Why does NoFap make you successful?

I have talked about porn a lot and how it is bad for you, especially in this article here. However, whenever I say that not masturbating (NoFap) makes you successful, people look at me with weird eyes. What does not rubbing one out have to do with business? And how does NoFap make you successful? Well, let’s find out.

What is NoFap?

The term comes from “not fapping” and fapping is a slang term for masturbation. The real origination of the term isn’t quite clear. But this started decades ago, so it’s nothing new. The first explanation I heard is that it is bound to the sound of the foreskin going back and forth when you rub one out. *fapfapfap*

Anyway, NoFap right now is a whole community on Reddit, and pretty much a movement of guys indulging in not indulging. They voluntarily don’t give in to masturbating to porn (or in general) like most men do each day. You would be surprised how common it is for men these days to masturbate almost daily.

Why not?

The immediate question pretty much always comes up. Why would you not masturbate, even occasionally? It’s not that bad, is it? And it’s good for your prostate! The contractions help reduce prostate cancer!

Well, all of this is bullshit. For some simple reasons, but also for some deeper energy reasons which the Taoists knew to which I will get later. For now, let’s tackle the immediate. Prostate cancer. There was a study from Harvard, which said, that men who ejaculate 21 times or more a month have a 31% reduced risk of prostate cancer. However, this study was flawed in the way, that it didn’t account for the lifestyle of the people. You can read it here yourself. It even opens with the premise that we don’t really know what causes prostate cancer.

The wise man bases his knowledge in reality. Things that work, work for a reason.

The Conqueror

There are so many factors which can possibly cause it, we just don’t know. Yet, because on some men it seemingly had a positive effect, everyone picked up on that study and put it as gospel that you just should shoot your load as much as possible to prevent that cancer.

However, even if it might be true, it only reduces the risk of it. All based on a study without a control group. It was merely an observation, which again, could’ve been caused by a ton of other things. For example, diet, general lifestyle, drugs, smoking, alcohol. Personally, I think it has the opposite effect. Frequent masturbation weakens your immune system, lowers your testosterone, and makes you irritating. Why?

Your life force

a sexy muscular warrior

I touched on this topic a bit before here. We know that semen is made out of your best blood cells, but it goes further. It is said, that the production of sperm takes up to a third of a man’s daily energy output, and is especially taxing on the glandular/immunological system.

Which makes sense, because, well, you literally create life out of nothing. Or rather, out of yourself. The sperm already lives when you make it. Creating life obviously is pretty taxing, why wouldn’t it be? And since it uses so much energy, this is also the reason why you are tired after sex. Because you’ve spent so much energy. Now imagine, spending this energy every day and shooting it in a napkin. Your body is constantly forced to reproduce your energy levels for more sperm. No time to use that energy for other things. Like, your immune system, your physique, or your mental fortitude to be successful.

Now I know this sounds a lot like pseudo-science. And it is because there isn’t actual science on this. Which is why we rely again on experience and real-life knowledge. If you come in with your, “Where is the scientific evidence, bro?” you can close this tab right away. Just because there isn’t scientific evidence on something, doesn’t make it less true. Or you want to argue that black holes don’t exist? Which we still don’t understand?

In a man’s life, there are multiple sources trying to suck out his energy. He needs to cultivate it as much as possible.

The Conqueror

However, even if you ignore the pseudo-science, we know that one tablespoon full of ejaculate (which isn’t even your full load), contains the same amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids as four full-fledged meals. In other words, eight ounces of steak, ten eggs, six oranges, and two lemons. A healthy man requires one to three weeks to replenish the nutrition which was used for that one tablespoon. If you spill that seed, your body doesn’t have enough nutrition and building blocks left to provide your vital organs and biological systems. And you spill all this important stuff down the drain?

How does nofap make you successful?

“Fine, but how does nofap make you successful?” Pretty simple. If we look at people who stopped masturbating and quit porn for good, we see them thrive. There is not a single person who said, their life got worse when they stopped masturbating. Not one! Show me one if you know them. This is real-life evidence.

The nofap timeline on making you successful. I can vouch for this, that's how it was for me
If you manage the first 30 days, you will see such great benefits, you don’t need me to convince you anymore.

But how? Well, you keep your life-force in, your body doesn’t need to produce sperm all day, it can use the energy for other stuff in your body as I mentioned above. You are less irritated, generally, because you don’t do your basic survival instinct with pixels on a screen and shoot it down the toilet. You become more confident since you know yourself. You aren’t a loser who can’t get laid and masturbates to porn. Because, well, it’s embarrassing, isn’t it? You don’t go out and freely tell people you rub one out every day, do you? So there is something inherently negative about it.

So how does nofap make you successful again? By not being a sore loser mentally, and by having a physical body who can make use of the energy we all possess. But this isn’t external validation. I am not judging you. Nobody is. YOU do it. You know very well you sort of feel depressed, hate yourself, etc. That post-nut feeling of “what the hell did I again?” It is ingrained in us.

That’s all bullshit

As with any addiction, you will deny it at first, of course. I did it for the longest time. Trust me, I have been through that journey. I masturbated to porn every day for years. And when I finally quit, I was a new man. And look where I am now, I am making money online, at home, not even wearing pants, and you’re reading my shit. Isn’t that something to strive for?

Nofap making you successful is just one of many benefits
Short-term pleasure is always bad in the long-run.

All you do is give in to your deeper, animalistic needs without anything in return. Quite the opposite. It makes you feel worse because you know very well how bad it is for you. It literally makes you worse. I actually don’t even need to write these lines. I am just reinforcing what you already know deep down. You know how bad it is for you. You may just not know how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

But since you don’t buy that shit, let’s hammer you with some facts we already know on top of the nutritious facts I mentioned above:

  • Fapping causes increased levels of Prolactin which decreases the production of testosterone. This means that you’ll end up with more estrogen in your body (i.e. you’ll have an increased likelihood of having man boobs). Less testosterone = less sex drive (libido), less bone mass, more fat distribution, less muscle mass and strength, and less production of red blood cells and sperm.
  • Anhedonia is also called the “silent depression” because most people don’t realize its a form of depression. You will feel emotionally numb. Now, this may not apply to everyone, but it is a known issue for some. It’s a very common withdrawal symptom of alcoholics, marijuana users, cocaine users, and excess natural reward consumptionDamaged/lost dopamine receptors are the cause of this.
  • Imbalance of Serotonin and Dopamine. Since you constantly heavily alter your Serotonin and Dopamine levels (due to orgasm being the heaviest dopamine release man knows), the equilibrium of it gets shattered. Serotonin is a big part of regulating your emotions. Which is why you feel irritated and emotional.
  • Reduced testosterone levels also ruin the possibility for building muscles, and generally looking more manly. After all, testosterone is the manliness hormone. If you have less of it, well, you less look like a man. We’ve seen men grow tougher jawlines after quitting that shit and increasing their testosterone. It does affect your physical appearance!
  • 90 days or 120 days is this magic number that gets thrown around. You can absolutely make huge progress if you manage to not fap for that amount of time. However, dopamine receptors usually take from 6 months to 1 year to fully repair. So you better start now!

The Tao of not rubbing one out

A monk meditating on a hill

I am currently reading this great book right here. You can actually download it for free there as PDF. The Taoists took this whole approach a bit further. Masturbating isn’t even a question for them. They keep the semen in, even in sexual intercourse. And even if they orgasm. This kind of self-restraint takes years of practice to master. This was once secret knowledge only for Kings and the elite class. With books like these, that knowledge was finally released to the public.

Basically, they try to keep the power inherited in the semen in their body, so it moves up from the prostate to your spine to your brain. This is what western society calls blue balls. And men (me included) have always said, it hurts. But it doesn’t. What it really is, is an immense form of energy you just never knew you had.

A man who cannot restrain himself from sexual pleasures is easily manipulated.

The Conqueror

It feels weird, and that urge to get the relief is so strong, you won’t manage it for years. Hell, I still can’t do it. But I feel different about blue balls now. The body is totally capable of re-using the energy from the sperm. It doesn’t stay forever in the balls until you finally shoot. That is bullshit. You tend to have a bigger load when you shoot after days of restraining, yes. But this is what should be your normal size. It has just been reduced because your body couldn’t produce so much since you were busy shooting it each day.

When you have blue balls, you just can’t sit still, right? This isn’t because you just need to make it fly. It is energy! Pure, raw energy. Try doing physical exercise instead. The power you have, you wouldn’t believe it! This is life-juice in its purest form! Now imagine you could use this energy in other ways. How does nofap make you successful, you ask? Well, do I need to say more?

Starting slowly

Now, obviously, you aren’t there yet. And for you, it would be best to just stop porn (learn how, here), and then stop fapping altogether. It will be the hardest after 7 days. Because on day 7, your testosterone spikes to over 145% of the baseline. We don’t know exactly why that is. But this has been reported a lot. That day will be hard. But if you power through, you will feel way different. If you manage 30 days for the first time, you will wonder why you ever did that.

And it has another neat benefit. If you aren’t constantly on your woman’s ass, demanding pussy, she will want it more. It is this weird paradox, but we always want what we can’t have. So if you don’t try to initiate for 30 days, she will wonder what’s up and probably want to suck your brains out. They don’t like losing power over their sex.

Notice something? Only benefits so far. Did you notice anything negative about quitting masturbation? No. I can’t report anything because there isn’t anything bad about stopping it. And if you think there is, you’re lying to yourself. But if you really know anything negative about it, tell me in the comments below.

Also, if you need guidance on quitting, get my OWN YOUR SHIT eBook, it contains a Quitting porn manifesto, which also contains NoFap. With it, you can achieve 120 days of no porn, after which the physical changes in your brain will be reverted, and as in the image above, you will be a new man.

More detail on the Taoist way in this free book here.

Alexander Reich

Alexander Reich is an author, gym-nut, and entrepreneur. Now he is passionately seeking mastery of the mind and his marriage. He shares his secrets with other men, so they can learn from his mistakes.