less sex-drive you have
  • The longer the relationship, the less sex you have

And more of that crap.

It’s all made up.

Once I turned myself around, fixed my mindset, my life, and myself, the sex-life with my wife skyrocketed. 

I have better sex now than when we were dating. Four years into the marriage, with a baby in the household.

You can learn how I did that if you click here.

Women are very much into sex. Otherwise, humans would’ve long died out.

Change your mindset about this.

It’s all in your head. Not in reality.

Mistake #8 – Complaining All The Time

There is nothing that dries up your woman quicker than you complaining about your issues.

I coined a term for this: the victim puke.

A lot of guys (especially married) come home from work, and unload their bullshit onto their wife.

Because society told you you need to communicate (see mistake #4). You need to talk to her, express your feelings, talk to her about your problems.


Women don’t give a fuck. They may listen, and pretend they do, but they don’t. What they’re really thinking is this:

“Oh shit, he has so many issues, and can’t get it under control. Is he really the man for me? I might talk to Chad again, he seems to not have these issues.”

Alright, this was exaggerated, but you get my point.

For a woman, it radiates insecurity and incompetence if you complain about things.

I made it a habit to NEVER complain about anything to my wife. None of the issues I have I communicate. Or very rarely. If there’s something she needs to do, obviously, I tell her.

But money, the house, my business, whatever. None of her concern.

Remember, women want a capable man. Money is just a display of you being a capable man. You have skills, you add value to other people’s lives. That’s how you made money.

Rarely do women really care about money directly, they care about you being capable to do shit.

Money can always be gone. Skills you keep.

When you’re complaining, you’re putting yourself in the victim position. You are the victim, someone else is in charge, has the power to fix your issues, but not you.

That automatically makes you weak.

Stop complaining about anything. You can shittalk the president if you wish, but your actual problems are none of your woman’s concern.

Mistake #9 – Restraining Your Dark Masculinity

Black panther with fiery glowing eyes
You are afraid of your dark side, when in reality it yields great (positive) power.

Due to years of social conditioning you’re virtually afraid of your dark side.

The parallels to Star Wars aren’t so far off. 

They say that the dark side is much stronger, and it’s displayed in all the cool abilities the bad guys always have in the movies.

But everyone tries to be the good guy because you’ll get to be a “proper” person with power, whereas the bad guys always hide in their villain lairs.

But ask yourself this, “How has being good worked so far for you?”

I am not saying you should become Darth Vader and overthrow empires and randomly kill planets.

But you should stop being afraid of your dark masculinity. To make this more clear let’s talk about what real, actual dark masculinity looks like in the real world, not Hollywood:

None of this sounds so bad, does it?

But this is what you draw from your “dark side.” What people refer to as the dark side is what I call the “weak side.”

When you tap into your dark side out of resentment, not strength.

When you’re passive aggressive, when you hit women, when you cry like a toddler, when you lash out without reason.

This is rooted in dark energy, but it comes from a different place. Resentment.

THAT is what you should be afraid of.

Your real dark side is very powerful, and tapping into will give you great results.

Try it with your woman next time you two have sex.

Ravish her. Take her as YOU want. Turn her round into the positions YOU want her. Tell her directly what to do. Let yourself go. Really give in to your animalistic nature.

You will FEEL the immense power in this. And you will see how she will be left in a puddle of tough love, she craves so much.

That will make her obsessed with you.

And then you will try to tap into your dark side, your anger, and aggression when you try to change your life.

Anger is a fantastic motivator. Use it to attack problems.

Be fucking angry that you’re not where you should be in life. Don’t be angry at others. Be angry at yourself. Use that anger to CHANGE things.

Mistake #10 – Thinking Shit-Tests Are Bad

You’re very annoyed anytime your wife nags you. Or your woman is acting utterly irrational.

I get it. It IS annoying.

But only because you don’t understand where it comes from.

These are called shit-tests. They had their origin in the pickup artistry. That’s usually when you approach a girl, she will eventually give you “shit” to see if you’re the real deal or easily discouraged.

For example, if she says, “I don’t date short guys” this is a shit-test. She tries to see if you are now disappointed and leave, or if your frame is strong enough to not care. You usually amplify this with something like, “Your best friend thought very differently about this last night.” or some other shit.

It doesn’t really matter what you say there as long as you’re not fazed by it.

It’s a test of your mental resilience. If you bow down to what others think of you.

In a relationship, there are similar tests.

When you come home and tell her you got a bonus at work of $3,000 and she says, “Why didn’t you bring the milk I told you?”

Man is usually confused why the fucking milk matters now.

But she is really testing to see if some pointless shit like this can derail you, or if you’re the real deal.

And this is actually good. Because if you pass the test, she can happily submit to you.

See, a woman can only be submissive to a strong man.

If you’re weak, she has to be strong and lead, she can’t be submissive that way.

If you’re strong, and you don’t bow down to bullshit, then she can let herself go, tap deep into her femininity, and kneel before you.


So in turn, being shit-tested is actually GOOD.

It means she WANTS to submit to you, but she needs to see if she safely CAN.

When a woman stops shit-testing you, she already lost all interest.

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Indifference means there are no feelings left.

As long as you are being tested, your woman still wants to kneel.

Mistake #11 – Putting Too Much Energy Into The Feminine

Potentially the biggest mistake you make is making the woman the center of your universe.

Wife or not. Even if you’re single, you always try to get into them. To be admired by women and whatnot.

Completely upside down mindset.

The feminine is a compliment to the masculine. Never the center.

For the woman, love is the center of her universe, so she needs to find a partner. But for the man, his purpose is the center of his universe.

Women come along for the ride. Sometimes your whole life and it’s fine.

But she is NEVER the center.

I repeat, NEVER the center.

The issue that arises when she is the center of your universe is twofold: Firstly, she cannot be part of your life anymore which I already mentioned is the exciting part for her. She is your life now, so nothing to join there.

Secondly, this makes you needy. If she is the center of your universe, she has the power over you. By spreading her legs or not, she controls you, your mood, your life, your universe.

This makes you a very weak man.

You wonder why women go for jerks who seemingly don’t give a fuck about them? This is the answer!

These “jerks” have their own life. They don’t care about sex itself. They have things to do. So the woman gladly joins, and she has no control over him.

It’s like a bird. Do you rather try to catch a bird who wants to leave the cage at any moment, or want one who comes home anyway?

The latter is boring as fuck.

Nothing to fear, nothing to be cautious of.

Be a bird, constantly trying to flee and you will have unlimited sex.

Not because you fake to be that guy. Because you have better things to do.

As you should.

ascension subliminal program banner

Strive for greater things.

That is your masculine calling.


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