How to Find Your Higher Self in 2022

How to find your higher self has always been the goal for man. Who are you really? Deep down? The source? The person you display, is that who you really are? Or the person you are on Instagram?

Everyone has a perception of you. They have an image in their mind who you are. This means, there are hundreds of “you’s” in existence. The pressing question is, who do YOU think is you? And how do you find your higher self in this process?

Why is finding your higher self important?

You wouldn’t be on this blog post if you didn’t feel a void in your soul.

You might be living a somewhat decent life. A secure job, a wife that once was hot for sex (but it just is what it is, right?), and some decent kids. Maybe.

It’s fine, right? You’re okay. Why do you need to find yourself?

Because you’re lying to yourself.

You have no clue who you are. The real you, you’ve kept away for the better part of 3 or 4 decades.

You think you know who you are. Probably because people tell you, right?

“You’re such a nice guy” is what others might tell you. But are you really? This is what THEY think who you are. And through living in a backwards society for decades, you started to believe that. The subconscious mind accepts through repetition (that’s one way). So through constant repeating of who you supposedly are, you started to believe it.

Once you finally find your true self, you will also find your higher self. But what does that really mean?

Why you are NOT who you really are

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Do you really know who you are? Or where you are going in your life?

You might think you have a grasp of the “You.” But you don’t.

Trust me, I considered myself to fully know who I am deep down and what I like and like to do. Until I discovered Subliminal Messaging to remove faulty programming which brought me back to my real self. Which opened up a pathway to manifestations, reality, and JOY of life I couldn’t imagine before.

That’s just one way to do it.

You have to understand that everything you do right now, you enjoy, things you like and buy is done by your programming.

From the moment we are born, our subconscious mind picks up everything like a sponge. And then we build on top of what we experienced. But this is programming that was done by our environment. Not by ourself. Our higher self. Or the source.

The question then really comes down to: Do you believe you are born with a personality or not?

Let us explore the dark reality.

How our materialistc world removes access from our higher self

From growing up, we’re constantly told to chase money.

Because the things we then can buy will make us happy. We’re told to be jealous of people who have a lot because capitalism is evil, yet we’re shown these things all the time (you never noticed this because your higher self was intentionally turned off via shitty food, porn, and easy pleasures).

Then why is it that whenever someone goes into the woods for 30 days, fasting, and completely removing himself from society and its stimuli, ALL of them always find themselves and stop caring about any of these things?

Why are these “enlightened” people so happy all the time, despite not having the newest Rolex Watch or driving a Lamborghini?

It is because they are one if themselves. Their higher self. Their real personality. Not the one that was given to them.

Is Astrology for women?

is astrology for women
Is Astrology just some bullshit for women or is there something to it?

In the beginning, Astrology was only accessible to men and it was invented by men. Which is funny because women understand it much better due to their emotional nature.

You are on a masculinity blog, and if you’ve been in the Manosphere for a while, you think Astrology is for women and I have turned gay. Because it’s esoteric bullshit and not based in reality.

And you would be wrong. Very wrong.

One of the most powerful men out there utilize Astrology. And our modern Astronomy is actually derived from it. Your ego is in the way of using any data available. Your masculine insecurity. You seriously dismiss data because other people might look at you weird because you use it. If that isn’t insecure masculinity I don’t know what is.

Because Astrology can help you find your higher self. Once you understand that everything is connected, you will understand that the planets do play a role in your personality.

And if you still think it is too esoteric, use it as additional data, some of which you can use, some of which is bullshit. Up to you.

If you ever want to attain power over reality, a higher consciousness, and everything that happens in your life, then you need to understand all aspects of it. One of which is astrology.

How Astrology helps you to find your higher self

A personal story.

I have spent years removing emotions out of my life. The Manosphere spoke and I listened. A man should not have emotions. So I suppressed all of them. Little did I know at this point, that this is just half the answer. Now I fully understand the fabrics of reality.

Any human has emotions and it is totally fine to have them. Further, as a man, emotions are your most powerful tool. Even if you solely use them to influence people and especially women in your life. They are very powerful. You’ve just been using them wrongly.

In other words, you just let yourself be controlled by them in the past, instead of using their power to your own benefit.

It is the difference between simping hard for a woman because you pedestalize her and being fully in LOVE with a girl, giving her all the emotions, but still being strong enough to not be abused, disrespected, or used as a provider.

Both is rooted in emotions, but with very different outcomes.

When I went into Subliminal Messaging, it brought me back to my source. It removed any false limiting belief, as well as any belief which was rooted in wrong foundations. This means, acting all alpha was all removed and I came back to understanding myself better. My higher self. I was once again connected to my soul.

This brought back actually feeling emotions and giving out love to others, which in return gave me abundance and love back.

What you give into the world, is what you get out.

Astrology was a key here because it told me that I am being Gemini, I love living fully in the moment. This was important because I was chasing goals all the time and I wondered why they would elude me, whereas it works for others. Simple, I am not meant to chase anything, I am meant to live fully in the moment.

I give my life intentions. It’s not the YOLO lifestyle, and it works. But understanding your source is very powerful, because it slows down time and helps you find joy in life again.

It also showed me that I have a huge interest for teaching and communication, which is exactly where my purpose lies, which is what I am doing these days and I’ve never been happier with life. This is where Astrology helps you find your higher self. Your source. If you want to have the full-fledged Natal Chart Astrology, click here.

Should you even want to find your higher self? Are there dangers?

Find your higher self has humble beginnings.

Some men are seriously afraid of finding their true nature. This is due to decades of social conditioning.

They think if they find their manliness deep down, they are immediately like Mike Tyson, ripping people’s ears off.

The reality is that due to social conditioning and enslaving your mind, you are so focused on easy pleasures like sex that you look like this:

Meme simp asking for pussy

I ask you: Is sex really everything in your life? Is there nothing else you truly care about than ravishing the feminine cave? Don’t you have higher goals with this very short life you have on this planet?

And this is where your journey starts. Questioning your current life. The establishment and what you’re being told. Which is pretty much my whole brand. Conquer yourself. Discover what you are truly capable of!

This is tough work. Don’t take it lightly. Questioning everything in your life and realizing a ton of those lies will send you into chaos. Something your mind tries to avoid like the plague. But much like the Phoenix needs to die first before she can raise from the ashes, so you need to walk through that valley.

Read this post about higher consciousness to understand where it starts.

The dangers of finding your higher self

Yes, there are dangers.

Once you embark on this journey to find your source, your real being, people in your life currently will have a hard time relating to you and you to them.

You just cannot fathom this person anymore. How they keep eating this unhealthy bad food, consume this negative stuff all the time.

You will lose people out of your life. But understand that this is good.

There is a sacrifice that is necessary to achieving a higher self. It is letting go of your old self. And connected to your old self are people.

Some of them will follow you on your journey because they like what they’re seeing. Some will call you esoteric, weird, and a hippie. Don’t fret, you cannot help someone who doesn’t want your help.

You can lead the horse to the trough, but you can’t make it drink.

Understand that this attachment to these people is another issue you’re facing and that’s keeping you from greatness. You will need to practice detachment of people, things, and yourself.

This is not an easy task.

We’re told from the beginning that we need to take care of things. People fall in love with their cars, phones, houses. But don’t care about leaving a puppy at the side of the road because they don’t have time to take care of it.

Realize that society has not your best in mind. It is the Rule #2 in the Unchained Man.

What they want (you can choose who “they” is, it doesn’t matter to your journey, does it?) is your energy. Your best years of your life to work in a shitty, meaningless 9-5 filling out spreadsheets. They have no use for people revolting or doing their own thing.

What Makes a Good Man Reveling in the Higher Self?

At this point, people usually ask themselves, “If the simp is weak, and there is tons of toxic masculinity, what is a good man then?”

Well, first of all, toxic masculinity is this token term that gets thrown around whenever a woman doesn’t get what she wants. Or a feminist, rather. A good woman never uses that term.

A good man is a decisive, confident, leading man of charge. He has integrity and emotional maturity.

I know you’ve been told for decades that happy wife means happy life, but it’s bullshit. You don’t need to make her life miserable, but if your sole goal is to make her happy, guess who won’t be happy?

Yes, you.

A man follows his mission. He does the best for himself, which in turn, gives the people around him the incentive to be the best of themself. He leads by example. He is a force of wisdom and rationality around the emotional turmoil of women and children. Can you tell where this is going?

Yes, before you achieve a higher self you need to lay the foundation. You need to eradicate your unhealthy form of love towards women, replace it with giving from strength, and then you can come back to giving love to everyone. When you have the foundation of a strong character and strong boundaries in place.

If I would tell you right now, that finding your higher self means compassion, love, and positive emotions, you would get nothing from life. I know, because I have been there. The Law of the Paradox. You have to love less first to give love fully and from strength later.

So is the path.

In other words, you need to love yourself first, before you can love others. So far you loved others without loving or even respecting yourself. The path to misery.

How to find Yourself and the Man within you

Handsome man with beard on motorcycle finding himself
Finding yourself could mean going on a motorcycle trip for weeks. Or in the woods. But you need to be with yourself.

If you’re a young guy, with no girlfriend, wife, kids, etc. I would recommend you save a bit of money and go out in the wilderness for a month. I am dead serious. Be alone with yourself. Absent from all the distractions of porn, social media, and fake news. Just you and yourself.

It might feel lonely. But this will truly show you, who you are.

People were Enlightened by fasting for 30 days in the forest. You might be far away from that goal, but it is a start. So if you can, definitely do that. Be alone with yourself and your thoughts. This will show you all your fears, all your shortcomings. Who you truly are.

The real-life version for people with responsibilities

Do it anyway.

If you are like me, and you have or had responsibilities when you woke up to reality and started to make something of yourself, you can’t just go out into the woods and chill for a month. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. It just takes a little longer.

What you do is this: Start something that you think is your thing.

Basically, your mission.

You need something for yourself. Which does have nothing to do with your wife, kids, etc. Something you do just for your own sanity and goals in life.

Be careful of mental traps though. Your goal might be to become rich (which is totally fine) but do it because YOU want to own a Lamborghini, not because you would like to buy a better house for your wife.

Big difference.

The reasoning for that goal must come from your soul. Otherwise, you won’t put in the needed effort!

Also, don’t overthink that goal.

Along the path, you will realize, it truly isn’t what makes you go. What feeds your flame. What enlightens your passion. And then you switch it up and try something new.

Go into Monk Mode to find your Higher Self

Monk meditating on a mountain
You don’t need to be this guy, but Monk Mode for a month should help you find your higher self.

You don’t need to go to Tibet and meditate on a mountain for a month. But meditation and a month is a good start.

For one month, restrain yourself from all distractions.

  • No sex
  • No porn, no masturbation (Semen Retention)
  • No sweets
  • No Alcohol (no drugs should go without saying)
  • No News (should’ve stopped that years ago!)
  • No videogames, No Netflix
  • Meditate daily for at least 15 minutes

For one month, become a Monk. Eat healthy, exercise, meditate daily and refrain from ANY earthly pleasures.

This will be a tough month, trust me. But this is also where you will find your source. The reason your higher self is so far from you right now, is because you numb your brain with all these easy pleasures, escaping reality, escaping yourself. Your soul.

Once you are alone with yourself, without the numbing and distracting of the modern world, you will quickly find yourself. And you can still be around your kids.

And if you are currently in a sexless marriage, this will solve it as well. When you are suddenly in control of the sex, she will want that power back (these power games are bad, but it will show you that you have more control than you think).

My Path to Myself

ascension subliminal program banner

See, when I realized that my life wasn’t what I wanted it to be, I started the first thing that came to mind. Back then, this was cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin. I didn’t really enjoy the financial markets at all. But I thought I could make a ton of money from it. (And I did).

Back then, I also thought that money is the most important thing to obtain. Well, we’ve all been there, right? If your current goal is to make a million bucks, fine. Go with it. It’s better to be unhappy in a Mercedes, than under a bridge.

So I tried to do trading Bitcoin and Altcoins. I tried to stake them (passive income). I was also on Twitter all the time, and everyone and their mother had an email list. So I did that as well. I made an info-product out of my half-arsed knowledge, etc. All while quitting porn and masturbation.

I tried it all.

Realizations while finding your Higher Self

However, I realized, I didn’t really enjoy the new hustle. Due to my new-found mindset, I kept pushing it. Which is good. You should always go all the way, and don’t just stop after two weeks. Put in months, even years into your business, before you see anything and decide.

But sometimes, you don’t need that long. You just realize, you don’t even like doing it. So I did something else.

I started a blog about cryptocurrencies. I started a Youtube Channel about that as well. And I wrote a full-fledged book. I deleted all of it.

Anyway, that didn’t cut it either.

I was still influenced by what other people deemed the right fit for me. Not what I truly wanted deep down.

Finding My Higher Self

While I was reading and watching more and more stuff about masculinity, mankind, relationships, and the meaning of life, I realized, that this financial market thing is shallow as hell. I pretty much stopped caring about becoming a millionaire. I wanted my life to have meaning.

Your legacy is not how much currency you had in your bank while you died. It is how meaningful your name was to other people.

You probably feel the same about money. And if you don’t do so, yet, that feeling will eventually hit you. I realized that I always loved writing. Hence why I had that blog, and I was writing a book. I truly enjoyed being creative with words. I was just on the wrong topic.

That’s when I started writing my first ever novel about society and a loser beta male being forced to become a real man. That book is really just about me.

And I started this blog, and the Youtube channel to help you, and other people conquer themselves. Just like I did.

Other things I also did? Started a Webdesign company. Started drawing and designing logos. I was looking into dropshipping. All kinds of bullshit.

While I was on the self-improvement journey (also called 4D Consciousness), I was ascending. I became better. I started to like life more and more. Each day where I conquered myself and proceeded, I felt better. Little did I know back then, that I still wasn’t even close to where I needed to be. This hit me later when I discovered Subliminal Messaging.

Start something to find anything

But you shouldn’t skip steps. Because if you do, this only prolongs your way along the Path.

Already realized what you have to do? SOMETHING.

To find yourself you need to START. Anything. It doesn’t fucking matter.

It took me over a year of doing shit I don’t care too much about to one day have that “duh” moment. The moment where I realized that what I truly enjoy is writing. Like this blog post.

Writing words and moving people is what makes me happy. It keeps me going. I don’t need motivation to do it. I am passionate about it.

Even though I loved writing way too long comments on Facebook and Twitter, it never crossed my mind, that the process of writing is actually what I enjoy. This is the key: I didn’t even know what I liked.

I thought I loved Videogames. That’s where I spent most of my free time. Now? I haven’t touched a game in months. I much rather write my books. It flows out of me.

You might have already realized, that the picture of the conqueror in my mind constantly changed. And still does.

How to Find Your Higher Self Within a Month

how to find your higher self man in keys
Image by Kevin Carden

Now I know how it is. Regardless of what I said above, you want to accelerate this process.

While I don’t recommend it, you CAN do it. With Subliminal Messaging.

You can learn what it is here.

But if you truly want to find your deeper meaning, I can give you guidance here on which Program to use.

These can also guide you along the path from the ground up so you can start right away. This is what I recommend:

Subliminal Messaging for the whole Path of Enlightenment

I know you want to dive right into The Alchemist to find your Spirituality. But Multistage programs are tough to run, especially for a beginner. I recommend you start with an “Alpha” program, which really just means building your inner confidence. These are usually easier to run and it helps your mind get accustomed with the Subliminal Messaging.

Remember that these are not children’s toys. Don’t overexpose yourself or you can create an emotional trauma. That’s no joke!

Start with that:

This should be your absolute baseline. Run it for a month or two.

If you have a ton of traumas from the past, depression, or you need emotional healing, Dragon Reborn is your key. Yes, it is a Multi-Stager, so it will be tough. But this sub is tough regardless. I don’t recommend running this before you have 2 months of exposure to subliminal programs.

After 2-3 months of Subliminal exposure, it is time to find your higher self. Go into the Alchemist.

Not an easy program, because it is again a Multi-Stage Subliminal. But it will truly free yourself of any external validation, wrong beliefs, and wrong aims towards life. You will find back to your soul!

For the other areas of your life, see the following chapters. At the end of each one I put the corresponding Subliminal Program you can or should use.

If you want proper guidance directly matching your path (for example, aligned with your Astrology chart so you TRULY know where you should be going, join the League of Shadows where I help you with that directly).

Finding Yourself with Women

Young confident business man in chair
What kind of a man do you WANT to be? This is up to you. No one else.

Single, or not, I would recommend reading 2 books first: The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida, and The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi.

Start with The Way of the Superior Man.

You need to know some truths about the ladies first before you decide on what you want to do with them.

This will set you up mentally. And then, apply this to your relationship, or the next time you get into one and see what’s what. Do you want a long-term relationship? Or rather have occasional lays and focus on something else?

Either way, I personally think you should still consider marriage because it makes you grow as a person.

The best Subliminal Program to fix your relationship(s) with women to start would be:

It’s a mixture of two great subliminals. Primal to find your inner beast and seduction for, well, seduction of women.

Evaluating yourself in a marriage

Right now, you might think you love that woman the way she is. And how you treat women.

But maybe not, maybe deep down you rather want a harem instead of just your current wife?

Maybe you are already where you want to be with women. But do you really know?

If you’re already married, I wouldn’t recommend “trying” a bunch of girls now to see where you at, but go out and approach women.

Get comfortable with feminine energy other than your wives’. If you are like me, quite quickly I got tired of this and rather wanted to work on my mission.

Which is good, because as I said, marriage is important to make you grow as a person. But in the end, it is your decision. Don’t let me decide for you what you should do with your dick.

That’s up to you.

But make sure it is actually your decision. And not societies’.

If you are already married and you want to keep that woman, I recommend a mixture of Primal Seduction and Heartsong as Subliminal Stack.

Heartsong will help you create a truly soulmate-bond with your woman. And Primal Seduction is for the physical part.

Finding Your Higher Self with Success and Wealth

Handsome business man with cigar and expensive car
Not everyone is made for this kind of lifestyle. That’s fine. As long as you are true to yourself.

Right now, you might be completely wrong about what you truly love. What just comes out of you naturally. Unless you have time to meditate for a month in the woods, I tell you, just start something.

Whatever comes to your mind right now. Writing books, or a blog. Making Youtube clips. Making Music. Become a professional trainer at a gym. Start your own business. It doesn’t fucking matter. Just. Start.

And along the way, you will adjust.

Realize that some things don’t flow with you, and drop them, or outsource them. The best thing, along the lines you will obtain some other skills, that may or may not be helpful.

And when you finally find your passion and start what you love, you already have a skill set that is worth something.

Or you realized that none of this stuff is really important to you, and you rather have a decent, but chill life with your family. It’s fine.

Not everyone is made for freelancing, and not everyone should be doing it.

But again, be aware that it is what you want.

The best Subliminal Program for your wealth and money needs is Ascended Mogul to start out. You can also add R.I.C.H. as a booster to it, but it is energy-intensive!

Finding your Powerful Masculinity

Gorgeous old man with beard and cigar masculinity
Nobody but you can tell you what kind of masculinity you want to radiate.

Finally the important topic.

With so much trash-talk around masculinity, and what a real man is, it is really up to man itself to find that.

Nobody can tell you what kind of man you want to be.

I am not even telling you to not be a simp. I am just saying if you want to have recurring sex with your wife, be respected by other men, parents, and pretty much anyone, simping is not the plan.

Just be aware that society has tried to drown true, healthy masculinity for a while now. For multiple reasons.

They tried to make you feel bad for wanting sex regularly and liking beauty in a woman. Or anyone really. When in fact, it is totally natural.

There are men out there like Andrew Tate for example, who is a multimillionaire and has laid probably 400+ women.

And then there are men out there who only had sex with one woman, but they still have sex with that one woman regularly and feel fine about it.

No one can tell you what is right or wrong. What kind of man you should be.

All I can tell you is what works and what doesn’t. But maybe it’s all bullshit, and you can totally make a harem work in the new age and society still have you love you.

Go out and do the impossible, it’s up to you.

Just make it your conscious decision.

The best Subliminal Program to start finding the man within you is Ascension. If you want to find the inner beast and truly REVEL in the moment, check out Primal.

Summary of How to find your Higher Self

godlike masculinity subliminal program banner

Don’t let anyone dictate you who or what you should be. That does include me. Question everything I say. Including those words.

We stopped questioning everything we hear a while ago, and look what it brought us.

Sexless marriages, weak men who can’t protect nobody, and spoiled brats.

Question what people tell you. This will show you who you really are and who you want to be.

Become that man.

And then you conquer the world.

The Path to your Higher Self is solely yours. Nobody else should be involved in that. The Monk Mode is the best way to get a first grasp of what it feels like to be aligned with your soul.

But why not use tools we have developed as a species to get you there quicker? Read about the Subliminal Messaging above.

For more guidance, check out the Conqueror’s Forge. Learn how you can become a more competent man.

–Alexander Graves

Did you find yourself already? Have any tips for the other Ascendants on how to do it? Let me know in the comments!

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